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Bovada Poker is so rigged

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Bovada Poker
United States
Bovada Poker is so rigged. Please don’t waste your money on this site. You would make more money playing BINGO then at this computer generated dealt hands. If you have any skill at playing Texas Hold’em don’t waste your time. Every golden hand dealt to you will be beat by some donk. Example I had 4 10′s got beat by 4 j’s. I have played poker for 30 years I have never been at a tournament that has ever happened. But this is hand after hand on this joke site. Almost every 3rd or 4th hand is a flush. I ask anyone to take a deck of cards sit and deal 5 players in one hour.

You might have 1 or 2 flushes in that hour. So if you don’t mind tossing good money out of the car window on the freeway then you need to play on this rigged joke site. Bovada poker is a scam and waste of your time and money, don’t bother playing this site and blowing money like I did. I’m no saying this because I don’t like poker, in fact I love playing poker online and in casinos, I just hate getting ripped off and feeling like my money has been stolen.
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A  18th of Jun, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I too have been scammed on Bovada poker. I love poker and have played for several years. I only play small tournaments on the sit and go's for $5 to $10 a tournament BUT It is still real money and I play to win. I've only been on Bovada for a month and each time I play I see something very unusual that a player would not do which is call someone's all in with nothing on the flop and then it goes runner runner to hit the other guys hand??? Not just once over and over it happens. I just played and couldn't understand why all of a sudden I was getting horrible cards and a couple of the players were getting large pocket pairs almost every hand. That is when I realized something was definitely wrong. I finally got a decent hand of QK and the flop was 8K2 I went all in a guy calls me with an A 10, nothing and gets runner runner again for a straight. You don't go all in with over 1, 000 chips with nothing unless you know what's going on!! What a rip off. I really thought I had found a good site but they are scamming big time!!! From the high rollers to the dollar players it doesn't matter, they want your money and smile all the way to the bank!
A  19th of Sep, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I read the reviews but put money in anyway. Not smart. I still managed to turn a small profit on the site but the moment I took any money out I lost with AA 7 times in a row plus numerous other bad beats including the infamous perfect perfect beat and the 2nd worst beat you can take which is approx 700 to 1 against. The site is designed against players who know how to play. If you play every hand though, you can expect to break even, which is what poker sites want. In addition I haven't gotten the money in over a month and every time I call Bovada they give me a different explanation and then transfer me to a new operator who gives me another explanation. This site is a criminal enterprise. Do not be fooled like I was!
A  16th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
I dont know if its a scam but the way it works is terrible and thats for sure atleast for Omaha and higher Holdem stakes. Ive lost aobut 3k now and im done with the site and to be honest I play with many sites and so that doesnt bother me since im way up overall but i lost with trip aces to flush draw literally 6 times in a row today. You might say im running good cause i causet trips with aces 7 times but i lost all 7. 2 or 3 of my flush draws were made and the guy rivers a boat haha ofcourse. To be honets I dont really mind if i have a set and a flush beats me or the other way round, but 7 times in a row and not even mentioning the other trips and flush "coin toss" crap ive faced. Ive only played for a week and so I guess maybe its not many hands but I play 3 or 4 tables at a time so Im sure its enough hands to know what the hell is going on. Im not saying its rigged against me..haha no, but dont play Omaha atleast cause every other hand its flush against set and even donks who go all in with just top pair on Omaha always rivers two cards to get a house anyways. And everyone for some reason is comfortable putting all their money even with like a ten high flush so yeah its way beyond me. If you have good experiences than im glad for you, but you must be running really good or something. I ran good one day and was up 5k and its not like it was suprising, but my two pair or trips held against flush or stright draws thats all. Like I said, losing against a flush or stright draw is fine with me ive expereinced that plenty now but every single time and with people calling with single But I guess if your the donk that puts all his money with a single pair and keeps winning than continue to do so!
N  3rd of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
This site is for sure the most rigged site ever! What is the real reason behind (players only being numbers)? I will tell you why... If you were bovada and you were in on the take... this feature makes it much more easy for BOVADA to just throw in their random bots (they have many bots on every table and in every tourny!) if you still play there just pay attention to how fast they raise (you cant move the slide bar that fast) Let me ask you this. if you were bovada and you have to come up with a way to make up for your sports bet loss ( they have no control over ) well you would rig what you can (THE POKER) I can go on all day about this! AND I KNOW FOR SURE ITS MOB RUN... Why is it the only legal site in the us? Government is hurting... shutdown the legit sites like Poker stars and rig the action! PLAY LIVE EVERYBODY
N  13th of Dec, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I just started playing on Bovada a few weeks ago and have been noticing very odd calls to all in bets and countless set over set post flop action. Just last night, I had pocket jacks and hit a set on the flop. It was already a nice pot with a min raise by me and a reraise by the suspected "bot." I called the reraise hit my set and shoved all in. I was insta-called by A Q off suit who proceeded to hit runner runner straight. We were both high on the leader board so there was not going to be a big hit to the "bots" stack with a fold. I could not believe the call and could not believe the turn and river that followed. I have only played in 10 or so tournaments so far but in every one I was shaking my head at some of the strange action going on which is why I decided to "google" bovada poker scam. I am not surprised but very sad to see that this site is more than likely a scam. I was also suspicious about the max $2000 withdrawal per week. What if I had won $20, 000 in the Sunday tourny... would it take me a year to get my money out? Now I am reading countless stories about people waiting months for their withdrawals. I think Bovada has seen the last of me after my initial deposit has run dry...
A  14th of Dec, 2012 by    +1 Votes
N  19th of Dec, 2012 by    +3 Votes
This is most digusting, vile, infuriating thing - trying to play poker on Bovada. It's so blatantly rigged it borderlines on insane. I've never been so disgusted playing online poker in my life. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.
A  20th of Jan, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Sadly it took me almost 3000$ in to realize but at least i learned. if u cash out to often on Bovada you will lose with premium hands more than u win. Did a thorough check of myhand history and ive lost with AA 52 out of 88 times. do your research. then they bait u with free tickets to tourneys to get u back in. your better off playing live tourneys if u can. they prey on USA players because its illegal and you have few options
A  4th of Feb, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Bovada Poker is 100% rigged. I was up (a lot), so I continued to play the poker games. I noticed something odd in the first two games when I was not getting one good hand, but I chalked it up to a bad streak. I played a couple sit & go's, and the same thing happened. Im finally down to 20 dollars, I hop in the cash games and deposit my 20... I dont play a couple hands but then I (magically it seemed) get a 10Q and another 10Q on the flop. I bet slow and get the pot higher, and eventually its me and somebody (a bot, i suspect) who has 60$. I have the 2 pair and the next two cards are nothing. Eventually I went all in (after the bot foced me by betting 61 to my 20...) Eventually he ends up with a pair of A's. I yell out in happiness before they give the money to him, quickly exit me from the game, and dont let me look at the records. I ask you does a pair of AA beat a 2 pair? No.
A  2nd of Mar, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I have also been ripped off by this site. These complaints are not from poor players that are bad losers. I am a solid player and have also seen hands that make no sense all the time. I feel like an idiot for continuing to put money in, with the thought that it was just a fluke. I mean, who would think a made hand would always get beat by the guy going all in w/ nothing? It will. The game is anonymous so you can't track anyone. Only Bovada wins the 100K, etc.

