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Burger King — Complaints & Reviews

poor service

I was a frequent consumer who dines at Orchard Central Burger King. My friend introduced the place to me for the quiet and relaxing environment. I noticed that there is a few power sockets provided there and I had seen a few people using laptops and/or charging mobile phones.

On Thursday, 15th April, 2010, I was using my laptop at Orchard Central Burger King. It was until when a guy besides my table asked me whether the power plugs are working or not. I thought it should not be a problem because I saw someone using it there just a moment ago. However, when i checked my laptop battery life, I was Shocked. It was not charging at all. I then realised that the power supply has been cut off.

The problem now is not whether I can use the electricity here or not. What if I am doing a project and if I do not bring an external battery, my laptop will be shut down unknowingly and suddenly. IF burger king does not provide this service for the consumers, why put a few power sockets there? Even if there is a specific timings for the power supply to be on, the management should at least put up a notice or something.

I am utterly disappointed with burger king management. It will be hard for me to frequent BK in the future..

another bad commercial

I think taht the ideaology behind showing the "King" breaking and entering into McDonalds Headquarters to steal the original Egg McMuffin was about as inappropriate as it gets. As I have read the other complaints about he sexual suggestions behind the Sponge Bob commercial, i think that the marketing department at BK HQ should seriously take a step back and ask themselves what the heck they think they are doing. now, i am always one for making fun of stuff, but suggesting that it is alright to break into someplace and them steal something is going to far, especially since my impressionable 12 yr old thought it was funny. I think it goes to show that BK is losing the battel to McDonalds. That commerial just validates the point that they cannot come out with something new and original!

BK corporate, you havd better get a grip on tha marketing department before they run you out of business. I know plenty of people that have not been happy with the services and lame ploys at commercials lately. You want to steal business away from McDonald, maybe someone should consider going to back to how things use to be, when you could get a whopper meal with everything for under $5. The best way to secure business in this failing global economy is to reach out to the consumers and get into their pockets. The best way to do that is to save them money while provide high quality customer service an food!

wrong people taking managers position

This is reference to burger king store # 8119. I've been visiting this store for about 9 months now and...

the restaurant was so dirty, I walked out

I recently went to the Burger King on Hwy 98 WEst in Pensacola, FL. The restaurant was so dirty I walked out. The floors and booths were disgusting and there were flies on the tables.

I attempted to call Burger King Corporate Headquarters to file a complaint but I was kept on hold for about 20 minutes and no one ever picked up. I would guess they were handling so many complaints they couldn't take mine.

I will never eat at a Burger King again. At least McDonald's is clean.

  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Jul 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Actually whenever I'm feeling a little "stopped up" I deliberately suss out the filthiest BK I can find - one with bums working behind the counter and I order a whopper with heavy mayonnaise. Gobble that thing down and 6 hours later, "BOOM!" problem solved. The microbes that grow in the filthy mayo is what does the trick. I'm utterly sure of it. No other fast food can "move mountains" like a whopper with heavy mayo from a bona fide filthy BK. Thanks for the location.

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I recently went inside a buger king to order. Normally I go thru the drive-thru. As I was standing in line, a nurse in front of me turned and said "I can't believe the person making the sandwiches is not wearing latex gloves". She left and so did i.
I called their corporate headquarters since their web-site does not accept e-mails.
I was told in florida, a person working in the kitchen is not required to wear gloves. They are told to wash their hands if they change jobs but gloves are not required. I said so the person putting lettuce and tomatoes on top of sandwiches with their hands is not required to wear latex gloves. The cs person said they are not in florida and any other states where state law does not require it.

  • Km
    KM May 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After ordering our food, the cashier went behind the counter to prepare our order. We could plainly see her put together the Whopper Jr. with her bare hands. She then came back around to the front of the counter to bag the order. She coughed onto the back of her bare hand and proceeded to place our food into the bag. I don't know how often she coughed on that hand BEFORE we ordered. Most of our order was pre-packaged so we were only slightly uncomfortable. I refused to accept the Whopper Jr. and only took what was pre-packaged. However, I wonder who touched or coughed on my salad! The store itself was filthy. We were on our way from Myrtle Beach, NC to Buffalo, NY and stopped at many places to eat during our trip. No where else did we see evidence of such filth. The bathroom was absolutly disgusting. I Googled Burger King to complain to the company, however, I could not find a way to do so. I hope that someone from the Burger King corporation visits this website. Better yet, they should visit the store in Summersville, WVA!

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  • Ma
    matt stanley Sep 16, 2010

    we went to go eat here on septemeber 15 and before I ordered I had to use the restroom and noticed it we not very clean. in fact it had not been propoliy cleaned in some time. then we ordered and we went to set and noticed most of the tables had not been wiped off. They were not very buisy they were playing in the back and having a good time and they need to be cleaning. this is the nastyest burger king I have ever been in in my life. I will not go there again.

