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To whom it may concern:
Re: booking id [protected]
Reporting: deplorable customer service

I want to start by saying this situation is going on right now. I'm not reporting something that happened months, ago, even days ago. This happened yesterday and still the ridiculous incompetence and discrepancies continue.

Yesterday I called into the book it 800 number to make a reservation for a package including airfare round-trip and hotel for three days. I attempted to purchase online myself and got a error message with a phone number to call with an error id. After giving that information to the representative she pulled up that booking error and said the flight had been booked but not the hotel. She didn't know why they booked that way but she needed to cancel that flight and process the booking together again. At this point I think I should state the reps name laura ext. 559 at the corporate center [protected]. I said that wasn't a problem and gave her a different credit card number to ensure the booking did not have an issue.
Little did I know the never ending problems I would have from there.
First after she had all the information she needed from me to confirm :
Frontier airlines
February 15-february 18th - chi-mia & mia-chi
Depart: 7am arrive 11:15 &
Depart: 12:25-2:50
Hotel: deluxe by design suites miami
Room: superior studio suite, 2-queen beds, beach view
In amount of: $1, 153.28

I confirmed that is what I wanted and she said to hold just a couple min to process. 15 minutes later she came back and said the amounts processes but there was some issue with amount for hotel and said the amount went down. The new total is $1, 108.35, and said to hold for just a few minutes to process. I said great, thank you. 15 min later she says she's sorry the system had an issue and processed just the airfare again. There was nothing wrong with my credit card or information. So I ask her how she's going to fix it I am purchasing the package for a business trip and need conformation for the owner of my company today. She said she would look at what she needed to do and talk to her manager kristen ext: 5043, 30 minutes later... No exaggeration. I was on my office phone and had a timer on it. She had me on hold for 30 straight minutes without coming back at all.

That is when kristen got on the phone, I was furious after being on the phone for the last hour I was left on hold for that long without letting me know what was going on. I told her exactly that and she apologized repeatedly for the terrible customer service I had encountered but her and laura were trying to fix their mistake. She said she was calling the hotel bc she couldn't fix the booking to make it a package deal again. So she would process that through them and the charge will stay the same. After another hour and half she said there was nothing she could do the hotel refused to honor the amount on the website and they had to cancel the order and "possibly give us a $50 credit for next time"... Wow... Is all I could think. So after arguing with them for a bit about how the same price I paid was still listed on site how could they not honor it??? (Which is still same price on bookit right now) they said the price changed bc they processed the booking incorrectly and I could pay the difference and pay separately if I wanted. Wtf. I told them not to cancel the order and I would be calling the hotel myself they told me they had the right to cancel it without my permission and they would be doing so there was nothing more they can do for me.

In spite of them canceling my order I called the hotel myself and the manager sebastian that book it manager claimed his hotel refused to honor the price listed. His phone number is [protected].
He said that he would absolutely honor any price listed on the website and had me take down his name and number to conference call him with bookit to confirm the discrepancies and derogatory information bookit was giving to their customers.

After speaking to multiple other managers who am I did not catch their name and was going through my issues like a broken record to every person I was transferred to a representative samantha got on the phone at 4pm. She had an accent when I asked for her extension she avoided my question. She informed me that a higher up manager had become aware of my issues and incredible frustration and promised that these flights and exact hotel that I booked would be done and he confirmed that I allowed them to charge the credit card on friday, january 13th for the hotel and they would be processing flights now. After asking her multiple times and her confirming multiple times if I was getting the exact same flight and the exact same hotel for the exact same price I finally felt comfortable enough to wait for a manager to call me back the next day to confirm that all of this has been done and apologize for the incredible inconvenience I had just been put through.

Believing that was the end of that when I received a call from tania ext. 5604 I did not expect her to tell me that I needed to call the hotel myself and make the reservations separate from the airlines because the issues that the representatives made while processing my booking. I was completely flabbergasted. I told her the representative samantha assured me multiple times the night before that my ball game would be completely taken care of and I had nothing to worry about the manager was calling to confirm and give me my booking id. She quickly backpedaled on her ridiculous option for me and said she would be calling back after she confirmed that that was what samantha had promised me. About an hour later tonya called me back and said she confirmed that that was what the manager had promised and would be processing my flights and hotel room immediately. I can send the credit card number again because it was no longer in the system and she said the exact room that I ordered an exact flights or process and I would be receiving a confirmation shortly. She sent the confirmation and I informed her that the confirmation does not have the flight itinerary on it she never called me back and looking at the confirmation more closely it was not the same room and did not state two beds which I need considering it's a business trip with a coworker.

I have emailed and called multiple times and no response. I am a palled and disgusted that this is the way you treat your customers when your company makes mistakes this needs to be corrected immediately and at the very least a sincere apology for my hours of frustration, time and energy.

I can be reached at: [protected]
Or [protected] or [protected]

Sabrina maher

Jan 12, 2017
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      Feb 22, 2017

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