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After a movie, we went to a Boston Pizza, location 450 Promenade Centropolis in Laval Quebec, the time was 21:30. My wife and I walked in and stood by the counter to be seated. The young lady at the desk was on the phone, I don't think it was a personal call, and we waited patiently to be seated. after about 5 minutes, I asked if we can sit or someone will seat us, to which she replied, it won't be long, someone will seat you shortly. We waited for another 5 minutes, no one came and she continued on the phone. I interrupted her and thanked her for the great service and walked out. I decoded to return and asked for the manager, she did come promptly, and explained to her what happened. she apologized and offered to seat us, however, by that time we lost our appetite for Boston Pizza. She did offer to give us something but we were too upset.
People seem to forget that when we walk into an establishment, we chose it and we expect to get the service. We as customers expect to pay a price for quality food and willingly pay to get the quality and service that is expected from our choice. The people who work there should be grateful to the customer for choosing their establishment.
I am very disappointed and probably never go back there again.

Aug 22, 2016
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  • Mi
      Aug 22, 2016

    The manager apologized, offered to seat you and give you something for your troubles and yet none of that was good enough, as you state you will most likely not return. What is it you want? The manager did everything humanly possible to rectify the situation and it wasn't enough for you, so I am not sure why you are even complaining at this point.

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  •   Aug 22, 2016

    Oh my, you are one ot those aren't you? Too special to wait your tuen. So special you left then had to go back and tell them what for.

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  • Cu
      Aug 23, 2016

    All Hail Me, I have arrived, Dare not wrong me for I have no time for your repentance.

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