Burger King / managers and the staff

Mount Laurel, NJ, United States
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The customer service was very foul I didn't like the way I was treated also what I observed working there for 4 months. The managers talked to their employees like we weren't worth anything . AT the time I was working there multiple closers and cashiers quit due to the manager Evelyn and how she was treating them. I complained multiple times to the GM and Frank the head and nothing seemed to be done . If you don't believe me there are multiple people that feel the same way. I would work there and come home depressed Burger King was very toxic and a Bad working environment . There was also staff that had no consequences for there behavior when I reported them . I have multiple pictures of inappropriate Conduct but due to the mangers and other staff in i can't at the moment . The manger Evelyn had many complaints from customers and other Staff. I also brought a doctors note from the day I missed the GM did not want to see it and fired me. If nothings done I will be going to a higher source NBC NEWS for bad working unstable environment and miss treatment

Burger King

Oct 16, 2018

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