Burger Kingfood purchased...

S Nov 14, 2017

On 11/14/2017 @ 6:36:10 pm.. the wife and I stopped for supper... she ordered whopper scm, 1 sm fries and 1 sm drink ($6.59) and I ordered a dbl whpr lcm, 1 plain + 1 mayo +1 ex onion, + 1 ex pickle, +1+chs amer, 1 lg oring ($.60), + 1 lg drink ($8.59)... subtotal $15.78 + tax ($.95) total $16.73 on c/c... after having to wait for everyone in drive thru to get their order, we were given ours #368436... missing fries and rings... I asked where the rings and fries were... they were very courteous and did apologize... after sitting down to eat.. got up to get ketchup... none.. had to ask for it.. got it..1 (one) packet.. asked for several more and got them.. had to ask for the onion ring sauce (spicy).. got it... went back to eat and unwrapped sandwich's to enjoy dinner... sorry... the burgers were cold and had no taste or juice at all... well we were not gonna go back up to the counter anymore... we just ate the hot rings and fries... think you all need to do a reality check on serving food to public... maybe it was just bad timing or something like they cared more for the damn drive thru than in - dining folks.. very unsatisfied... very, with the quality of food handed to be eaten period... now if we were given food of this quality... wonder what others are getting.. it can not be good for your reputation or quality. store # 10309 louisville, ky... a concerned couple

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