Please, please, please don't make my mistake. It's really sad we can't get a single poker site to just play fair. DO NOT PLAY ON THIS WEBSITE. THERE IS NO LEGIT GAMBLING SITE ONLINE YET. If anyone knows where to register a complaint or sue, please post it.
A  4th of May, 2013 by    +1 Votes
the "7-12 days" payout... oh wait "BUSINESS DAYS"... so they like to keep you waiting... THEN when the "7-12 days" passes... oh.. "NOT GUARANTEED" is the answer you get;;; TRY to call... NO ONE will give you a real name, and NONE of them have last names... "NOT ALLOWED" to tell you... ask to be transferred to a supervisor.. they put you on HOLD for 20 minutes... the old "hope you will hang up" trick... f*** YOU BOVADA.. 28 days to get paid... take your money in 3 seconds, then give you EVERY excuse in the world why you cant get your money back... IMAGINE going to a casino, Winning 1000, then having them tell you to come back in a month to be paid...DO NOT GIVE THEM A f***ING DIME...
A  7th of May, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Here's the best of em all. I'm chip leader in the Sunday main event they have . We are one from the bubble and I raise under the gun which sulawy means im atrong and i hadnt played a hand for 3 rbits so it wasnt like he was playing back at me cuz I'm a maniac, , anyways the guy next to me insta jams all in. Keep in mind I'm the only guy that can knock this guy out as he's 2nd in chips at my table and were one player from the money, I call with kings he has 10-7. Yes he flopped trip tens of course. Now this is a bot and its pretty obvious as nobody is gonna play 3hours to donk off with ten high one before the money unless. ...u know what I'm sayin.. This site is clearly a sham ..I can go on with stories of horrendous plays being rewarded but its not worth my time...
A  23rd of May, 2013 by    +2 Votes
This site is rigged! I'll bet any pro player to play (not using their name) and I bet they will lose. How is online poker rigged? It's rigged just like there BLACKJACK game. Go give it a try you see the AJ spade suited tab. I play live all the time and yes I seen a lot of bad beats. So I hear people say or defend online poker by saying "you see way more hands" true but look at how close all the hands are "unreal" isn't it . And I hear another thing people who defend there rigged online game say, why would a company have to rig their site that's something they wouldn't risk . LOL you can't fool all the people all the time. How hard is it to change names of the company or owner? "BOdog" Just remember it is a program and it is program to make money!!!
N  27th of May, 2013 by    +3 Votes
Bovada poker games (maybe except for tournaments) are rigged in so many ways it will make your head spin! The moment you deposit you will run well for about a week or two and then you will just spin your wheels with the consistent bad beats. Then after running well for a week or two you will just start spinning your wheels and eventually get frustrated and play large ball poker and start to lose (and lose even more because you are likely to tilt and play poor because of the endless bad beats). Finally, the moment your account goes below a certain percentage of your deposit the poker program will do everything it can to take it from you, thus forcing you to make another deposit if you want to play. Such a joke!

