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Complaints & Reviews

stolen credit card

My credit card number was stolen during hotel booking on booking.com. Then it was charged with some crazy facebook expenses (probably facebook credits). This credit card I never used before on internet as it was a new one - only used on booking.com. What is strange is that this expenses were made on first day of my stay at hotel (no, it was not charged by hotel nor by booking.com). So it seems that one who stole my credit card numbers knew also the time when I was travelling and was difficult for me to check credit card expenses. It was not a large amount of money (30EUR) but when you multiply it by a thousand possible credit cards then it is a lot.

  • Wi
    willie001 Nov 11, 2013

    I experienced the same loss from my credit card on Friday the 8th of November 2014. Three different amounts got deducted from my credit card from different sites, and that was much more than the total bookings I made in a matter of seconds on that day.
    I immediately cancelled my credit card and all my bookings on booking.com. I explain to them the situation, and they did not even apologized. I am making a fraud case against them, so hopefully I get some response back.

    Please do NOT use BOOKING.COM at all.

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  • Sh
    sheii Jan 03, 2014

    I to had the same experience. I made a reservation with booking.com giving my credit card information for the first time online because my credit card was new too. That was the last time I used my card and three days later. I received a call from my bank that there has been 12 posted transaction online which I never knew about. I had lost about $1, 782.00. Never trust and never make any reservations with booking.com. That business cannot be trusted. I followed-up with my bank and they informed me that they will investigate where the transactions took place. I hope this will bring justice, my money back and not only that, we need to spread the news to others to be careful when giving away their credit card info. now a days, online websites can't be trusted. It's easy for people to hack and get peoples info.

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  • Go
    Goose Chef Jan 04, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Interesting myself and my brother have had card details stolen. Both of us seem to think it is booking.com who are the link. All are other transactions are people who we use/ know/trust etc. Similar outcome card details being used in USA (with both live in UK).

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charged twice

booking.com charged me for 4 rooms when i only booked 2 rooms, they will not return any money, they are just passing the buck

  • Mi
    MickeyDee Jun 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this organisation booked me into the same hotel twice on the same night in the same room and then refused to accept what they had done! They told me I'd have to pay twice over. Basically you're dealing with a computer and the human factor is missing, so mistakes aren't rectified. It takes ages to get a response to inquiries from a humanWon't be using them again, it certainly wasn't the hotel's fault.

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responsibility for misinformation

I have toured some countries with the booking.com's hotel reservation on may.
But there happened a serious problem.
When I came back, I received e-mail that noticed no-show payment for 4 hotels.
Suprising with the e-mail, I reviewed the situation.
I remember I cancelled all the hotel that I couldn't to go among the hotel I have booked
There is a 'my booking' page in the booking.com site, and there is a 'all my bookings' list in the 'my booking' page.
At last, I found that there aren't the names of the controversial 4 hotels in the 'all my bookings' list.
So, I couldn't realized that those hotels were booked.
I have thought that the booking.com site is very well-systemed and perfect.
I couldn't imagine that there were omitted hotels among the 'all my bookings' list.

I appealed to the customer service woman of booking.com company.
She explained it's the reason that I have booked without log-in.
I wonder why it expressed 'all my bookings' that are by no means all my bookings.
I was confused with the serious wrong information of booking.com company.
After my appeal, the company changed the 'all my bookings' to 'my bookings' in the site.
But they refused to refund for me.
Please let me know what can I do in this unjust situation.
Thank you.

  • Ms
    MsME Sep 16, 2011

    Contact your credit card (the bank that holds it) to dispute the charges. They should be able to help. VISA and Mastercard both have consumer protection rights to protect consumers against merchants who abuse credit card transaction formalities. Good Luck!

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  • Go
    goldleo Nov 14, 2011

    Dear Sirs, I booked an hotel Le Bains in Brides-Les-Bains (France). Price for double room has been specified as 1484 EUR with striked-out price of 1764 EUR. It was difficult to understand to which room type (size, conditions) is related as not clear from description and cannot be compared with price on Hotel site. All other prices for rooms was 1848 EUR and 1932 EUR without any stiked out prices. When I contacted agent about this price difefrence, he explained that there was a fault and they corrected it. Today I checked prices and found that prices shown as reduced - prices for 2128 EUR and 2226 EUR appeared and STRIKED-OUT. This is really unfair to your clients and show very bad picture about your business. Yours sincerely, Anton

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[Resolved] defamatory review

a guest had written a defamatory review about hotel staff and booking.com approved it. Staff members have no...

