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BP Gas Station / Refusal to give me product I paid for

1 Rivergate shopping center on 160 and 49.Charlotte, NC, United States Review updated:

On 3/29/2009 at 17:09:57 I came into, a once regular shopped, Bp gas station (Site Id: 6997761). I used to come into this shop every 2 days and buy a pack of cigarettes and fill up my gas tank. That is until I came upon the utmost disrespectful and horrible excuse for customer service, I have ever experienced in my life. On this particular evening, I went in as usual to purchase a pack of cigarettes. In a hurry, I grabbed my belongings off the counter, but accidentally left my purchase on the counter. Getting into my car, about to pull out of the convenience store, I realized what I had done and turned around. I waited patiently in line to speak to the gentleman at the counter.
I apologetically explained to the gentleman that I was just in the store and left my cigarettes on the counter. I pulled my receipt out of my wallet to show proof of purchase and he refused to look at it. He told me that he was not responsible for my cigarettes. He was very nasty to me and the situation. He told me that his job ended as soon as he scanned the cigarettes into the computer, that he quote, "didn't take my cigarettes." I explained to him, that I was not accusing him of taking my product, I was simply stating that they were not taken by they consumer off the counter, and I would like to take the product that I rightfully purchased home with me. He chuckled under his breath, and mimicked, "I don't know anything about your cigarettes. There were people in line, maybe they took your ." I again tried to explain to him that I was not accusing anyone of taking them, I just wanted my product." I attempted once more to show him the receipt that I was in the store not even 2 minutes ago, and he again refused to look at it.
I asked to speak to his manager, or get a number to a corporate office. He laughed and said there was no corporate office, and that the manager was not in. I asked him to please write down the name of the manager and next shift he would be working. He said his name and turned away from me. I asked him a second time for the manager's name. He then said again, "I didn't take your cigarettes, you can come around the counter and see for yourself." Pointing to behind the counter. I stated again, "I never said you took then sir, I am simply displeased with this level of customer service, and I need you to write down the name of your manager." He finally pulled a piece of receipt paper from the register and wrote down the name illegibly. All I can make out is his name starts with an S. and his last name is Patel. The gentleman at the counter's last name was also Patel.
I am absolutely stunned and infuriated with what happened on this day. Bp, may be a franchise company, but this is a well known named company. A company which should be represented with pride and respect towards their customers. With a time like this in our economy, I can not believe that a paying customer should be treated with such disrespect. Especially a regular customer like myself. As far as I am concerned this is stealing and is a racial discrimination, and this will not be tolerated. I expect resolution on this matter immediately. At this point, it's not even the price of the cigarettes, it's not even that I paid for something and was not able to leave the store with the item. It's the principle. That gentleman working was wearing a logo on his shirt. A logo representing a company. A company that should not be represented in such a shameful matter.

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  • Du
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    You were stupid and left your own purchase behind, after purchasing something it becomes your property - your responsibility, not the responsibility of the clerk. Though it is generally a nice thing to do if someone notices an absent-minded customer leaving behind an item to put that item back for the customer when or if they return to claim it, it is by far not required. Most companies, however, will reimburse you for your stupidity and give you back whatever you purchased, whether you can prove you lost it or not.

    Racism, I see nothing about race in your complaint.

  • Bp
      6th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    You left something, it is your responsibility you idiot.

    Stop accusing innocent small business owners based on your empty and pitiful mind.

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