Burger King / my gm won't help me get my last check.

Melbourne, Florida, FL, United States

I was due a pay check 3 weeks ago. My gym asked me to give her a stamped envelope as I did with my new address. I have not received it yet and it was sent to a local address in town? She doesn't care I need to get it I have a baby daughter who I support and I have had no money for I'm looking for a new job but have nothing yet. She won't help me in any way just short and snappy with me. When I go on line to see if it's on file there is nothing of me to pull up. They don't do direct deposit per My Gm Sabrina W. at the store I was at in Melbourne she told me to call corporate! They are a franchise and don't have anything to do with corporate. She knew that! What a bad Gm she is to lie to me. They are stealing my money why do fast food resteraunts let their GM treat employees so bad. I had never called in and when I asked for a day off for personal reasons after months of working she fired me! I returned all his uniforms and hats etc. so they should return me my check to me .please help why would she steal my money? Thank you Jordan Masters I worked at the melbourne FL BK in Viera FL 32940 zip Sabrina W. is GM

  • Updated by Lucy Masters, Jun 23, 2017

    Gm won't give me my check or help me with any info to get it says she mailed it but it's been 3 weeks no check shame on Burger King for not hiring better role models fast food is allowed to hire the. Worst people and let them be bosses to treat employees with No respect Sabrina W. at the viera Fla Burger King basically stole my check and won't help me get it back she said she maile it to me at my sisters house in Rockledge 3 miles down the road but she never got it we have gotten all our other mail funny we never got that $400.00 pay check. She should loose her job for pulling such a stunt. Wonder how many other people she done this too...shame on her and Burger King for letting her get away with it? J.Masters

Jun 23, 2017

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