[Resolved] wrong charge

Made a reservation through the booking.com in hotel .Anjou Paris 18.05.2011 There was " technical problem" and they moved me to another hotel nearby. I had to go on foot with heavy bags to hotel Globe. It was in a bad neighborhood, dirty although this I pay hotel Globe. Booking.com charge me first hotel Anjou too. I wrote at least 10 complaints to Booking.com... How long will my money be returned, but they can only apologize and nothing do.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Booking.com's response · Sep 06, 2011

    Gthere, we're very sorry to hear this & with your help would like to get to the bottom of it. Please send us your booking number & contact details via this form: http://www.booking.com/wecare. Should you prefer to call us, you can also find our contact numbers on this page. Thank you! Your Booking.com team

  • Gt
    Gthere Aug 20, 2011

    I am finding the same problems with this company. My credit card detail have been fraud used by a motel

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  • Gt
    Gthere Aug 20, 2011

    Booking.com just kelp sen ing email, they stole my money

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[Resolved] robbed

Like others on here I was also robbed by booking.com and Leonardo Hotel in Charleroi and strongly suggest you avoid this scam of a website like the plague. After the Leonardo Hotel in Charleroi overcharged me I inquired into booking.com why the posted rate was not being followed. They told me they would look into it and get back to me. In the interim they billed my credit card the full amount. When they told me they didn't know why it was higher but thought it might be 'due to taxes' I cancelled my reservation with Leonardo Hotel in Charleroi. However, as my booking was last minute and the final information on the rate was not provided to me until after the deadline to get my money back had passed, they told me that the cancellation policy was violated and it was too late. Oh, and why was I charged more you ask? They told me that I had elected to apply for the 'flexible' option where you can cancel anytime which was untrue. So, in the end they billed me for an option that should have protected me from late cancellation and still did not honour that!!! Do not use this website.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Booking.com's response · Jun 16, 2011

    Hi Derek, we're very sorry to this & would like to get to the bottom of it issues with your help. Please take a moment to fill in our contact form found here : http://www.booking.com/wecare Thanks!

  • Vi
    Vitor_78 May 14, 2011

    I use Booking.com for 5 years now and I never had any problem like that. On the terms and conditions you can read that Booking.com cannot charge your credit card. I bet the hotel did charge your credit card and not B.com. Like on any other online transaction you must read the cancellation policy. I cannot understand if you did by reading your post.

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  • De
    DerekC May 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Vitor_78 is likely a booking.com employee. First post ever is in here defending them. The hotel did charge my credit card with booking.com's compliance as I noted. Don't trust anyone who tells you this is a legitimate company. Once they have your booking they could care less about the customer. I used them a few times successfully but as soon as there was a problem, Booking.com was on the Hotel's side- not their customer's side.

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[Resolved] hotel booking made with booking.com

During the month of March, I attempted to make a booking to stay in a London hotel. My stay in London was subject to change, so I needed to book with a hotel who would be able to change the dates of my stay, or cancel my booking without deducting the full cost of the stay.
I used Booking.com for this, and that was a huge £500 mistake.
My booking went through smoothly, and I was very happy with how smooth the website interface was, and how clear everything was. However, when my booking confirmation came through it was for a room I did not book. I have a screenshot of the details I requested, part of which was that I would pay an additional £30 to be able to change my reservation without penalty. The reservation confirmation email, however, did not confirm this to me, and instead showed a room which could not be canceled.
I instantly phoned up their customer service number, and spoke to a woman who assured me that they would be able to fix the problem, and would keep in touch to let me know their progress. I was also emailed by them, in which they confirmed they would contact the hotel and make the changes to my booking so that I would be charged for what I had asked for, as opposed to what I was given.
I emailed weekly asking for updates, and they replied promptly informing me that the hotel was yet to respond. However, in mid April they stopped contacting me. I finally sent a complaint to them, demanding to know how the situation had been handled, They sent me an automated email, and then this was followed by an email denying they claimed to be able to fix my booking. I complained once more, stating how unprofessional this was, and that they assured me they would be able to fix what had gone wrong in the confirmation stage of my booking. I was sent another automated email, and this continues with each complaint I file. The customer service staff are very unhelpful also.
As it turns out, my date of stay has had to be changed to the following week, so I will not be able to use the hotel they are forcing me to pay for, despite the fact I will not be in London that week, and specifically asked for a hotel which would allow me to amend the details of my stay.
If they had told me in my initial phone call that they would not be able to amend my booking, I would still be mad but I would not need to complain since that would have been honest of them. I'd be furious that I was down £513, but there would have been no false hope, and no lies or deceit. However, as it is they continued to lie to me for over a month, leaving me me email after email reassuring me that my booking would be fixed.
I've found the staff at booking.com very condescending, dishonest ad untrustworthy. Very quick to take your money, but once they have it they will no longer help you with anything. Unfortunately it took me £513 to discover this, but I would recommend that anyone else even considering using booking.com instantly slap themselves in to sanity and navigate away from their site.
Their final email to me reads, "We hope to be your choice for future online reservations.", so naturally I will spread the word as to just how ghastly they really are. I will never use them again.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Booking.com's response · Jun 06, 2011

    Dear Dekaymol, dear Anna Breslin.

