Budget Car Rental / customer service, lying about insurance required

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Similar to the other reviewers complaining about the extremely long line and dirty office, I had the worst customer service.

I had booked my reservation through Costco travel and thought I was getting a really good deal on the car. Upon arrival, I was notified that I had booked a "compact" car, when I had in fact booked an "intermediate" since I'll be carrying 5 passengers. That's an additional $20/day.

Next I was told about the many insurances that was necessary. First, was the collision damage insurance, which I promptly replied I didn't need because it'll be covered under my travel visa card. Then she told me about the liability insurance that was required by the state of California. According to her, California requires 2 MILLION DOLLARS in liability insurance.

THIS IS A LIE! It only requires the typical 15/30/5 minimum.

I was hesitant at first because I had my local car insurance but I knew it doesn't cover up to 2 million because WHO THE HELL DOES. But I also denied that.

Then she continued to badger to me about questions like "Well how are you going to come up with 2 million dollars if you get in a crash?", "or your parents going to pay for it?"


Needlessness to say, there was a line behind me and I caved into peer pressure and paid the additional $15/day. It was only when I got home that I realized she had lied.

I repeat DO NOT RENT HERE. They are the shadiest, dirtiest liars in the business.

Jul 06, 2016

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