Bovada's poker games are only designed to maximize the sites profits and designed to discourage any with-drawls. It is an unregulated site and could give a wit about giving a proficient player a fair game.

First, it tries to gets its players hooked by letting them win and win big (e.g. winning 5-10 times your deposit in a week). I've never ran so well during these periods and its like I'm playing a completely different game. I mean I could play any two cards and it would be 50/50 to miss the flop and make a strong hand. There is no fear when running like this and this creates action (which creates more rake for the site while getting you hooked by making you think you can go on these runs you just stay patient).

Second, the sites RNG is designed to push money around between legitimate players by never letting one player have a advantage over the other no matter how well they play or how well they consistently get their money in good. The RNG is programed to make your win/loss stats as close to 50/50 as it can. Playing tight and waiting for premium hands will kill you on this site especially after a few weeks from your deposit. All this is also designed to never let players win consistently enough to cash out a significant amount which also discourages with-drawls from the site.

Finally, I have never seen so many action flops and made hands. The RNG loves to pump out flushes and full houses. I can't even tell you how many times I see flops of all one suit or a paired boards with flush and straight draws . Also, I never had and seen so many quads and straight flushes. This site is a completely unrealistic!

I learned this the hard way and if you still want to make money on this site I would advise you only to play loose aggressive for a few weeks after your deposit and then withdraw your winnings (no matter what it is). Then only make another deposit when you get your check and repeat the process.

If you still want to play after a few weeks I would advise you cash out at least double the amount you put in and then just in the tournaments. I would advise you to play tight aggressive in these tournaments and always play within your bankroll (never buy-in for more then 5% of your bankroll in any one tournament). Only way to make modest consistent money on Bovada. I know other riggings with their RNG that you would help give you an edge in Bovada's tournament poker but maybe I will keep that to myself.

Don't be an idiot like me and lose a small fortune by giving them crooks your hard earned cash. I want to see US players do well and crush Bovada's profits! that s If your a US player I would advise you to stick to my advice or just play live if possible. Good Luck at the tables and get your money back!
A  1st of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
I am literally pulling all my hair out from this rigged site! I play perfect poker, and never can win on this site...ever. I win 75% of the time I play live, but 0% here. I wont tell you all the bad beat stories I have had here. Just trust me when I say...stay away from this rigged site!!!
N  17th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes

Bovada Poker and All Internet Poker - RIPOFFS and Criminal Enterprise
United States

If you have ever wondered why internet poker is a SCUMMY CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE here is why.

This is related to BOVADA Poker as well as comments about that sleaze bag “industry” as a whole.

The “cash out curse” is real. I first noticed it at Full Tilt which is hopefully dead forever.

I asked them via email what their cash out limits where. I was within one buy in of cashing out as per their guidelines. All I needed to do was come in third in one more tournament or sit and go. After I talked to them the curse began. Pocket Aces were cracked no less than five times, after that, for the next five sit and goes the best cards I received, for five sit and goes, was Ace Queen. Ace Queen is a joke of a starting hand. I was good enough to build up the account and they were sleazy enough to manipulate their random numbers generators to either crack all good starting hands by junk hands (7-2 off suit) no less than 5 times with a miracle card on the river. This went on continuously until my account was drained.

I swear to Buddha, Players Only.com did the absolute same thing. They are/were part of the MERGE Gaming Network.

