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Complaints & Reviews

unethical business practices and poor customer service

Beware of Buds with their unethical bait and switch tactics. They sent me an email stating that I could purchase a gun that I had been interested in for a reduce price. When opening my wishlist the price had NOT gone down. I checked everyday for 5 days and it NEVER was reduced. I contacted them and they would not honor their price sent to me by email. They are without honor and have very poor business tactics with poor customer service. Don't promise a discount then NOT honor it.

unethical business practices and poor customer service

store policy and customer service = zero

I ordered a rifle (remington 700 r5 6.5 creedmoor) and it was damaged in shipping, but my transferee and my self didn't catch it until after the paper work went through (my name goes through real quickly online) and then we saw a sheared bolt. "bud's" told me that since the federal transfer paper work went through it's a used gun and they wouldn't do anything, no offer to help, replace, nothing. Do not purchase from these people their customer service sucks, they only care about their bottom line.

Buds Gun Shopwarranty

Sent in my firearm over 2 months ago for warranty work. I purchased the extra” Life time Warranty offered by Buds” I have not heard a word back. They didn’t even advise me they received my gun until I contacted a supervisor to see if the gun arrived. Called them every week to obtain a status of the repair. I was told every time that someone would call me back in 15 - 20 minutes. To date I have not received one phone call back as promised. (no contact at all) I fear that they have either lost or damaged my firearm. This is the worst customer service I have experienced in my 54 years. I have been very patient, time to escalate this to upper management. Will report back to this forum soon.

Buds Gun Shop — Sent used gun that was bought as new

189341 12/28/2016 ordered gun from Order #1861593 S&w 10098 m&p®9 performance center® ported Serial # hda7082 Cost: $676.00 Order total: $703.28 1/4/2017 ffl recieved...

Buds Gun Shop — A (sarr b6p) pistol

I paid $280 for a new firearm. I could only inspect after cutting heavy plastic tie in barrel off at home. Item was full of rust damaged. After a dispute they took it back but i...

Buds Gun ShopFailure to honor sale, bait and switch to refurb?

My complaint narative to the FTC

On 6-24-16 i orderd a pistol online from Buds Gun Shop. This pistol was priced at $1422, which is a very good price, about $300 less than i can get it locally, however Buds is often several hundred dollars cheaper than my local shops.

On 6-24-16 i received an email from Buds advising that mynorder had been received. My order was assigned order number 1677218.

On 6-24-16 I received another email from Buds advising my order was in processing and once it went to shipping I woukd be unable to make any changes.

On 6-24-16 I received a third email from Buds advising that processing was complete and that my order was sent to the shipping department. From this time forward I would not be able to change my order.

On 6-25-16 I noticed that my item had price dropped on Buds website from $1422 to $1393, after noting that I took a screen shot of the item so that I could submit it against the price drop guarantee that is provided via the Buds website and a second party vendor.

On 6-27-16 a charge of $1479.66 cleared my credit card and was charged to buds gun shop, this was for the pistol, non cash penalty, and insurance.

On 6-29-16 5 days after my order was placed, and two days after I had paid Buds gun shop, i received an email from Buds that there was a problem with my order and to call them. I did so that morning and recorded the phone conversation. After calling Buds long distance charged to me, i waited on hold for approximately 6 mins, after being connected to a customer service representative I explained they asked me to call them in reference to my order number. She then advised that there was a listing error, and that the price was for a refurbished pistol. I asked who refurbished the pistol, she put me on hold, returned and advised Dan Wesson refurbished the pistol, I advised her that was not accurate and asked to be conncted to a supervisor or someone who would not lie to me.

Dan Wesson doesnt sell refurbished pistols, this i knew but have since confirmed with Dan Wesson. I was then allowed to speak to Eric, who would not give me a last name, only advising he is the only one at ext 7721. He advised that there was a listing error, I advised him that it was not my error, that the pistol was still listed that morning on their site for $29 less than I paid. He said they could send me a refurbished pistol, which i explained to him i believed to be a lie, as Buds has never carried or sold refurbished Dan Wessons in the 6 yrs i have been a customer and watched their site, and because DW does not sell refurbished pistols to vendors, and still to this day Buds does not list any refurbished DW pistols.

Eric advised that he would refund my money that they have already had for several days in another 3-5 days. I advised Eric that I didnt want a refund, I wanted what Buds oferred to sell me, that I accepted, payment for which Buds accepted from me, He then advised me they didnt have any new DW Specialist pistols that I ordered, i askd him why their website shows them currently in stock, as they still do today show in stock 6-30-16, he would not answer that question.

Buds oferred to sell me something, even sending me reminder emails that the item was in my "shopping cart" pushing me to buy their product, i then accepted and purchased it, they then accepted my payment, i fully believe they have the pistol i ordered in stock but instead refuse to sell it to me and have cancelled my account. I have screen shots and recorded audio evidence of all of my claims

Failure to honor sale, bait and switch to refurb?

