Burger King / I am complaining of poor customer service, food handling and the lack of cleanliness

Friday June 1st 2018, my family and I wanted to grab a bite to eat before treating ourselves to some ice cream. So we headed over to Burger King (located 601 Busti Ave, Buffalo, NY 14213). Once in we ordered our food, 4 cheese burgers and to small fries for the our two children. Then we oldered our food, which I had one double bacon cheese burger meal. My fiance ordered the bacan cheese burger king meal. My fiance wanted extra ketchup on his sandwich. Once our order was placed, the young female cashier handed us our cups. The fountain drink display was unstocked, dirty and messy. The drinks was either to watered down, no flavor or to much acid. No one cleaned nor wripped any thing down. The tables was barley wripped and the ones that were had been wiped with a dirty wrag. We retrieved our food, I immediately notied I had way to much ketchup on my burger and it was poorly put together. It was almost shamed. I took it back up to in form the cook and politely asked for another to be made. She takes it with no problems. But the young female cashier that placed the order intervenes (ruddly I might add). Pointing to the screen saying it is what she had and followed her to the back. The female management asked her what the problem was and she repeated her statement. To my surprise the manager responded boldly insulating my family. Saying we was retarded and see is surprised that more things dont get dropped on the floor. The cashier laughed. It took everything in my power to keep calm. I watched carefully as the cook remade my burger. She was polite but her co workers was anything but. I would never go back unless this matter is addressed . I paid my money my family and I didn't deserve the disrespectful attitude we receive because of a mistake made on the cashier's end. And the manager should be fired immediately for condoning customers food to be tampered with.

Jun 02, 2018

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