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How to permanently stop unsolicited shipments from bottom line books

My heart goes out to all those who have complained about bottom line books. I too fell prey to this scheme and paid them for seven years for unwanted unsolicited merchandise. I did a lot of research on this company and finally figured out how to stop them. My loss is your gain. I originally posted this in 2007 on [redacted] and I am repeating it here. Knowledge is power:

So you got another shipment in the mail from bottom line books that you didn't order and don't want. Since it is unsolicited you can just keep it or return to sender right? Because, as an educated citizen, you know that billing for unsolicited merchandise is illegal under united states code title 39, part iv, chapter 30, section 3009.

Not so fast.

Have you ever done business with bottom line publishing? Bought a book from them or a periodical or newspaper? Subscribed to their free newsletter?

Bottom line books practices what is called 'negative option marketing.' the fact that you have done business with them previously permanently entitles them to send you unsolicited merchandise and bill you for it unless you ask them to stop.





Although the fcc has tried to outlaw this on several occasions, telemarketers and other businesses pay congress good money to ensure that this is never enacted into law.

One of the more famous examples of negative option marketing is the columbia house music and video program, or various book-of-the-month clubs. To educate yourself, read this:

But you sent the book back! How can they still bill you for it?

Can you prove that you sent it back? More importantly, do you have a receipt to prove that they received it?

If you do send the book back, you will need to pay for a delivery with signature receipt. Otherwise, the company will simply claim that it was never returned. The burden of proof falls on you, not them. Unfair but true.

You asked them to stop! You even wrote to them last year at the address of the processing center that sent you the merchandise!

Oh yeah? Prove company headquarters received it!

The good news is, you can get them to stop upon request if you take a couple extra steps. Here's how.

Write them a letter demanding that they cease and desist and remove you from any and all subscriber lists. Keep it brief (Under one page). Keep it polite, because you are going to be copying several organizations on this letter - you don't want to sound like a crank. When in doubt, eliminate all adjectives and adverbs. A7od2make four copies of this letter.

1. Send one to bottom line books. Think that sending it to des moines iowa will be effective? Wrong. That is only a processing center. Their actual headquarters is:

Boardroom, inc.
281 tresser blvd 8th flr
Stamford ct [protected]

Telephone [protected]
Fax: [protected]

2. Important: make sure that you send a copy to the better business bureau. Since des moines is only a processing center, it does no good to complain to the iowa bbb. You need to contact the connecticut bbb at the following address:

94 south turnpike road
Wallingford, ct 06492

3. Send a copy to your state attorney general. No action is happening at the federal level to stop negative option marketing, but there has been some progress at the state level. Do your bit for public service.

4. Save a copy for your personal records.

Good luck!


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  • La
      30th of May, 2008

    How does a company get away with such devious, deceptive and under-handed business practices for so long and not get shut down by the FTC. I ordered one book a few years ago and it was pure BS...nothing like all the hype that preceeded it. Since then I've received numerous books, publications and truckloads of junk mail from them, none of which I requested. Now I'm getting a bill for a book I never ordered and threats to report me to the credit bureaus if I don't pay them. They are running a scam that is based on the knowledge that the average consumer won't be able to fight them on their own and can't hire a $200 an hour attorney to settle a claim for a $40 book. I can't believe they are allowed to stay in business. How do we stop this? Their bills they send in the mail don't have a customer service number to call and writing cancel on the bill or sending the book back doesn't work. I sent one book back and they claimed they never received it. Thank God I saved the receipt and got a signature at their end. I had to send them a registered letter with a photocopy of the receiving signature to get them to stop billing me. But, that didn't stop them. They just sent me another unsolicited book and the billing process started all over again. There has to be some way to shut that monster down.

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  • Gw
      24th of Jun, 2008

    I never ordered nor do I intend to pay for your materials. I received a bill that I will turn over to my attorney for resolution. I in no way shape or form intend to be buffaloed by some snake oil salesman disguised as a Doctor, so in the future your collection efforts will go straight to the shredder and I hope you find some relieve knowing that I will never pay, nor will I submit to your bogus collection letters, try and ruin my credit, and I will see you in court, or prove that I ordered a book from you using a credit card or any other viable means to complete a legit transaction. I bet you can not produce the support documents to verify your scandalous money sucking tirade on one not so unsuspecting of a scam! Take your Prozac and sleep it off, it will help with your dillusional attitude to attempt to prey on the unsuspecting! Get a life, clown...

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  • Je
      20th of Apr, 2011

    About all you can do is stop paying them for the books and eventually they might give up.

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