Buds Gun Shoporder 1617328 715t mossberg camo

i ordered a mossberg 715t camo duck commander from buds gun shop.three days later i recieved an email saying my order was reason.i tried getting on their web site but they blocked me.after finding a complaint site and leaving a complaint they responded..if you have to keep a person just for this they must be tons of complaints..theyre reply was i had place a previous order and they had an issue with me..only problem ive never ordered anything from them..i collect gun as a hobby..m, y son collects guns too. he said they had done him the same way several months ago..evidently buds doesnt care anything about its customers or new businsess..they could have called me or emailed and said i have an issue..but they blocked my email and havent bothered to contact me.and i havent got the refund yet. seems they have no father and sons with the same name and the sr my son the jr..he said they canceled his order after he contacted them about their lower price grauntee..which they wouldnt honor..and buds blamed me with out asking or emailing me about the problem...seems like they dont care about customer satisfaction.or the customers...they still havent gave me a chance to rectify the issue.just a refusal of a sale..maybe im the lucky one.

Buds Guns Shop — Out of stock when said it was in stock

I ordered a gun on line like I had done many times before from Buds in 3/23/16 #1602555. If they do not have the gun in stock it won't be on their sight and I can't order. I get...

Buds Gun Shop — PTR 91 GI Shipment

Ordered PTR 91 GI in mid-February, Paid by check. Arrived at dealer 24th. Gun is 2015 basic GI model, and functions fine. Have fired 100 rounds through weapon with zero problem...

Buds Gun ShopServices

my wife placed an order with buds gun shop she wanted a colt 1911 45 pistol she placed the order with them but they had a picture of a colt 1911 45 auto but is was really a colt 1911 9mm pistol so she called and was put on hold for a long long time well she called me and ask me if I would call buds guns and fix her order I said sure well when I call some rude woman there answered the phone when I tried to tell her what happened she wanted to charge me $70.00 I said can't you just fix the order she said she would have to cancel the order and start over again. the funny thing is the payment had not been taken out yet. well when I refused to pay $70.00 extra they took out $709.00 then they cancelled my wifes order then some guy by the name of ERIC called and wanted to speak to my wife well I thought maybe he was going to fix her order well he told my wife that he cancelled the order after they took out the money of our account it took 13 days to get the money back I had to get my bank involved in this . also this guy named ERIC told my wife she could not handle a colt 45 pistol and that she was buying the gun for me I already own 6 colt 1911 hand guns why would I want another. the gun was for my wife. not me sorry gun shop. I would never buy from them.

Buds Gun Shop — Internet Sale

BAIT AND SWITCH TACTICS... AVOID BUDS GUN SHOP AT ALL COSTS! I purchased a weapon on-line Saturday 2/6/2016 and they accepted credit card payment. Sunday I get e-mail stating...

Buds Gun Shop — Auction price is not what you will pay!!! Buyer beware.

Auction price accepted on Shopping cart price $30 more. Entered auction in coupon box, wrote lengthy noted on order form of problem and requested a call to fix...

Buds Gun Shop — refused to honor price

I went to the store to purchase a gun. The cash price on their website was 369. They wanted to charge $379 in the store. When I pointed out the web price, they said that they...

Charged extra money because of a mistake THEY made

These clowns increased the price on me when I showed up in-store to pick up the firearm. I ordered an all black colt mustang from them. The model number in the listing wa...

Bud's Gun Shop — Deceptive Pricing

Glock 26 Gen4 with extras (Crimson Trace, extra magazines) advertised in the used handgun section of the store's website for $649. After agreeing to purchase the pistol at...

Buds Gun Shop — False advertising

189341 I had the same exact issue with Buds Guns that many many others have already expressed. I purchased a Stoeger M3500 shotgun from them, a firearm that I had been looking for for...

Buds Gun Shop — Layaway scam

Layaway ScaM and very cold hearted when it came to customer service. I went on buds and found two guns to purchase for my husband. I placed them both on layaway. I paid the $75...

Buds Gun Shop / 1100 Barrel — Refused to oreturn bad product

Bought a new Shotgun Barrel. It was defective. It takes a while to determine what the problem was. The Gas chamber was bent slightly. I get response back for Ol'Bud...

Buds Gun Shop / 1100 Barrel — Barrel defective they refused to return

Bought a new 1100 Shotgun Barrel. It was defective. It takes a while to determine what the problem was. The Gas chamber was bent slightly. I get response back for Ol'Bud...

Buds Guns Shop — Lying Customer Service Agent

I ordered firearm from buds guns shop online. After selecting the one I was going to buy, buds guns shop website added an offer to my order. They offered two different AK 47 Drum...

Buds Gun ShopBought a new gun and received a used gun

I ordered an EAA Witness 45/22 Combo (999119) online through I placed the order later in the evening of Thursday, August 1st, Pacific Time, Buds system processed the order as received August 1st (East Coast time). Bud's policy is to ship purchases within 3 to 7 business days. I went with Buds because of positive online reviews about prompt and quick shipping, so I expected the gun to ship sooner than later.
It still hadn't shipped on Thursday, August 8th, so I called to make sure everything was on track. Was told that the gun was being shipped to their facility from the distributor and they would ship it when they received it. Why not just drop ship it direct?

