Boost Mobile / employee was rude caused my phone to get 24 viruses and refused to fix it

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I brought my phone in because it would no longer show any service even though my bill is paid in full the guy who had dreadlocks that works there accused me of being a sellsman that comes into that boost location which is located on west Raleigh road in rocky mount called a to z wireless which in fact i have no criminal record of any kind then proceeded to record my face and voice with his personal phone after i told him he had no permission to capture my face and voice on his personal phone and still refused to fix my phone which by his doing had ### down completely it he was rude and should be fired for his misconduct and his supervisor as well when the police arrived after i called them they told him to fix my phone since i paid for services and he made my phone act even worse

Mar 14, 2017

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