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Budget Suites of America / security and safety of all residents

1 Las Vegas, NV, United States

Budget Suites 4205 w Tropicana ave off Wynn Rd. Management overides. Bad background checks, manager James has allowed in people with active felony warrants allows drug dealer in 2090 whi is not even a registered tenant on the lease verbally assulted me, made a threat to kill me, and slash my tires, he is not on the room packet James went and spoke to him on Atleast 2 occasions, Cvel from Budget Suites Courtesy Patrol spoke with a girl presumably on meth why she was knocking and she said she was waiting for her [censored], this guy who was arrested on Friday night on your property who is not registered on the room and is the only person ive personally seen on the property that lives in that room ive witnessed 3 drug transactions and my girlfriend as well, you allow this because you chose to do anything the first 3 weeks he has been dealing drugs in the parking lot and random drug addicts approaching me in the parking lot after they've knocked on the door and no one was home, in Nevada a landloards responsibility or Property management is responsible for keeping a safe environment for tenants to live. This is unacceptable especially when it seems like in the past youve kicked out white tenants for failing to register on the room if you need further information, it was reported Saturday morning in person to Mark which is waiting for James, who has know about this room and the actuvty there since the 3rd day he moved in, I'm sick of budget suites management not doing background checks when on the sign on the building it says are background checks are Safer, thats [censored] when you don't protect your residence, I can provide you any further details but usually is pushed under the table by management this is disgraceful and pitiful you would allow a non tenant to deal drugs on your property and he was given a ticket for threatening me and went to jail for having drugs on him I have a metro report and the person they arresteds name Willie Sexton not registered to G2090 dealing drugs on the property you are responsible for, metro said its your responsibility to know who is on your property and they need security this property is getting worse

Jun 17, 2018

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