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20 days to send an in stock rifle 100 miles. They claim that they have a warehouse with their firearms stored but yet it took then 14 days to pull it off the shelf then it sat in the shipping dept for another 5 days...I never received notice of shipping or a tracking number until 5 days after my ffl called to tell me it was there waiting. Agin buds sent no information along with the rifle. My ffl only knew it was mine bc they are small and I called 5 times...saving 25$ on a 600$ rifle is not worth the trouble. They also seem to have very shady practices of editing folks feedback. I have never heard of any other online store doing that.

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  • Sh
      Jul 31, 2012

    I got an email five days ago from Bud's that my order was in the shipping department waiting to go out. The email said they would send another email once it left and would provide the tracking number. Five days later no email so I checked the online status. Still shows my guns are in the shipping department. Following the online tools to try to find out what's going on their status says they can't give me any more information that what I already have and that the order has to be seven BUSINESS days old before you can even ask them to look into why it's taking so long.
    This is ridiculous! I could have got the same guns locally for $40 more and would have had them a week ago. Instead I'm looking at another week minimum before they arrive. Bud's doesn't bother to tell you that they will sit on your order for a week or more until after you're pretty much through with the checkout process.
    If you don't mind waiting forever to get your stuff and non-existent customer service, go ahead and shop with these clowns. Otherwise I suggest you look elsewhere or suffer the consequences as apparently so many others have.

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  • Be
      Feb 06, 2014

    Slow shipping and editing reviews to make them sound good. I will no longer do business with them and I suggest you don't either. Try Kentucky Gun Company. Prices are close and sometimes better and they ship quicker and seem to care about their customers. If you can't trust the reviews then you can't trust the seller it is that simple.

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  • Te
      Nov 16, 2017

    @Beagleboy Thanks for the info, well I ordered a shotgun on the 8th here it is the 16th and just today after 2 emails requesting and update and getting a sermon for it was moved to the shipping department, totally not acceptable, their communications sux, and their shipping time is not worth the savings, after I placed my order with them I did more research on different on-line retailers and found that 2 had the same gun cheaper and 2 for the same price shipped. Last time I order from them.

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  • Th
      Mar 15, 2014

    Yes, they are slooooooooo, I paid for a gun on the 3rd and it still has not shipped. I thank when they say 3-7 days they mean weeks. It will be the last gun I order from these folks. I like Kentucky Gun Co, people say they are slow but they don't take your money tell your gun ships and they are much faster then Duds.

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