The gun still hadn't shipped by the close of the business day on August 12th, the last day for them to ship it with in their 3 to 7 business days window that they promise. So, I called and questioned why the gun hadn't shipped. I was told that it was being processed to ship and I would receive an email. I explained that I wasn't happy with having to wait 10 days (7 business days) for my order to ship and asked to have shipping upgraded to overnight. I Was told no! OK, fine. I asked why it took so long to ship it and was told that they had to have it shipped from their other facility. Wait, what? Previously I was told that it was being shipped from the distributor. Why 2 different stories!
The dealer received the gun yesterday and I went to pick it up today (Thursday - 2 weeks after placing the order). I opened the package and examined the gun to find that the 45 slide was used!!! The top and sides of the slide were all scratched up and had it a big gash behind the rear slide grip. The guy at the shop got out a light and upon examining the barrel and firing pin it was clear that the slide had been fired hundreds of times, not just test fired. The 22 slide looked ok, just a little dirty. The mag for the 22 looked new, but the mag for the 45 looked used as well. You could see the wear from rounds being pushed in and out. Also, the 45 slide wasn't coated with the heavy oil that comes on new guns. The 22 was.
So I rejected the transfer and called Buds. Had to press 4 for new purchases. Otherwise they don't answer the line for existing orders. Spoke with a rep who said they would have the gun shipped back and refund my money. Really, no apology, no let me get someone who can make this right. Nothing. I explained that I still wanted the gun and politely asked if they would help me since after waiting for 2 weeks I received a used gun. He said he would contact his supervisor tomorrow and follow up.
So, at this point I was hoping Buds would handle the situation:
1. Promptly apologize and let me know they would do whatever it takes to correct the situation.
2. Offer to immediately ship out a replacement without waiting for the return.
3. Drop ship the replacement directly to my dealer.
4. Overnight the package with Saturday and Sunday delivery.
But, unfortunately I have to wait to hear back. At this rate, by the time they receive the used gun and then take 7 business days to ship out a new one it will be well over a month before I receive the new gun I purchased. Ugh! Come Buds, step up!
And I was troubled to learn I wasn't the only one that received a damaged gun that day. The guy at the counter told me that another guy was in earlier that day and had to reject one of the two guns he ordered from Buds because of damage.
Anyway, besides my concerns above here's other customer service let downs I noticed:
1. There online chat is always off line, even during business hours. If you send a message through the online chat when it's offline they don't respond.
2. They don't answer the phone when you call about a pre existing order. You have to pretend like your placing a new order.
3. The page for the gun I bought didn't even have a picture or a description of the gun. That should've have been a red flag.

Well, at this point I am still waiting to hear back from Buds with a resolution to the matter. So far, not so good though. If they resolve this matter to my satisfaction then I will update this complaint.

I posted here because a previous poster posted a similar experience with Buds, receiving a used gun they bought a new one. I'm not looking to engage Buds reps in any BS conversations in this forum, but I do want to post about my experience so others can make an informed decision about purchasing from Buds.
In no way am I accusing buds of selling me a used gun, my complaints center around how long it took for me to receive it and how they reacted when I informed me that I received a used gun!
Yes, Buds has great prices and doesn't charge for shipping, but I would have preferred to pay more to have the gun shipped out sooner. Also, I could've have paid a little more and ordered the same gun through another online retailer that stocked the gun and could have shipped it the next business day! I guess you get what you pay for!

Buds Gun ShopBad Customer Service

I placed an order for a gun on their website, and a few days later wanted to change the other. I was charged a 10% restocking fee to make the changes to which I had no choice but agree or forfeit my money. After the purchase, I submitted a negative customer review and cited the incident mentioned above. I then received an email from a person called Nick Valle who is supposedly a Customer Service Manager informing me to call him to discuss my recent review. I called and explained to him why I posted the negative review to which we replied as unfair to their business. After the call I sent him an email further detailing the reasons why a negative review was submitted. In return, I receive an email stating that my current order that was pending had been cancelled. A few minutes later I attempt to log onto the website and to my surprise I am brought to a screen telling me that my account cannot be found and that it has been permanently suspended. WOW! Talk about taking care of your customers! Buds Gun Shop will never see a penny from me, and I warn against everyone else thinking about giving them your hard earned money.

Bad Customer Service

  • Ro
    Rosal548 Jun 04, 2013

    My account as well was suspended, I did a layaway and changed my mind. Then when I tried to place a new layaway my account no longer had the feature to place any layaways. I called customer service and spoke to NICK VALLE, I explained that I am a VIP customer and would appreciate it if they would re-enable my account to purchase via layaway, Nick said that I need to make 3 purchases at full price then he will reinstate the layaway feature. That angered me and told him that after spending over $5k in the past 6 months that they should have some consideration but because of his irate attitude I will never shop at BUDS ever again and hung up, Anyways a hour later when i tried to log back on I got a message saying that my account has been permanently suspended by the webmaster.

