Burger King / front counter

United States

Have visited bk on crill ave, palatka, and starke, fl, while slow and focused on drive thru first, good food and very nice service on my inside visits this past week, on way back from business trip, dropped in to bk at 8:00 am june 19, to bk 1164 n. St. Augustine rd, valdosta, ga 31601.

Think only two workers, and focused on drive thru, but rear cook lady, very nice, after I waited for a bit asked what I wanted so she could get started on it while counter lady was focusing on drive thrus. When counter lady finally finished everyone in drive thru, was very rude and I asked for my money back and went on over to competing restr for carry out breakfast. I prefer bk's bacon croissants, but pleasant behavior and courteous behavior wins over good food any time.

Jun 19, 2017

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