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British Airways / rubbish service

1 United Kingdom Review updated:

I have to say that I have never been as disappointed in an airline as I am right now with British Airways (the British part being an insult to the brits i have to say)
An airline that does you the favor, considers itself to be so profitable that it ignores customer contact in reference to fully paid upgrades and doesnt bother to phone you back, why? because they are clearly too good for the likes of their customers, which I am more than sure they are losing by the second.
I spent 4 weeks on the phone to BA trying to request an upgrade for my return journey, i was be-littled on the phone and patronised and treated like a nuisance caller and after 4 weeks of continuous phone calls re this very expensive upgrade, they never bothered to call me back.
I am disgusted with BA and will never buy a ticket from them again. Heres to many flights in the future with Singapore airlines, more expensive but worth every penny!

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  • Jo
      20th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Yes, had a similar experience with them. Never again. They are an ode to the saying " you get what you pay for, and sometimes less!"

  • Sa
      20th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    The arrogance displayed can be breathtaking. What is interesting is that they used to be great but they aren't any more. It's as though they blame the customer for this judging by the way some people get treated. I know from first hand experience that it can be the staff who are rude when they are paid not to be. They also seem to think that they are still great. That is what is worrying. Its as though they blame the customer for the negative feedback they get instead of having a good look at what they may be doing wrong too. Smacks of narcissism, sadly. They seem to think that the paying public deserve to be treated poorly. Yes some travellers are rude but they are trained and paid to deal with that. Or should be.

  • Jo
      8th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I flew longhaul last week on BA from UK to Singapore, i asked my company to book another airline as every time I have traveled BA has been a disaster, , , , they still booked me on BA, , , must have got a cheap deal ...the flight was aweful, the cabin stank, it was filthy and the food was an abomination, , staff were all OAPs they were cheerful enough but all just going through the motions, oh and the flight entertainment system was not working either on a 12 hour flight ...shameful, , ..., normally i fly emirates, Etihad or Lufthansa for a proper service

  • Si
      27th of Nov, 2015
    +2 Votes

    There was a time where getting onto a BA flight going back to Blighty felt like you were actually back in the UK the moment you put your foot on the plane. That ship has sailed. I`d heard rumours about what they`ve done to the crew over years, easing the older staff out, and now employing talentless newbies on far inferior contracts. Well, you reap what you sew. I`ve never known worse service on a flight. Our cabin crew guy did a runner after taking so much flack. The right side of the aircraft sat without drinks or meals for an hour and a half, before some staff came back from the club section. That was special. " Can my family and I have a meal?" Groan. "Can I have a drink?"...`You`ll have to go to the back of the plane and get it yourself`.
    AND NOW, just when you think it can`t get less impressive...UK Customer Services. They must have gone to the same training as Chris our flight attendant, as they too, appear to have vanished without a trace, or giving a toss. Soooo proud to be British.

  • Za
      22nd of Nov, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Worst first class service I have had was with BA . Cabin crew very poor and incompetent. Their lounge in Heathrow was a joke. First class? They must be having a laugh. I was so stupid to have paid so much for such an inferior service. I've had much better service with KLM economy and Ryanair.

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