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  • Av
    Av8tr May 07, 2014

    I hope Budgunsshop gets rid of this NICK VALLE person before he runs them out of business. I made an "OFFER" for a gun and it was accepted right away, so i had no choice but commit and buy the gun, only to discover I had been charged the full price instead. So I wrote an email right away and got no response. I called the very next morning and was told the gun was already shipped and there was nothing they could do about it. So I wrote a complaint and the Nick dude called me to tell me my account was closed, they didn't want my money and cancelled the purchase (how did they cancelled is a mystery since the gun was already shipped... hmmmm!).
    Someone with no personal skills what so ever should not be working at a customer service: he is rude and has a terrible attitude.

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  • Ag
    AggieAlex Sep 05, 2014

    I also had the same dealing with this sorry excuse for a manager Nick Valle who sent me a used gun when the item clearly stated "Factory New". He immediately got loud with me which is evidence that Buds does this a lot to their customers and he's used to it. He said that they were not in the wrong so they owed me nothing. I then went to the website to check on something with my account and it was also deactivated. He is a terrible excuse for a manager and should be fired.

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Breach of 90day layaway contact

This is in reguards to my complaint posted on Dec.22 2012.On Dec.23 2012, I was cotacted by a offcial by telephone.And after a couple of e-mail exchanges with the...

Breach of 90daylayaway agreement

On Oct. 9 2012, I put on "90 day layaway" a Armalite AR-15 rifle and made a 20% payment ($180.00) of a sale price of $900.00.On Dec. 4 2012 made a final payment of $720.00 (These...

Buds Gun Shop — Customer service

My last experience with Bud’s gun shop was very different then few years back, Customer service reps intentionally drop the calls, lie about policies and when ask to...

Buds Gun Shop — CZ 550

Sat. Sept 28th approx 11:30 in the P.M. I made a purchase of two rifles from "BUDS". Approx. 1-2 hours after I realized I had selected a CZ 550 with the European stock but had...

Buds Gun ShopDelay in refund

As a first time customer at Buds gun shop I am having the worst experience so far when it comes to them refunded me my money. I tried to order a Mossberg 22 Tactical semi auto rifle and due to state regulations semi autos cant be shipped to CT. So they decided to refund me my money on the same day of purchase. Three days went by and I haven't received a refund so I emailed Buds Gun Shop to see what was taking so long for it to processed. Come to find out after my email was received by them they cancelled my scheduled refund and put a ticket out for a new refund to be processed. I waited 4 business days just for it to be cancelled so that I have to wait another 3-5 business days. so thats a total of 8-10 business days before i get to see my money back into my account. I tried calling to see if instead of giving me a refund let me purchase a shotgun and you guys can refund me the difference. "NO, we can't stop a refund once it's been in place". Who the hell stopped the first one then? I don't know what their product is like but their customer service sucks and lie too. Can I Have my money back!!! Here's my account number if you need it 471346

  • Cr
    creature66 Oct 18, 2012

    I feel your pain, after buds screwing up my order I demanded a refund, they never sent out any rifles, they claimed they had not yet received my money through my bank (my bank had already confirmed they had) than they told me that even though it was their mistake they were still going to charge me a 10% canc. fee. My bank called them and informed them what they were doing amounted to interstate fraud and buds "suddenly" agreed to refund my money in full, three weeks later and still no money. Luckily my bank is going to refund my account and contact the Attorney General for the state of KY

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Buds Gun ShopTerrible Customer Service

Since Bud's deletes bad reviews from their site, avoids the bad Google reviews, and permanently deletes the account of anyone who gives them a bad review, I have joined this site specifically to write this about them. Just look at the extreme lack of professionalism and customer service in their responses to the bad reviews on this site, since they can't delete them like they normally would. Sorry, Bud, but you can't do anything about the private sites like this, the many gun forums, and the word of mouth that are all telling the truth about your bad business practices.

Also, I will not be reading or replying to any of the childish and unprofessional replies that I am sure this post will bring from them.

They will not match ANY prices on ANYTHING from ANYWHERE else. Their "price match guarantee" BS that they proudly plaster all over the site only covers the difference if the price were to drop within their own inventory, NOT any other stores. I've had at least 3 occasions where they would not match the price of an item, sometimes over something as small as $8. I have since purchased a firearm elsewhere for over $50 less than Bud's, where the price WENT UP after I asked if they would match. The staff is rude and will ignore you if you are unfortunate enough to be able to visit the "store", and they completely do not care if any customer is unhappy. From the many complaints I constantly see on gun forums and etc, they will tell people things like, "Cancel your order if you aren't happy. We don't care." So think about that if you are contemplating ordering from them.

