Burger King / food / customer service

Drove up to order food. my greeting was I off from work in ten minutes how can I help you. Then my food was so microwave it look like a old leaves from a pile in a bush. I was on my way to work so I could not go back around and complain, besides she had only 5 minutes on her shift. I haven't been to burger king in about 4 months because of the last time I was there they mess up my order I ask for no lettuce because I get sick if I eat lettuce and my sandwich was covered in lettuce and I order a sundae pie which usually is dreaming, but this one was cover in mold. yes mold it was all green on one side. The store I was at is 502 Tanya 4505 at 10.33 pm
customer service really needs to step up and do the extra mile. no wonder mcdonalds next door was pack and no one at this store. empty except me and I got horrible service

Mar 09, 2017

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