Burger King / customer service and food quality

Last week my husband saw a commercial saying that Burger King has the Flame Broiler again, he was very interested in trying it since he doesn't go to Burger King often. Last Wednesday, 1/24/18, around 6pm we pulled up to the drive thru. My husband asked if their burgers were flame broiled the person ( we found out later was the manager, Nicole) said "I guess so" with an attitude. We pulled up to the window to pay and they had us and several other cars wait in front of the store for our food. We waited about 10 minutes and when they came out the burgers were cold. I went inside to let them know that I would like a hot burger not cold. The cashier had a nasty attitude saying that I would have to wait a while. I explained that we waited a while to please be as quick as possible. As I waited my husband came in and said that they already ruined the experience with cold burgers, he didn't want it anymore. The manager Nicole started getting loud with my husband and screaming that they were short handed and she is doing the best she could. She continued to yell at my husband and told him to get out of her store. We were in shock, we could not believe the attitudes of these employees, the cashier at the front and the manager. As we were leaving the store we saw another customer complaining to another manager so we went back in to talk to that manager. She was very apologetic and explained that they were short staffed, Nicole continued her rant, screaming that she was a manager as well and no one can do anything to her. She continued yelling at the other customer as well as us. She continuously said that her name was Nicole and no one can do anything to her, she can act in any manner she wants and so can her staff because they were short staffed. My husband works in the food industry as well, the night before he was also short staffed, they did not have any problem with attitudes, food quality, or having people wait for their food. We do understand that it can be stressful but you always have to act in a professional manner. The customer is always right, even if they are wrong sometimes. Attitudes like that should not be in the workplace especially in a customer based industry, if it weren't for the customer Nicole would not have a job. I hope you do something to correct Nicole's behavior, she should be the example to her crew and understand that you should be professional no matter where you work.

Jan 29, 2018

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