Burger King / no service during work hours. employees ignored me and my family.

I stopped at the Burger King on 3 Weston Road tonight at 11:10 pm to order a frozen coke for my daughter. I waited in the drive thru for a few minutes. Nobody said anything. I said hello a few times and nothing. I then drove to the pickup window and saw they closed at midnight so knew I had time yet. I saw one guy kneeling down behind the counter doing something and another guy walk by the window twice with a headset on. No one stopped and acknowledged me. I said hello a few times and then tapped my horn to get their attention. Still nothing. This was very frustrating to watch. My wife witnessed this with me and my daughter who is 17 was in the back seat. This location customer service is getting worse and worse over time. This is close to my house so I frequent it often but will start to visit other locations as this is not the first time I had issues here. Call me if you want more. [protected].

Jun 09, 2018

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