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We--me, my friend, and grandson had lunch at the Burger King in Marseilles, IL, today. It left a lot to be desired--cleanliness being at the T-O-P of the list. The sandwiches had by the adults were next.

I had the original chicken sandwich value meal. My friend had the fish value meal, and the grandson had the 6 piece chicken nugget value meal. My sandwich and my friend's sandwich looked as if they had been sat on. I should have taken them back T-H-E-N.

The number of the store is #10812. It is located at 295 Main Street, Marseilles, IL.

The manager, 0055, and the 'employees' seemed to care less about the appearance of the store and the quality of the food. I think we, the consumers, should get quality food in a clean 'fast food' restaurant. Needless to say, I will tell the grandson that Burger King is NOT the place to go the next time he wants to go there for lunch.


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      Nov 14, 2009

    i love b/k but refuse 2 go 2 the 1 n marseilles, il even though i live here . orders never right, not cooked right people not wearing gloves or hair nets small town n always have 2 pull ahead of drive thru because they r so slow

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