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  • Lu
    luisiscool Dec 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work for buger king and and yeah the people who make the food don't wear gloves how ever they are required to scrub their nails, wash their hands and use sanitizer. I'm a cashier and we are required to do the same stuff when we serve our customers.

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false advertising

Outright blatant false advertising. Large posters plastered on the exterior plate glass windows graphically...

rude service w/o the smile but w / attitude

I experienced the rudest service ever in front of my two children at BK. The cashier was very rude, kept acting like we were slow to order and apologizing for us to the customers behind us. She also forgot to give us a child size cup, when I asked for it she snapped back at me, "I will get it in a minute." Just seemed to me way too rude. Afterward, while we were eating at our table, she proceded to clean off tables around us but glared at me as if she wanted to kick my A**. I don't know... it seems you just can't get good friendly service these days. I will not be going back to BK anytime soon, I do know that!

  • Re
    RestlessHeart Apr 01, 2010

    WHY would she glare at you "as if she wanted to kick my A**.? That doesnt make sense. Perhaps you're reading too much into someones expression

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not using glove when servicing food

Visit Burger King during a visit to Redding CA. I went to BK to order a Veggie sandwich and noticed the food...

rude employees

on 03/23/10 @ 3pm pulled up to the drive-thru but had to stop short due to a young punk employer who seemed to be taking out the garbage, he rudely & disruptively stared at us & stood in the middle of the drive-thru just staring at us before he finally went on his way towards the bldng. not only did we waitthere for several minutes but we were not greeted at all. so we drove up to the window & had to order that way, & there again was this kid just staring at us then I heard him make a smart ### reply like oh she only parked 6ft away from the window, and this really upset me cuz he shouldve let the gal know who was taking orders that we obviously needed assistance, I then yelled at him that he was in the way. I feel very upset about the way they handled my order, and how this punk kid just stared very rudely like he knew us . It was Very UNCOMFORTABLE. I think he was a petafile or something. But anyways well not go to this store again until that petafile kid no longer works there anymore.

  • Co
    colie Apr 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mother in law took my kids to burger king for dinner. Later that evening when I went to pick them up, she was fuming and told me that the employees were rude to my kids. She then told me that someone wrote the word ‘annoying’ on my kids happy meal bag. When she saw this she waved at the people watching her in the back to acknowledge that she knew who did it. They then laughed at her and went back to work. After she told me I called the store and asked to talk to a manager. The manager basically called me and my mother in law liars. She said, and I quote, ‘we don’t write on the bags, you must be mistaken’.
    Its one thing to attack me or my mother in law, we are adults and can hold our own, but when someone attacks a child I get pissed, especially since it was my child. I have loved burger king since I was a little kid, but that is the last time me or my kids will ever eat there again.

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  • Ti
    Timmmm Mar 23, 2010

    Are you old and stupid or young and a ###?
    1) Kids cant be petafiles.. do you know what one of these are?
    2) He was probably staring at you because you almost ran him over while trying to clean his workplace.
    3) You dont yell back at someone when you have a complaint. he was wrong to make a smart remark. but as the propper person you should have gone to the manager and said something. not come online and make a little rant about how you will never eat there again.

    Im sure if you go through hungry jacks in drive through, your the type of person to go back again.
    eat up and get over it.

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have it your way... but you'll pay double for it!

Stupidity prevails... on Tue Mar 23, 2010 I ordered three "double cheeseburgers" off of the dollar menu (store 16833), $1.00 each, right? Well of course, unless you don't want the cheese. In a meager effort to reduce my caloric consumption for the day I asked if they would please hold the cheese. The response was yes. What I didn't anticipate was the repercussion of the fact that I was now buying three "double hamburgers".

I got my hamburgers "made my way" but "charged their way". My $1.00 double cheeseburger was now a $2.00 double hamburger (another American business uniqueness, being able to pay more for less). Burger King is truly an all American business... tell the customer he can have it his way and then charge him double for doing so. I suggest if you too want a $1.00 hamburger, order the double cheeseburger, then peal off the warm gooey cheese and stick it on the pick up window. Have it your way!

I should also note that Burger King does not take online or email complaints (in this day?). No, you have to take time at work 9am - 5 pm M-F and call and wait on hold to register you complaint. I think it is time Burger King gives up the burger monarchy and maybe try listening to the people buying their food. This burger eater is going back to McDonald's. Believe it on not they get it right. But remember, there you're dealing with a silly clown rather than a mute (and weird scary) king.

