Burger King2 for $4.00 breakfast sandwich deal

M Nov 22, 2017

We stopped at BK (2022 Colusa Ave, YC) for the breakfast sandwich deal. We were order #43 on 11/22/17 09:28 am, we ordered an extra slice of ham on each sandwich and expected to pay extra. Perhaps $1 ea. extra, however, when the total came up at the window, we were charged $4.69 ea!!! Which means, the sandwiches were $2.00 price and you charged us $2.69 for ONE slice of ham! You charged more for one slice of ham than the total cost of the sandwich! We ended up paying a total of $9.38 for the two sandwiches alone, I could have bought a pre-cooked 5 pound ham for that much! That is ridiculous!

Burger King

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