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When I signed up for constant credit I was told if an overdraft occured in my checking account, $100 would be put in from my constant credit to cover it. Now, they put in barely enough to cover the overdraft and charge 12.50 to do that. I tried to get an answer from them as to when they changed their policy. I got a boilerplate non-answer. They are not the bank we opened our account with 25 years ago and I am really disappointed.
Tried to get a loan on a house I had used for collateral several times in the past. Had to have an appraisal (never had one before) and the appraiser said she could not put any value on the house. It is a 3 br house on a corner lot with hardwood floors, French doors between lr and dr. Two large covered porches and a large yard. No value at all. It is currently rented and always has been. There are no problems except the appraiser could not tell if the roof was slate or metal (?). Asked for the appraisers name-NO! I got absolutely no paperwork from the appraiser or the bank. Asked for another appraisal and was told I would have to pay $700 for it up front. Everything is blamed on "federal regulations". Nope, not the bank it was 10 years ago.

Jun 16, 2017

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