At Cake Poker, it was the same thing until I saw what was happening and wanted to cash out before they drained my account. I had to threaten to turn them in to THE FEDERAL BUREAU of IVESTIGATION before they would cash me out/ GIVE MY MONEY TO ME.



Because the can.

Did the mafia skim off of Casinos in Las Vegas and in Cuba? YOU BET THEY DID.

WHY? Because they could and they were Greedy.

We all know of the Full Tilt and Absolute Poker Scandals. The other on line poker sites are no different.

Why do they set it up so you will eventually lose and spread your money around different accounts?

Because it keeps money in a pool against which they can borrow for other endeavors. If they cash people out, their overall pool of money drops and they have less liquidity which to borrow against. This is called money management 101. Keep your principle in your pocket and do not deplete your principle at all costs.

I know people who are owed thousands of dollars from poker sites that poker sites will not release.



Since poker started, the pros have been feeding on the fish. Poker sites do not want this to happen. The fish will not come back and re-fund their accounts if they never win. Let them win a little, which they would never do in the real world of poker with real cards and real dealers; they will re-fund their account continuously.

This is called “INTERMITTENT REINFORCEMENT”, a form of behavioral conditioning. INTERMITTENT REINFORCEMENT is FAR MORE POWERFUL that consistent positive or negative reinforcement. This why people continually play slot machines. They win once at a machine for $100.00 and they will throw away $1, 000.00 to hit it again/ win again.

I know all about variance, outs, odds and probability. I successfully trade futures online. Good Poker and poker account management is simple compared to Futures Trading. I have two degrees from the UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA.

I have finished in the money in numerous real card tournaments. Online Poker is BINGO or ROULETTE. A PURE GAME of CHANCE instead of a studied approach and process by which money is made.

No poker sites available, with the exception of those, in Nevada, are monitored by any agency to insure proper functionality and fairness.


Below is an unedited email dialogue about BOVADA POKER disconnecting me while I was involved at a sit and go at their site. I could go any where on the internet while I was kicked off by the Bovada Servers and I could even play cash games at their sites while the Bovada Sit and Go and Tournament lobbies WERE NOT AVAILABLE on their Poker Site. They kept telling me that it was my problem even though I could go any where on the internet and play cash games while I waited for the BOVADA sit and go lobby to resurrect itself. I had been a long time customer of BOVADA and they would not refund ONE sit and go buy-in.

BOVADA never answered my question about their random number generator(s) noted below in this document.

Bovada is carrying the torch for the online poker sliminess first noted in Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker among others.


From: " @comcast.net>
To: "Bovada Poker Customer Service"
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 4:47:39 PM
Subject: Re: kicked off <<#1579914-12047027#>>

Nice to know BOVADA is so professional. Please delete my account from your data base. I trade online futures and nobody has ever given me such a LAME excuse for getting Kicked off their servers and they always "even you out" when they disconnect you. If I can play cash games and your lobby, sit and go and tournaments are not even up for re-entry after I log off and reset five times and you lobbies are not there, That is a Bovada SERVER Problem. I f I am kicked off, and cannot sign back in and can go any where on the net, and can play a cash game on your site but your lobbies for tournaments and sng lobbies are lost for 15 minutes that is your problem. That is precisely what I have been told by online brokerages as well as other poker sites. Also you did not answer my questions about RNGs.


From: "Bovada Poker Customer Service"
To: @comcast.net
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 12:55:05 AM
Subject: RE: kicked off <<#1579914-12047027#>>


Thanks for contacting Bovada Poker Customer Service.

We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing some technical concerns while playing in our Poker software. As mentioned in our previous correspondence, please be advised that our Poker software has different servers that lets you connect to multiple tables. Whenever you join these tables, each of them are being connected to different servers which makes it possible for you to continue playing in other tables even if you have already been disconnected or timed out in one of the tables.

In addition, we have checked the tournaments you have played, and the game has continued normally for the other seated players. We know it might seem like the connection issue is on our side, but that doesn’t seem to be true. We act responsibly when we experience service issues by refunding buy-ins and taking responsibility for the issue, so rest assured we’ll do so if you’re affected.

Our Poker Customer Service Team is available by phone and e-mail at poker@bovada.lv 24/7 to help if you need anything else.


Poker Customer Service


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--- Original Message ---
From: comcast.net>
Received: 8/15/13 9:47:11 AM SGT
To: Bovada Poker Customer Service
Subject: Re: kicked off

I could go to any internet site I wished at the time of the disconnect from your servers. I could sign back in for at least 15 minutes as the sign in page/lobby for sit and goes and tournaments were not available even though I COULD PLAY Cash games. If I can play cash games and cannot get to my sit and go that is a Bovada problem. When I was allowed by Bovada to continue with the sit and go I had been blinded down to an inadequate level due to no fault of my own. I should be refunded that sit and go buy in.

