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I would like to make a complaint regarding my trip with your Airline carrier.

On the flight back from Jamaica after eating the dinner (this was around 21hrs), i started having stomach pains and vomitting. I told the stewardess i wasn't feeling well so she gave me some ginger ale saying it would help to settle my stomach. I had ordered a special meal which i was told they had run out of it so i was given a salmon & pasta meal which seems to have been heated and reheated. I only ate some of it because I was hungry. I had checked in at 15:30 for a flight departure time of 19:20. After the meal i was itching likewise another young boy on the flight for whom the doctor was called. i have had diahorrhea and projecile vomittin for 3 days (saturday night, sunday and monday) which has left me feeling ill ever since.

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  • Lo
      Apr 10, 2011

    I was sick on a First class flight bangkok to london heathrow BA co share (qantas) ...I also only ate the meal as I was hungry. It tasted very suspect so I had about 4 spoons...balancing hunger with disgust! About 30 minutes later some rumbles in my tummy and I was sick.. The stewardess was oriental cold fish and I knew just be looking at her that it wasnt worth complaining. Anyhow will not travel that airline again...but unfortunately BA is not a whole load better. In the old days it meant something to travel a higher class- about it- nowadays its assumed you do it because you need the flat bed (true) and they abuse you in every other regard.

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