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I just went to your business on carter hill road.The manager screamed at the crew the whole 10 minutes it took for me to place my order, pay for it and pick it up.There are a lot of honest hardworking people who know how to talk and treat people with respect no matter how meanial their job seems.The crew were handling the crowd in a polite manner that made you feel comfortable and attended to, but that fat, loud, ill-mannered manager needs another job because this one is not for her if she can't deal with the public then she can't lead a crew in the manner in which they should perform.Sonics is just across the street from them and a lot of us at the hospital and at the college will really stop giving you our business if these are the type of people you are forcing others to deal with while spending our money.I know cursing and screaming seems to be the norm in the U.S. but not in burgerking i've worked for this company before but the standards for leadedship were NEVER this low

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      Aug 27, 2009

    i come into this restaurant just about everday.i, ve noticed here lately the manager brenda waid has been bullying her employees.they will in just good moods and she will smart off to them to bring them down. she needs to go to anger management classes or go see doctor.

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      Oct 28, 2010

    Managers at BK especially GMs and AM 1s make very good money. They have lots of bonus potential and salary is 50, 000 plus bonus. Until you manage a bunch of lazy people who usually work to supplement govt money do not judge the manager. If you don't want to eat there don't. They really do not care.

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