This obviously is a very minor issue but I am so tired being patronized by American business from Wall Street banker to the burger joint on the corner. I am tired of being hosed in very aspect of my American life!

food poison - march 11

I have been searching for any comments on Parsippany, NJ Burger King. Then I realized that there could be people like me, just searching but not responding to the issue they faced. So let me be the first in BooRah to comment about this BK.
Yesterday, March 11, 2010 I did a big mistake, I visited this BK store. I purchased Spicy chicken, Whoper, buger shots etc for my family. Came home and ate it, dint feel anything different. But today morning, March 12, 2010 my wife puked and she got diarrhea. My kids too had diarrhea. I was feeling like crap and had severe headache and stomach ache. Check with my wife to see, she too is having severe stomach/headaches. Couldnt point out the issue immediately, both of us couldnt go to work (lost a pay-day) and stayed back to take care of ourselves and the kids. Later we visited the doctor to know that it was food poison. The only common food we had yesterday was from Burger King. So I googled to see anyone else had this issue and tried to give a complaint/feedback to Burger King at www.bk.com. Obviously there is no form/link/section for submitting a feedback/complaint (Wow, such a great company). So I called the consumer/customer service, while my wife and kid couldnt get up and when they were sleeping. They made me wait for over 10 minutes and atlast someone picked up the phone. They asked all my personal details and then said she will register a complaint, she was hell bent on saying its not a BK issue. I kept on asking whether there were any complaint about this BK store from Yesterday, so that I can go to a hospital to prevent from any mishap and be proactive. She said she cant share that information! Then asked her to have someone respond to me as soon as possible by checking the issue, she said it will take 3-4 weeks!!! WHAT??? by then we would be dead or we could be alright, so 3-4 weeks is not an option. They gave me the store phone number, which I already had in my receipt. I do not think they want to help or resolve the issue, rather than that they just want to push the issue from their plate and live out of reality. Am posting this long response, mainly because, if any of you readers had an issue on March 10/11/12th at this BK, then please let us know by entering a comment here. Thus we can visit a hospital and be save in this economical situation.
Thanks a lot for your time and please stay away from this store, be safe!

  • Bu
    Burger King Food Poisoned Apr 06, 2010

    I didn't have the issue at the same store but my BK order was contaminated in retaliation for honking at the Drive-through Indian woman. Others have your same experience as well. Look at http://www.topix.com/forum/city/twin-falls-id/TGHT36GLEKETI4S1Q. It seems like BK would never take responsibility for their lack of food safety and improper personnel training. Burger King is so greedy once the local owners pay their franchise, the company doesn't care to enforce their own standards. As a result, we all keep getting poisoned. It's time for the goverment to look into this Health issues. Too many people getting sick including children. Someone needs to be held accountable for all.

    Here is my complaint:

    Burger King
    2351 Jericho Turnpike
    New Hyde Park, NY 11040-4709
    (516) 746-6395

    The Drive through Indian employee intentionally contaminated my food in retaliation for honking at her. On Sunday April 4th, 2010 I went to the Drive-through where the Indian worker took my payment and closed the window with no explanation. Since I had to return to work, I honked at the Indian worker who couldn't hear me because the window was closed. The woman irate grabbed the fries with her dirty bare hands and angrily threw the fries in the bag. I thought this was a temporarily anger so I went back the next day on Monday April 5th, 2010 and ordered the same. The same Indian worker was at the Drive-through window ignoring me. When she gave me my food, I noticed the food was all over the bag outside the wrap. So, I told her I needed that food to be replaced for fear of contamination. She gave the food to another Indian woman who picked up all the food and put it back in the packages. I told the Indian worker I needed the food to be replaced for fear of contamination being improperly handled. The Indian woman told me to speak to the Indian manager who told me to park outside to replace the food. Since I was afraid of their attitudes, I went inside to wait for my food. After several minutes, the Indian manager gave the food to a woman who put it the fries in the microwave and gave me the same food back. I told the manager he was giving me the same food but the manager lied saying the woman just cook the "whole thing." By midnight I was puking like a water hose while having diarrhea in the same manner. I had chills all night long and couldn't get out of the bathroom. My wife didn't eat Burger King and she is not sick. So, I realized these Indian Burger King workers retaliated against me by contaminating my food, or poisoning the food, or simply doing the inmoral known crimes to spit on people's food because of the honk incident the day before. As a result, I miss work, I am very weak and dehydrated, and suffering extreme side effects to Burger King's contaminated food. This incident shows the conduct of these Indian Burger King workers is so outrageous in character and so extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency, and to be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized society.