If you are reading the many other complaints online, they are centered around their poor customer service and terrible shipping practices. Sure, some people have alright experiences with them, and I myself was even happy with them for a while, but ONE single bad customer service experience FAR outweighs a good one. I am not talking about a simple mistake here or there, I am talking about how they COMPLETELY do not care if they lose a customer, because they know another one will be along right behind him. Hopefully now we can use the internet, which has made them what they are, to put an end to it by spreading the word like this.

I say "store" because this is basically a bad drop ship type of setup. They don't even have 10/22 rifles on the shelf. So, when you order from Bud's, they take your money, wait for the gun to either be shipped to them from one of their warehouses or drop shipped from who knows where, then it sits in their "shipping" department for sometimes weeks (which means there was a mix up with their shady drop ship setup), then it finally goes out to you. After all of that, they ship things with improper paperwork, the wrong model, or there is even at least one complaint of a USED gun that was labeled as new. You are shipping guns here, not T-shirts. You just don't do that and get away with it, at least not with any of the gun enthusiasts that I know.

Anyway, Bud's will argue the validity of complaints and point fingers all day long, but the bottom line is that a customer is not happy. A respectable business' reply to an unhappy customer should be "Ok, sir, we will fix that for you right away" REGARDLESS of the nature or validity of the complaint. NOT "Cancel your order, then. We don't care."

  • Cl
    clkeith50 Mar 26, 2014

    What I am seeing is a definite deterioration in their service. I ordered
    a pistol in December, 2013 and it was received by my local dealer in four
    days. I ordered another one in January, 2014 and it, too, was received in four
    days. I ordered a rifle in February 2014 and the order status stayed in
    "Processing" for 8 days! Due to this delay, it was held up in Memphis
    because of bad weather for another week before being delivered. Hoping
    this was just a one-time thing, I ordered another pistol in March. It
    went from ordered, to "Processing" to "Shipping" in one day. It's now
    been in "Shipping" for 6 days. Had I waited three days, I could have
    picked one up from a local dealer for the same price and had it a week
    sooner. My days of ordering from Bud's are over. I'll shop locally from
    now on.

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  • Cl
    clkeith50 Mar 27, 2014

    Well, I have to add a follow-up to my previous comment. Two hours after posting it, my LGS called and told me they received my gun. Bud's had it drop shipped by a third party who didn't notify them that it had been shipped. The poor communication was not due to Bud's. Not a great transaction, but not a bad one, either. I'll give them another chance next month.

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  • Jr
    J. Roger Wells Aug 04, 2014

    Purchased a weapon from Bud's Gun Shop and after attempting to fire the weapon it would not work.
    I got on line to their website and opened a case and never received a response.
    I called and was told that I would have to send the weapon back to the manufacturer.

    After several gun a ammo purchases from Bud's, I will never spend a dime there again.

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  • Mi
    mizzou Mar 20, 2017

    I just had a similar situation happen as to the original poster. I asked a question about an item and mentioned I was looking to buy. After receiving a satisfactory answer, I go back to the website to purchase and the price went up by about $100! Immediately asked about price increase and they of course give me the run-around about the demand pricing stucture they have. This isn't my first odd observation of buds. I watch their site a lot to feel out the market on certain items.

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Online scam

I purchased a gun via phone with a gent named "Ed" at Buds I asked him if the gun was in stock before purchasing and he stated yes. He said I was protected by this transaction so the gun would not be sold to someone else. Later that night I read my "online" order info from Buds, It said there was an "issue" with the order. I called and I was told it was not in stock. I spoke to the guy "Ed" and he denied (bold faced LIED) ever promising my order was secure. He then admitted that he was looking at an inventory sheet and was not aware that it was physically gone from the warehouse. I requested a Manager but was told he was busy so the usual transfer call to the "dead end" voice mail. They are still dragging their feet with my money still in their bank earning interest. BUYER BEWARE!

Buds GunshopLack of service

I too have had issues regarding my order with Buds Gun shop. At the present, as in the past several days, they have my order in "Shipping Status" but I've yet received my order. This morning (3/8/2012) I received an e-mail from Buds stating that they are "Back-up" on their orders due to present buying panic from customers wishing to buy guns, so I don't know. I do know they had the time to cash my $800+ check!!

  • Ky
    ky_Dave Mar 08, 2012

    What is needed to deal with Buds Gun Shop is to turn them in to the ATFE or FBI, to investigate Buds Gun Shop's business practices toward their customers. Maybe then they will be more ethical toward their customers if they are investigated. No business should treat their customers badly like Buds is doing.

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  • Ky
    ky_Dave Mar 09, 2012

    I noticed Buds Gun Shop has taken down their website, as of this morning (3/9/2012). I tried to log-on to check the status of my order, which has been in "shipping status" for four days now.

