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Burger King / no receipt, overcharged and then denial by manager

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:

Dear Burger King,

I normally would never complain to a corporate headquarters but tonight I'm 95% sure that a money stealing scam was attempted by a manager at one of your locations. The location is 17015 North 7th Street. I just got back from this location and the approximate time of the issue was around 8:45 PM on Tuesday September 19th.

I pulled up to the drive through and simply ordered a 10 piece chicken nugget and one value fry. Upon reaching the window the cashier mumbled the total to me and all I heard was something 42. I didn't think much of it and handed over my debit card. As soon as she handed me the bag of food I knew something might be wrong as it was far too heavy but I pulled away. I pulled into the parking lot and checked my bag of food. I had received what looked like 2 value fry's and my 10 piece nugget. Okay no problem they must have heard me wrong and gave me two frys instead of one. No problem at all. I still sensed something was off so I checked my mobile banking account and noticed a charge for 7.27 from this Burger King just now. I searched through my bag and of course there is no receipt. Doing simple math in my head $1.29 x 2 for the fries and $1.49 x 1 for the nuggets doesn't equal $7.27.

I take my bag of food (with no receipt) back into the location and speak with the young woman working the register. I explain to her I was overcharged and ordered one value fry and one 10 piece nugget and was charged 7.27. She looks perplexed and the woman that handed me my food at the drive through (who I find out is the manager) immediately sees me and says "you ordered 2 value fries, we both heard it on the headset". Okay fair enough, I didn't order 2 value fries but I understand mistakes happen. I explain to her this and say okay so if you think I ordered 2 value fires and a 10 piece nugget why was I charged $7.27 and not provided a receipt. She immediately begins acting strange and pulls out her phone to use her calculator and does some rough math and tells me she owes me $2.85. I didn't see her pull this money out of the cash register so I can't confirm where this money came from but the whole situation just felt like she was trying to skim a few bucks off of me thinking I wouldn't catch what happened.

Wrong order, no receipt, no acknowledgment that she was wrong and strange behavior from the two staff members that I encountered. I don't want to fully call her out for attempting to scam but I just would like to pass this message on to see if there was anything else suspicious from this manager or the location. I have never had any problems with Burger King but seriously felt like the manager had attempted to take advantage of me. I would include a receipt but I was never given one and when I asked for my receipt inside the subject was immediately changed to giving me the difference back by using the calculator on her phone. I will be monitoring my debit card to make sure there is no other suspicious charges.

The manager appeared to be about 5"3, dark brown hair with a pony tail and of the hispanic background. I looked for her name tag and of course she didn't have one present for me to say. I should have asked for her name specifically but with this time frame you should be able to figure out who this person is.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to call me directly at [protected] for more information or email me at

I'm more interested in protecting your brand and other customers in case this issue has/or is happening to other customers.


  • Updated by Dustin S, Sep 20, 2017

    Mistakes happen but in my opinion everything was too perfect to be a mistake. Over charged, no receipt, manager immediately knew why I was back, money not taken out of register and clearly flustered and defensive "manager". There's a chance I'm wrong but I'm fairly confident this was an attempt to steal money from me. This is the first time I have ever had a situation like this happen and I would like to try to protect others if it's a trend at this particular establishment.

Sep 19, 2017

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