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  • Ma
    mara!!! Dec 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the burger king in parsippany is the worse. The manager esther is the worst manager . i went in there and asked for a side of lettuce because the chicken sandwich i wanted dry. It was for my mother who is ederly and wanted the lettuce on the side. she screamed at me in front of everyone and aid we dont give lettuce on the side. dont come back here anymore. i have been going there for years.. i called corprate they did absoutely nothing. im calling the bbb

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  • Bi
    BiancaD Jul 12, 2011

    can someone please give me the corporate number for the burger king in parsippany locatation

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new funnel cake sticks

I tried the new Funnel Cake stix this morning at my local Burger King. They were terrible to say the least. I was excited, because funnel cakes are the best. Not only are they covered in powdered sugar, but it comes with a small tub of icing as well. The stix alone are pretty bad, but dipping in a sugary bath of icing wasn't better.

Thanks for ruining one of my favorite carnival snacks ever. Stick with the french fries and chicken finger bang sticks.

old & cold original chicken sanwiches

Long Story Short!?!!?!!! My friend and I have been going to the Burger King in Valley Springs for almost 10...

fresh off the broiler

2/27/2010 yes, I went to burger king off of fremont street in seaside, ca. I went inside and placed a order...

their latest commercial is absolutely inappropriate

Your lastest Burger King commercial is absoutely, inappropiate. The commercial with the women shaking their sqauare butts, on the tv screen. Our children, would rather be interested in what burger king might have in a kid's meal and NOT "I like square butts". You tell me, what does that have to do with eating?

I will take my kids to McDonald, where they will eat burgers and not have to deal with the memory of "SQUARE BUTTS AND THE BURGER KING MAN.

unsanitary behavior

I was in line trying to get a meal, when I saw the guy that makes the sandwiches using his cellphone with one hand and preparing the food with the other, I called the supervisor named: Heather, and I told her about this person unsanitary behavior, she ask me if I'm goint to order anything which I replied, of course not!.<br />
The restaurant is located at 2122 E 10th st., Indianapolis, Indiana.<br />
It's going to be along time before I come back to that location.

  • Lu
    luisiscool Dec 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm so sorry to hear your complaint how ever you can actually file a complaint if you want.

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a1 burger

I purchased a $6.89 A1 burger today, and it was awful! I cannot belive you charge that much money for a horrible burger. There was no A1 for one thing--if thats what you call A1--you have no idea what the original A1 tastes like then. If I had time, I would have actually complained in person, but I was on my lunch break. I hope you take that burger off the menu, or at least make it like its suppose to be. I spent $19 there for lunch today for myself, daughter and husband. My husband and I pitched 1/2 our lunch cuz it was sooo nasty!

very disappointed in this revenue strategy of charging for condiments

Lately, I have noticed a disturbing trend at BK, especialy in yrban laocations, I recently went to Rest. #2471 at 24th & Oregon in Phila., Pa. I ordered a Whopper meal and asked for 2 BBQ sauces. I was told that the 1st was complimentary, but I would be charged for the 2nd. I refused the extra charge, but it made me wonder about the charge for extra BBQ sauce. As I said this has happened before, and the price for the extra sauce has varied from $.25 to $1.00. Is this a legit charge? What is the set price for an extra BBQ sauce? Are there charges for other condiments? If so, where are they listed? As a lover of BK for many years I am very disappointed in this revenue strategy of charging for condiments. I would like someone from BK to clarify this for me.

  • I0
    i'm me Feb 15, 2010

    mcdonald's does that too if you order chicken nuggets there is one bbq sauce for a set amount and when you ask for extra they will charge you about 10 cents where i'm from. that is the trend nowadays...bk, mcdonald's, church's, probably everywhere. that 's why i don't even ask for condiments anymore i just keep all the condiments i need at my house. the only place i know that may not charge for extra is chik-fil-a but with those high ### prices they shouldn't

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nasty attitude with customers

Last night 3 of my friends and I went to our local BurgerKing (Deptford, NJ) and were told that they had no buns. About a month ago we went to the same BK and they had no burgers. How can a burger restaurant run out of hamburgers or buns and why didn't they close? Instead of fixing the problem the manager thought it best to get a nasty attitude with customers.

  • Bk
    BK SUX Aug 21, 2011


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service & teenagers (loud)

I have no clue if I am in the right area for this complaint or not, but I am so disgusted!! My husband and I are in our early 70s and enjoy a Burger King (Whopper) we usually go thru the drive thru, but the lines were too long and were in a hurry, so we went in. The place was so full of teenagers, loud, swearing, and smoking in the back of the resturant. We were the only adults in the place, and could see why! we wated for our food for over 20 mins. when we were given our food, it was cold. there was one cook and one person serving or taking orders, plus a person at the drive thru. There were no napkins, ice for drinks, and now catsup or salt. The teens were yelling "NO CATSUP OR ICE" at the top of there lungs. No one came. the kids were all right from the school behind the resturant. This was a disgrace!!! Someone should check this place out. We had heard of this but could not believe it. Thanks for reading this anyway. Sandy Yeck

  • Fa
    fatterfish Feb 03, 2010

    sounds like the TEENS made it unpleasant for you to bad bk has no control over them

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