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Customer Service

WOW, I buy a lot of merchandise from online retailers and can say without a doubt that Buds is THE WORST company out there.
I ordered a gun on 2-6-11 and waited the full 6 business days they say it can take for a payment to process before trying to contact them per the terms of the site. At that point I tried calling - no update available. Then I tried email - not allowed because the order is still in processing. Sent a fax asking to be contacted - nothing. Then I tried live chat - constant disconnects if you post an actual question regarding your order but the secret there is asking a basic question such as "product question" then Gary will answer you which still didn't do me any good he just told me to call the sales department to get things straightened out. Apparently they did not enter the payment data for my e-check properly so it declined but no one bothered to contact me when that happened. In the meantime the gun was sold out and the next batch was supposed to arrive by 2-17-11. Didn't happen and as of 2-20-11 they still don't have any but they think they'll be in this week. Tried the chat again on 2-20-11 and got nothing but "well, you can either wait or cancel your order" I gave Gary a piece of my mind about the experience and he ended the chat session before I even got to cancel the order. Called the sales line and Jeff was confused as all get out because the gun wasn't even listed on the website anymore. He finally figured it out and said they have a tracking number for the shipment and it should be to them this week - of course he didn't know when (isn't that the point of a tracking number??) I asked if they would be willing to next day the gun to me when it arrived at their location. The shipping guys said not unless I paid for it. That's just some world class crappy service that wasted 14 days of my time and cost them numerous other purchases from me as well as my network of friends. They may have low prices but you get what you pay for and in this case the pain was just not worth the $4.00 I would've saved had they actually delivered on the purchase.

  • Ia
    IanC01 Feb 26, 2012

    Posted two reviews today. One a very positive review about my first order and the service I received. The second was mostly positive, but questioned a very long delay in product delivery and lack of communication. I also questioned if the poor service was in any way related to their push to get customers to join their VIP program which promises faster service among other things. The website edited out my comments regarding the long processing time for the one purchase, with a message to me explaining that only comments regarding the actual product were left in the review while other comments were edited out as the were not related to the product. Funny thing is, they left the very positive comments regarding the service I received with my previous order. Guess the reviews you read on their site are not to be trusted.

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Buds Gun Shop — Slow shipping

20 days to send an in stock rifle 100 miles. They claim that they have a warehouse with their firearms stored but yet it took then 14 days to pull it off the shelf then it sat in...

Buds Gun ShopPoor Customer service

I ordered a longun from them on November 21, 2011 for a gift. It took 14+ days to process and ship Buds forgot to send the shipping notice via email. when we checked the tracking it was already headed back to Buds!? My FFL checked with UPS, and buds shipped it to the wrong address. My FFL receives packages every week from Buds. Buds was adimit it was still our issue, and charged me an additional $15.00 for the shipping. Which it's now December 12th, the package will be at their shipping department for at least an additional 7 days prior to being shipped again for "paper work". When asked if i would receive it before the 23rd (Fri. before Christmas, and 32 days after the original order date) they could not confirm the delivery. This is not my first online firearm purchase, but it is my first and last order with Buds. Very disapointed but what do they care they have my hard earned cash, and my sons first .22lr.

  • Th
    The GunNut Aug 14, 2012

    Buds Guns Customer Service Sucks! I have had better customer relationships with strangers from China! After calling them 4 times and talking the the supervisor, I was insulted, lied to and then told that their shipping delay was my fault. I received all my other items from the order 3 days BEFORE they even shipped the rifle. The poor customer service will be detrimental to any decision to by another firearm from this company again. At this point, I never want to shop this site again! For a return they wanted to charge me $140! Just to send a unopened item back. And many of their items are cheaper elsewhere, just check the site : LC Action.

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  • Cr
    creature66 Oct 18, 2012

    'buds" sucks

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  • Ki
    Killer B. Killed Mar 13, 2013

    I had the exact same experience. UPS had actually tried to get a correct address from them for my home, because buds had shipped to the wrong one, and i never received an email or phone call from buds about it. i didnt even know that the package had been returned to buds until it was already there. so march 1st i called and told them to return my money to me. i waited and waited until i finally called buds and was actually able to get a person on the phone. he told me the check was mailed on the 1st and when he was telling me this it was the 13th of march. i havent received any aknowledgment of my situation from them. my tickets are still open on their site waiting to be addressed. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. there are so many good gun dealers that you can buy from. it may not happen the first time you buy from buds, but if you buy from them enough, you will get ripped off.

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  • Re
    Reviewer23825 Aug 25, 2015

    I am a Buds Team Member (won't do that again). I saw a S&W 686 Plus on 8/24/15 and purchased it, received 2 confirmation emails immediately. The the next day received an email to call them about this order, I did and the person on the phone said he had to cancel my order. When I asked I'm why he said they sold more guns than they had and I asked him how this could happen especially when I received an email. He said their computer system can oversell on popular items as a number of people are ordering within a short period of time. He could not address why I received the confirmations then next day... Just kidding, not yours... He seemed more interested in getting me off his line than customer service.

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BudsGunshop — Trade

I purchased my first firearm from buds only to run into multiple problems. First problem ended up being about my age. It turns out I was allowed to purchase a rifle/shotgun but...

