British Airways Comair / useless voucher after delays

I booked on flight MN6239 for Thursday 11 June 2009 at 17h50 to PE. My booking was done a week or so before the flight. When we arrived at the airport we were delighted to hear that we were on a BA flight now. But then this happened. They made us book in (I had to be in PE later that evening), and shortly thereafter I overheard another passenger say that the flight is delayed for 5 hours. We were not told that when we booked in!!! I immediately ran off to customer services advising them I had committments that evening in PE, and can't miss it. I was told that there is nothing they could do (not even bump me to another flight!!!). I eventually arrived in PE after midnight, missing my committments. They did give us each a complimentary one way voucher for any local flight (obviously excluding taxes). Try using them however, is a different story. 'Sorry sir, no complimentary seats on this flight' is a sentence that I must have heard at least ten times. So when can I fly? Only when I pay!!! The delay was not weather induced at all. In any event, I guess that those vouchers were meant to distract us from complaining about damages we suffered (financially). No use now!


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