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Burger King Commercial / very offensive commercial against women!

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The commercial for this item on the menu is very offensive to women. As a female i feel as though it is not fair to say that by eating this burger it will make you more of a man. I get the impression that it is saying that only a man could possibly eat this burger.Well I can challenge that theory, I can eat the whole burger plus a medium drink and fries. Also this commercial makes the assumption that all women eat small servings of basically nothing, which is not true. Women can do just about everything men can do.

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  • Wb
      1st of Feb, 2007

    Get real! That commercial is not at all offensive to women! It is simply stating that in usual statistics, men do tend to eat more than women! That's a proven fact. If you can down the burger, the fries and the drink, more power to you, but you really shouldn't be reading that much into a BK Commercial!

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  • Co
      7th of Feb, 2007

    Good for you, its good you are expressing how you feel. Good for you.

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  • Ki
      4th of Jun, 2007

    Remember the goal of advertisements is to reach a certain market. Think of all the salad ads or ads promoting healthier food choices. Those ads usually feature women and children because that is who the target market is. But put out a wimpy salad ad for guys and it is like ho hum... where's the remote? So to get the attention of those macho guys who think they are are more carnivorous than a pride of lions... they put out a big juicy burger ad.

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  • Jo
      9th of Jul, 2007

    Too much made about an uninteresting commercial.

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  • Ad
      20th of Jul, 2007

    Adrienne Pandy omg! It is a commercial!


    What about commercials for TAMPONS! Am I supposed to feel offended as a man because this ad is trying to sell me a product for a p***y I don't have?!?!

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  • Ke
      20th of Jul, 2007

    Some people have too much time on their hands, and not anything worth living for. Why not get involved in something like volunteering in a school, helping deliver meals to elderly, etc. If you are this obsessed with an ad, there is something missing in you. I opened the site, because I was intrigued. I am trying to help scanned senior citizens recoup money they were conned out of by Royal Holiday Club.

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