S&W M&P 1522

I received my first Internet-purchased gun today, four days after placing my order at The gun was correct, as advertised, the order process and email followup service was regular and seamless. The speed was greased lightning. The rest is up to Smith & Wesson. My wife and I WILL buy from again.

  • Ia
    IanC01 Feb 26, 2012

    Good luck on your next purchase. I echoed your sentiments the first time too.

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Buds Gun ShopCustomer Service at Store

I went to Bud's and Friday May 13th aroung 2:30pm. I went in with the intension of purchasing a Beretta Px4 Storm 9mm and a Taurus 38 special revolver. I walked along the wall trying to locate the items in question, and recieved no help or even "may i help you". I saw the Beretta i was searching for and looked around to see if someone was around and noticed down in the Shotgun/Assault Rifle area 4 employees standing and talking to another(3 women(the Blondes) and a male employee). They looked at me seeing I needed help and just continued talking. I walked down to ask for their assistance and they proceeded to turn away, when they saw me approaching; and walked in the opposite direction. Is this what they call customer service? I guess so. Why are the Blondes even there? Are they just there for eye candy or do they actually now what they are talking about? I will never buy a firearm from Bud's EVER. I don't care if I have to drive 3 hours out of the way for a firearm, even if i was going to buy a $200 firearm. If it wasn't for the Gun Range and the Concealed Carry Class, i'd never go in that place again. People do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere. Even if you have to pay a few dollars more(no more than $50), it's worth it than dealing with people who don't want you in their shop.

  • Bi
    Billy Lewis Dec 13, 2011

    I have bought about five guns from Buds and have never gotten a bad deal. The customer service was exellent and I payed by credit card. I plan on buying another gun next week and 1911 45 ACP goverment model. I bought a Taurus TCP 380 and had a problem with it, I call Taurus Fed X picked it up the same day and I recieved it back in one week no charge to me. Thank You Bill Lewis [email protected]

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Delete Negative Reviews

After leaving a negative but helpful and polite review on Buds my review was deleted the next day and my customer account terminated by the "webmaster." Bud's customer service is nonexistent - if you have any issues with your order good luck getting someone on the phone. On the other hand, I would guess that the vast majority of transactions go smoothly and hence the large purported customer base. Low prices, large stock and apparently fast shipping mean most buyers will be happy. Bud's is simply playing the numbers game. Personally, I'd rather deal with companies that actually care if you have a problem even if their prices are higher. You get what you pay for.

  • Go
    Goodolboy51 Apr 18, 2011

    I have noticed a big slip in customer service out of Lately also. If you can get someone on the phone or via email(fat chance) they have no idea what you are talking about when you ask firearms questions. I have been told twice regarding messups on my order that they were training new people and that was the issue. Train em all you want if they dont know guns they dont know guns. My FFL told me with a chuckle that they are pretty much incompetent and sometimes plain rude there prices are all that are keeping em in business. I have tried and tried again to find out info on products thyat the description was just plain wrong and the person on the phone knew nothing more than the description said. I tried to trade once and the veiled hostility at my questions and concerns made me think better of it. I bought six guns from Buds three of which went off without a problem. The other three were frustrating and a huge waste of time and effort. They have gotten to big without finding employees with the type of knowledge that keeps people coming back. When my credit card got hit due to Buds, myself and everybody I know took it as the final straw and canceled there cards and went back to paying a little extra money and supporting our hometown gun stores ( who hate Buds with a passion I might add) it is worth it to see the gun and know it isnt beat to hell despite buds claims it has never been opened.(then why is the tape broken and the gun obviously handled not to mentioned scratched) I have heard a lot of people say the guns are rough because they are factory screwups or refurbs and that is why they are so cheap. I dont know if this is true but a couple of the guns they tried to sell me were obviously used or mistreated while being stored. When Buds works right it is a great way to buy guns. Unfortunately they messup way to much for me and I am very patient. Once a great business but they have sacrificed quality for quantity and I always choose quality

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  • Ia
    IanC01 Feb 26, 2012

    Posted two reviews today. One a very positive review about my first order and the service I received. The second was mostly positive, but questioned a very long delay in product delivery and lack of communication. I also questioned if the poor service was in any way related to their push to get customers to join their VIP program which promises faster service among other things. The website edited out my comments regarding the long processing time for the one purchase, with a message to me explaining that only comments regarding the actual product were left in the review while other comments were edited out as the were not related to the product. Funny thing is, they left the very positive comments regarding the service I received with my previous order. Guess the reviews you read on their site are not to be trusted.

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  • Ia
    IanC01 Feb 26, 2012

    Had the same thing happen. First purchase - great product, great service. Second purchase - good product, poor service (processing for 11 days). Left reviews of both experiences on the same day. One glowing, one identifying the issue and questioning about the long delay. Guess which review was edited... Thing is, their explanation of the editing was that the service portion was not considered relevant???? Too bad that didn't apply to the review in which I gave them high marks for their service...that was mysteriously left in the review. They will be my absolute last consideration because of what I see as a MAJOR ethical flaw.

