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I went to transfer my old phone to boost mobile and put it on my daughters any family planning thats the olny way u get the phone free well they said i could not do cause i didnt have the account numb er to my old phone i tryed to explainthat my friend gave me the phone he brought the phone at walmart and its a virgin moblie phone and he did not know the account number to it cause he got another phone and they did not give him a account number to it and i found out that every cell phone carrier can flash your old phone and can get the account number i want to know why ey ld of done that so i can get a ew phone thats all i wanted to do is get a free phone and put it in our ily planning how hard is it dont tell me that they cant do it when they did it before i know they did my freinds that way i would like to know why they could not do that

Jan 12, 2017

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