Braums / District Manager

1 Little Road, Arlington, AL, United States

The Braums cook who poured salt on my burger when I went through the drive thru is not the issue. It was busy and I can understamd the cook making sanwhiches as fast as possie to get customers through. My compaint is the district manager who was cooking up fries on this day. It was in the afternoon around 12:25pm and I l
took a bite and noticed how crunchy is was. At first I thought the burger was overcooked or the lettuce or any veggies were crispy. That was not the case as I ripped a small piece of the patty and all I could taste was salt amd that same crunchy texture. Was it sand? I thought to myself. Of course not..tue saltiness was crazy amount like someone took a salt shaker and opened the top and poured it on the patty. I called and they took my name and bring in the receipt and be happy to remake it. I came back and expained about the burger, the phone call to cashier. The cashier told shift manager who told me no one called. Shift manager told the district manager who happen to be there on this day and told me to bring back the product. I said I threw it away. She said she must have it. I leave and come back again with whats left of burger and fries and receipt. The district manager said she will not remake it cause a third of the burger is missing in a attitude that was agitated and angry. I guess she did not want to deal with customers during the busy place where she had to personally go and cook the fries. Neverthess, I was shocked at her attitude and unbelieveable terrible way she handled the customer service. I was left speechless. She is corporate person, not the store manager. She represents Braums at a higher coporate level of leadership. Im sorry the buger was too salty. I told her about the phone call and she shook her head no. She told the shift manager to give me a 1800 number to call and in a rude, unprofessional manner told me that I can call but she( herself as the district manager) makes the final descison.

Jun 5, 2015

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