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  • Ja
    JakeDisplay Mar 08, 2012

    Got this email yesterday.

    This notice is being sent to all customers who recently placed an order with and may not necessarily apply to your order.

    If you are not already aware of what is going on in the firearms industry, there is no doubt you soon will be via the media. Our sales in the month of February were over FIVE TIMES what they were back in February 2009 following the last presidential election...and you may recall those were some pretty crazy times ! We did plan for 2012 to be another challenging election year...but we admittedly did not plan for this level of volume, and definitely not this early in the year !

    Although your order may not have experienced a delay, we would like to apologize to anyone who has, or is currently, experiencing a delay in shipping. Our order volume unexpectedly skyrocketed in February, far beyond our capacity to process and ship. We immediately began the process of expanding our facilities, adding additional staff, and working extended hours...but those efforts are just now starting to pay off.

    The good news is that we are starting to get back on top of things. We are currently shipping out more orders each day that what we are taking in, so it is now just a matter of clearing the backlog that was created in February. Since Monday we have been able to ship out 300 more guns than what we sold during that same the backlog should be cleared shortly at this rate. We are shipping oldest orders first (first in - first out) so clearing this backlog will cause some newer orders to ship closer to the "7" in our advertised "3 to 7 business days" terms. Many repeat customers were so use to us shipping in 3 days they started to get concerned when their order had not shipped in 5 days...even though we were well within our "3 to 7 business days" terms. Also, "business days" refers to Monday-Friday only, as neither UPS or USPS pick up packages at our warehouse on weekends.

    We sincerely apologize if you experienced a delay and assure you we are continuing to do everything we possibly can to prevent future delays. We have also suspended all cancellation fees for any delayed orders. If you order has been delayed, and you prefer to cancel your order at this time...we will be glad to accommodate that request with absolutely no fees...we need more guns anyway !

    We appreciate the business and commit to do a better job next time if given the opportunity.

    Kind Regards,

    Team Buds

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Buds Gun ShopCredit Card Fraud

My debit /credit card was compromised in March 2011. I could not figure out how because I only dealt with reputable companies online. I had put Buds Gun Shop in that good category until they sent me an email that my card may have been part of a fraud. They are not accepting credit cards as of 04/01/2011. My account had been wiped out and I assessed a lot of overdraft fees. I do not know what happened at Buds but, they are as radioactive as a Japanese Nuke Facility. They will not protect your account so, I would not shop there. You could take the risk but why.

  • El
    ElectricalDistributor Apr 08, 2011

    Will I be the victim of a Stolen Identity??? I ordered a gun online with my credit card Friday, March 25, 2011. It arrived to my FFL dealer exactly 6 days later. But much to my surprise, I received three unauthorized charges to my credit card. My credit card company called to tell me of possible fraud charges. They closed my account. I needed my credit card for a business trip that following week. Guess what? I couldn't!!! I had to pay my brother to fly with me and have him pay for everything. You cannot go anywhere in this world without a credit card. I had not used my card until the Buds purchase. It's never used unless it's a purchase above $1, 000.00. My credit card company would not elaborate, but I did the math. Buds Gun Shop's online credit card processing was the likely culprit. In fact, I just received an email that admits to many customer complaints. Their notice said they are shutting down online card processing until they can figure out if they are responsible. Responsible? Hell yes they are responsible. I'm sick and tired of these amateur companies with their lackluster security. Pay real money and hire real companies that monitor financial transactions!!! If you cannot guard against hackers, you destroy your reputation. Now I have to deal with a possible stolen identity. That will cost me over $250 a year for identity theft protection from two companies that perform completely different fraud preventions.

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  • El
    ElectricalDistributor Apr 08, 2011

    Same thing happened to me. If I were you, I would worry about IDENTITY THEFT. Because Buds Gun Shop had ZERO or OUTDATED security on their credit card checkout, the credit card thieves now have your name, address and email. They can start applying for credit under your name. I had to get two identification protection services; protectmyid and lifelock. That is frickin' costly. I would never ever use Buds Gun Shop to buy anything... even if they were giving away guns for $1.00

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Buds Gun Shop.comHardest to get a hold of

I am so angry with buds gun shop.

They are the hardest to get a hold of. It is just inexcusable.

They have two service reps. One for existering orders and one for new. It is always possible to get a hold of the New Orders Rep. Never for the existing. NEVER

Try calling their phone number. I had to wait 90 Min and still didnt get to talk to a human being. My complaint isnt with bad service in getting a product, its what to do if there is a mess up. It is the worst operating system. If its as busy as they say they should expand otherwise they are gonna loose business. Im just saying take warn if you prefer to speak to a human and actually get responses

Buds Gun Shop — ripoff

I purchased a shotgun which required going to an authorized dealer in my community. I contacted the dealer and was told the processing charge was 30, when the gun arrived at...