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If you are new to booking.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Beverly Hills, CAcom to list your house for vacation rental be very careful their policies are ridicules
anybody from anywhere can book your house without paying anything, you cannot cancel it, your calendar is blocked for those dates, you have to Waite and see if the guest is going to show up or not!!!, if you cancel they might charge you for guest replacement fee!!! soooo you as a home owners are screwed, i called the costumer service, they seem very lost and confused and because of that they are rude, anyways, finally in costumer service told me that I'm new and it will takes time to build relationship, my respond was it's fumy how anybody can just book my property without paying anything and I have to Waite and see if they will show up, !! what kind of stupid policy is that? finally they agreed to send a representative to my property for verification, after more than 10 e mails back and forward with booking REP Alyssia Santiago we made appointment, I had to re arrange few other appointments to visit Alyssa
LOL, she never showed up,
the bottom line is I'm renting my property for 3 years now and i have used more than 10 websites to promote or rent it but policies are so unfair and ridicules can be very damaging, in the first week of my registration I had 4 bookings only one was for real other 3 fake ones which i brought to their attention even i made the costumer service to call the number provided by the guest to prove it's a fake booking, guess what ? even though after it was obvious for them that it was fake, yet they told me I cannot cancel, if i do i might have to pay fees to and still my calendar was blocked,
I read lots of complaints that guests they had from in here I'm not sure what is the purpose of in insisting to make guest and home owners very unsatisfied
I can backup everything been said here

Apr 28, 2017

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