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Burger King Okc Store # 9532 / numerous!

1 Oklahoma City, OK, United States Review updated:

First of all I'm very rarely ever one to complain. Mostly because it takes too much time and more than likely nothing will will be done about it anyway. However, this time I am taking time to speak out. This incident occurred 5/12/09 at 9:25 PM . Burger King Store at 4525 NW 23rd, Oklahoma City, Okla. Store # 9532. My check # 8167 . Server # 00652/Tsosie. Store phone # [protected]. I'm providing all of this imformation because I'm hoping that changes are made at this location.

Drive thru. First of all the speaker was so loud that I had to roll up my window some to keep my ear from being blown out. So loud in fact that it was virtually impossible to understand the order taker. I tried to ask a question about my order and the lady started treating me like I was an idiot or something. I only asked because I couldn't understand her repeating my order back. I dismissed her behaviour because I felt sure that she didn't understand how loud she was on the speaker. I soon changed my mind when I got to the window and heard her say (to the next customer in line) "This lady did NOT just yell at me"! She was obviously being in an irrate and foul mood. She was acting very unproffesional. Showing everyone her bad attitude. My order had been packed and was sitting on the counter beside her, she took my $20.00 bill. ( The bill was somewhat wrinkled and had a tear in it. ) She tried several times to feed the bill through her bill scanner and couldn't get it to go. Meanwhile she's getting more frustrated because more people are pulling up to the order speaker and she's telling them to wait. After trying numerous times to get the bill to feed she went and got her manager. He told her to turn it off, wait, then turn it on and try again. She did this. It still didn't work. So she went and got him and he tried it. Wouldn't work, so he turned it off and on again, still wouldn't work. So he then took my 20.00 bill back to what I presume to be his office for a few minutes then finally came back out. He came all the way up to the window to me looked me straight in the face and told me that my 20.00 bill was a fake. I was mad. It was if he was saying "I'm holding this money till the cops come or he just wanted me to say "OH WELL, and just leave. I know this was untrue because I just got it from the bank at 6:20 and it was the only 20.00 bill that I got. I told him that this was BS. He gave in and admitted it. He said he was just kidding. Not Funny. Humiliated me. He handed the 20.00 back to the lady said it was fine, and she opened the drawer and made my change. She tried to slam her drawer shut and it broke. Instead of giving me my change, and my food, she proceeded to try to fix her drawer. She keep slamming it. It wouldn't shut. She then proceeded to take out all of the rolled coins thinking this was jamming it. Her manager came over and tried to fix it. All the while I just wanted my change and my food which at this point had been sitting there on the counter for almost 15 minutes. I didn't find any of my Burger King experience " ANYWAY I WANTED IT'. I drove four miles to get there. My fries were stone cold before I got off of the property. I was too mad to eat cold food and too mad to go back. I hope Burger King does look into this. Never been one to complain... Regards, Very unhappy customer, David Waters

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  • Mi
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    David you say you are not A complainer most complainers do not realize they are habitual complainers if you were so mad you could not try to resolve this problem some of the fault was yours. I worked at this store .Some customers are rude and unreasonable do you fall in this catagory?

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