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Rohnert Park, CA, United States
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On [protected], I get and viewed rooms on around 5:30 pm. I looked at Budget Inn Expressway Hub on Rohnert Park California. The cost was 192.66 including tax. I was assured that giving my credit card number was okay. That credit card would not be used. There was nothing on the web site stating that there was a cancellation fee. When I viewed the information, I was assured that if I did not use the room, I would not be charged.

A couple hours later, I wasn't able to use these reservations so I went back to and hit the 'cancel" button. This was when I got a message that said the cancelation fee was $192.66. I've sent numerous messages to telling them to remove this cost. I have gotten several different responses. One was that I would not have been charged if I had canceled 24 hours in advance. I replied that since I made the reservations, that would have meant that I would have had to look in the future and cancel reservations that I had not made yet.
Now has said I have to deal with Budget Inn Expressway Hub in Rohnert Park Ca. My transactions have been with and I expected them to honor their ad. Please remove the $192.66 from my capital credit card.

Oct 16, 2018

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