I have another question. Does each table have its own RNG?

Upon being disconnected I immediately shut down the software and tried to connect (no less that 5 times) to the sit and go and tournament lobbies which were unavailable for at least 15 minutes. If you look at my account, you will see that I played some cash games waiting for the Bovada sng and tourney lobbies to be available.

My cache cleans every time I shut off my computer.

Don Lawrence

From: "Bovada Poker Customer Service"
To: @comcast.net
Sent: Monday, August 12, 2013 2:08:04 AM
Subject: RE: kicked off <<#1579914-12047027#>>


Thanks for contacting Bovada Poker Customer Service.

We are sorry to hear that you have been experiencing some technical concerns while playing in our Poker software. In regards to this, please be advised that our Poker software has different servers that lets you connect to multiple tables. Whenever you join these tables, each of them are being connected to different servers which makes it possible for you to continue playing in other tables even if you have already been disconnected or timed out in one of the tables.

Experiencing lag or disconnect problems can be a common occurrence when playing any online game such as Poker. Lag concerns can be caused by different factors such as insufficient system resources and background programs that may be interfering with the game. If there are multiple programs on your computer running at the same time, this may cause interruptions that may slow down your computer as well as your internet connection.

We also have to understand that there is no perfect internet connection, no matter how fast our internet connection is, it does happen that sometimes there will be some interferences such as traffic on the network and some quick maintenance being performed by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). We do not really notice this if we are just browsing a website and doing a simple chat but with online games such as online Poker, you are playing against other players and therefore all actions are being done real time.

In the event that you encounter the same issue in the future, kindly log out and log back in to the Poker software. Clearing your history and clearing your browser's cache and cookies might help. We have instructions in the 'Technical' page of our help section:


Our Poker Customer Service Team is available by phone and e-mail at poker@bovada.lv 24/7 to help if you need anything else.


Poker Customer Service


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--- Original Message ---
From: @comcast.net>
Received: 8/12/13 10:00:51 AM SGT
To: Bovada Poker Customer Service
Subject: kicked off

got kicked off sit and go. signed back on and there was no sng schedule cannot get back to sng.
N  9th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
Bovada slots are rigged too. i've spent well over 100.00 playing slots and the most i won was 5.00. wow! I agree, bovada is totally rigged. If you go to askgamblers.com is where you can submit complaints against Bovada free of charge and let us all complain so that there low score of 5.3 out 10 goes lower. bovada's ranking on this site is 5.3 which is a bad score. Thanks
N  10th of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
I have been playing at bovada for a while now and I have to say I completely agree with all of the other posts on here. I assure you that I am not just saying this because I lost once with a good hand. I literally flopped a straight flush and lost. I do think that bovada has bots playing at their tables. some of the outlandish calls that were made against me when I was 96 percent to win are insane. After all this is not a fake money poker site and lets face it most people do not take their hard earned money and bet it all on nothing and I mean nothing all to get rewarded with a river win. It seems ridiculous for us as legitimate players to believe that bovada genuinely wants us to have a fair game over them making profits. I have played online poker on many different sites in my days and have never seen this kind of blatant cheating. Its funny how there can be so many of us on this blog all saying the same exact thing. Bovada needs to correct this issue before they end up like lockpoker which I left because of cashout problems. Don't bother contacting bovada expecting them to care at all for your misfortunes because they will not do anything for you at all not even a free tourney ticket or anything. They surprisingly don't vare about their loyal players either. I played on there for 10 hours per day everyday and that doesn't seem to matter to them. We al know that every good business would treat their loyal customers right and do whatever it takes to try and make their customer happy, such is not the case with bovada. steer clear!!!
A  10th of Oct, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Plain and simple! RIGGED BS 24/7!
N  15th of Oct, 2013 by    +1 Votes
$150 dollars and I finally uninstalled this rigged software. Huge bad beats time after time. Final straw was losing with AA to AK...we bet a couple bucks preflop, flop comes 4 8 10, I bet out half pot, they raise, I go all in, they instant call. Turn K, River K. I call b-s to the bot with the nonsense huge call with not even close to pot odds for them, who in there right mind calls $50+ all in on a 50 dollar table with nothing. No response from the bot and the bs runner runner. If this only happened once in a blue moon I wouldn't think twice about a suck out. But the way the hand was played and the rigged runners to the nonsense play is a huge red flag.


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