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Burger King / complaint about safety measures for customer

1 290 Daesong-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang, Korea (South)

Dear Sir/Madam

This is first time i send a E-mail about complaint in Korea BK restaurant
located in Pohang Iron & steel industrial Complex.
(290 Daesong-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang)

I wonder how much BK think about customer's safety.

I'll write briefly about what happened on Saturday with some pictures

I'm one of the person who i loved BK. so i went BK to buy a Burger on Saturday 12th of Jan.

I parked my car on parking lot.
as soon as I got burgers, i tried to get out of the parking lot througt next to parking lot entrance.

There was a low sidewalk block installed on the side of the entrance, but i
could't see it when i was driving. because it was raining.
(I think it's more dangerous at night)

Even thougt it fell off the sidewalk, no safety measures were taken.
(See photos if you don't understand)
Just three safety rubber copers were installed where it didn't matter.

So, i passed by under the illusion that it was an exit.
(If there were some safe measures, would i have gone there? )

My car caught in a block of sidewalks and wouldn't fall off.
I called car insurace company. The car insurance company pulled the car out of the sidewalk block after an hour.
No BK staff came out to check the situation for an hour despite the BK's parking lot.

when i came back home, i answerd BK staff's call.
she asked me to fix the broken sidewalk block without asking for the customer's safety. Does it make sense?

This incident caused two losses to me.
1. damaged underneath of the vehicle.
2. my neck hurts when i hit my head against the top of the car in a shock

As i know, Global companies like BK thought that customer safety and satisfaction were the top priority.
Isn't BK in Korea the Global company i think?

and she said Another customer had a similar accidents, and they repaired it
through an insurance company.

I shocked that BK didn't take safety measures in spite of many accidents like me because BK had no safety problem.

On the repair of the sidewalk block, BK called again the next day.
She said BK has no problem with safety facilities So we can't compensate
the customer for their vehicle.
Even though i never asked for compensation.

On January 15th, a safety net was installed at the place where there was an
accident on the way through BK.
What do you think of ideal situation as a customer?
BK said safety facilities no problem~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'm so angry as a customer.
and now i'm afraid to go to BK.
I think if i step on a drink that a customer spilled and slipped and broke the cup, BK probably ask me to compensate for the cup.
Although the top priority is to remove spilled drinks for customer safety.

What does BK think about the above complaints? it's all my fault?
Do i have to repair broken sidewalk block?
If you think there's nothing wrong with BK, I'll fix the sidewalk block requested by BK in korea.

Please, reply.

P.S I changed the file name of the photos, so you have to change the file name like
below ex)
Because i posted photos on Powerpoint.
ex)reference photo.jpg reference photo.pptx

Jan 16, 2019

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