Burger Kingcustomer service

I went though the drive-thru about 11:15 sunday night. I started my order and needed a minute to look at menu further to decide what else I wanted as I'm looking at the menu the lady taking my order is being very rude and asking me if I want anything else and then she very loudly and rude says hello so then I quickly tell her the last two items that I would like and then she says oh my God I was so surprised that she was being so rude and saying the things that she said I said excuse me and I told her never mind and I drove away. Y'all lost a customer because of her poor customer service and bad attitude the restaurant was not busy there was no reason for her to be so rude and trying to hurry me through the line if she does not enjoy her job or does not want to do a good job and maybe she should not be an employee there.

Apr 23, 2018

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