Burger Kingegg, cheese and bacon breakfast crossant

Good afternoon, I went for the breakfast crossant at BK-66 Eddie Dowling HWY in N.S., RI- [protected], I've been going there for ever, but on my last 2 occasions the egg on the crossant was about an 1/8th thick, and it didn't cover the bun even, so I went to our other BK in Woon, RI, 02895- at 293 Social St., Woon. RI, 02895. There they still make their crossant egg sandwich with the egg folded think like on the pictures on the windows. So I told the first place about the difference in egg crossant sandwich to the second place. If your going to go that cheap, please change the pictures on the windows showing a nice folded over egg sandwich. Vegetarians like that egg & cheese on the crossant, but the way they are making them now at the place in N.S. is so rediculas, and I told them so, I can see why McDonalds and even Wendy's does better than BK. As you can tell, I'm very displeased with BK, it use to be a good crossant, not any more. I did complain to the manager, she had them put a second layer of egg on my 2 crossants. So if your going to continue going cheap, don't put up false advertising pictures showing a nice thick folded egg sandwich. Thank You, Rudy Drolet- 35 Bradley St. Woon. R.I. 02895

Apr 29, 2017

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