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I went to burger king on saturday january. 21st. .2017. I ordered 24.95 worth of food. There were 2 number 8's value meals.. The chicken sands (Long ones) 1 was plain and other no lettuce xtra mayo. Got home.. Lettuce and xtra mayo on both and my daughter is alergic to mayo. I called immediately. . They put me in book for 2 value meals credit. Went yesterday to get my credit value meals.. Ordered same exact thing.. This time I got 2 total different chicken sandwiches with heavy mayo n cheese n pickles on them. I called again to complain.. Wrote me down in book again.. I just went again.. I checked both sandwiches at counter.. Both were wrong for 3rd time !!! The manager marcus was really rude to me..See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Oshkosh, WI They were all rude n un professional. I got no apology for having to go back n forth 3x or anything!! I normally go there faithfully 3x a week. I feel for inconvenience of going back n forth 3x I should be compensated with coupons. This was a huge mistake. I can see 1x but 3x n than be rude about it is totally wrong n un professional. Angie ewald.. .226 west 7th avenue apt. A. Oshkosh wisconsin. 54902... [protected]. This was rudest any business has been to me in my 53 years. Any questions feel free to contact me... Oh ya.. One evening at 8pm.. I wanted a shake.. But they took machine down for nite.. Mind you they had 5 hours before close.. This too was wrong. And its the burgwr kibg on main street in oshkosh wisconsin.

Jan 25, 2017
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