i bought a drill on december 2015 from a screwfix store in derry city northern ireland. the type is GSB 18 V-LI 3601 H67 100. it packed up around november 2016. the batteries don, t hold a charge and the chuck does not hold drill bits tight. when i called the store for advice they told me it was my problem as i was out of warranty. when i told the manager i would never buy or recommend a bosch tool again he replied, " thats up to you" at which point i was disgusted as i, ve always bought bosch tools and appliances. IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS INCLUDED YOU CAN SEE A DISHWASHER THAT I KEEP IN STORAGE THAT I BOUGHT APPROX 12 YEARS AGO WHEN I LIVED IN NEW YORK. it still works perfectly and at the time of purchase i paid approximately $900.00 for it. i have a lot of other bosch tools aswell and i, ve never had a problem. i was not aware that i could have taken out an extended warranty within 30 days of purchase which would have helped me in this case. i would appreciate a replacement drill as i expected more than 11 months service from this drill or at least a token gesture towards a new drill


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    just complained about a drill

Jan 31, 2017

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