Burger Kingquality of food

L Nov 28, 2017

I hate when my co-workers ask me to pickup their lunch and they ask for Burger King. I went to the location on Greenwell Springs Rd zip 70739. I ordered a chicken sandwich combo with extra mayo. I should of asked for no mayo. I got no mayo and nothing else. Only bread and what looks like some kind of chicken. It was so hard could not eat it. This is not my first time getting screwed by this Burger King. Next time these guy ask me to pickup there food and they ask for Burger King I will tell them to walk there. And to top this off even better the person didn't even give me my receipt so I could take their survey. Go figure I guess they know people will complain and this way they never hear about it. Hell even if they did hear about it nothing would be done. Just go look at the other surveies I have done on the past orders.

Burger King

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