    We very sorry you feel this way & would like to help! Please take a moment to re-send your confirmation numbers. With those, we can get to the bottom of both issues. Our contact form can be found here: http://www.booking.com/wecare. As soon as we know more, you will hear from us.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Your Booking.com team

  • An
    anna breslin Jun 06, 2011

    I am also having severe problems with booking.com, I cancelled a hotel reservation and was informed I would be charged only two nights it turns out I have been charged over £1000 even though I have sent booking.com the email advising my reservation was cancelled but still no refund I now have my solicitor, my bank and the office of fair trdaing investigating this matter my advise is DO NO USE BOOKING.COM my company has already stoped using them and all of my friends and family. A Breslin

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  • Tu
    Tuli Kundu Jun 03, 2016

    We booked Orange Pekoe hotel (OOTY) from Booking.com for 1st May, 2015 to 3rd May 2015. We received a confirmation email from them and we called the hotel who confirmed our booking. On the day we were due to reach OOTY (1st May, 2015), we called the hotel, they completely deny of having any booking with them. They said that they haven't received our booking id via mail from Booking.com which is apparently the only way of contact.
    We contacted Booking.com who kept on buying time by saying they cant contact the hotel and will contact in half hour. Atlast at 6.00 in the evening when we had reached OOTY, they said they cant do anything else.
    It was a nightmare getting a hotel during the rush time. This website is a fraud.

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false feedback on hotels

Booking.com violates everyday the right of answer concerning guests reviews on Hotels. This means that comments can be made to the hotel, no matter what they say, that they won't be removed and answering will not be possible. Also fraud is possible, because hotel owners can make reservations on similar hotels just to make bad reviews and improve their own competitive conditions. Booking.com doesn't care about the hotels that they sell, no matter how stupid and unfair comments are. Maybe hoteliers would do better business in investing in Adwords Google campaigns directly instead of giving a commission to Booking.com

[Resolved] poor customer service

Beware of Booking.com

I booked a hotel in Malmö, Sweden (Mayfair Hotel Tunneln) using this service on Dec 12 and I thought everything went smooth. I cancelled the hotel reservation around two days after (around Dec. 14) (good couple of days before the actual stay- Dec 18) and I thought the cancellation went through as I saw "Your reservation has been cancelled" message on the screen.

Stupid me I didn't notice that there wasn't any mail coming through with the message. Either that or I got a mail and it went directly to my junk folder. I didn't think there was problem since I saw the message on the computer and thought that the cancellation went through.

Only that I found out on the last week of December that my credit card had been charged by the hotel.

I called Booking.com and they wanted to see the confirmation message and by then I realised that I had none. I asked them if they could see me logging in to the website on Dec 14 and see any activity related to it and they LIED saying that they couldn't see me logging on AT ALL after I made my booking Dec 12.

I logged in either Dec. 13 or Dec 14 to cancel it and I logged it again the day after to see if the cancellation was indeed through. My booking was already gone from the page so I thought it went through but Booking.com said they couldn't see me logging in (with the pincode at all).

I told Booking.com that there must be a system failure here that cause the cancellation didn't go through and the fact that I got no mail but they persisted saying that their system was TOP NOTCH.

I tried to contact the hotel manager but they also failed to provide good answer and referred me back to Booking.com as the hotel didn't get any cancellation message from Booking.com either.

I went browsing the net and found that there were others with same cancellation problems like mine and it pisses me off that they didn't even want to admit the possibility that there MIGHT be system failure on their side and that causes me losing my money (around 750 DKK)

In the end, Booking.com sent me a message in Swedish that they were SORRY that they couldn't refund me.

So that you know you better beware when you book a hotel room through their system and cancel it. Check and re-check. Don't even expect anything from them and their useless customer "service".


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Booking.com's response · Jun 16, 2011

    Hi there.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We're very sorry to hear of your experience & would like to assure you that customer service is a top priority. Should you have any questions or concerns, also regarding cancellation policy or your bookings, please let us know by filling in our contact form: http://www.booking.com/wecare.

    Best regards,
    Your Booking.com team

  • Booking.com's response · Jan 31, 2013

    Dear Mrs McGowan,

    Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconveniences faced.
    I have found your booking in our system and I will ensure that our specialised team contacts you shortly.

    Kind regards,
    Booking.com Team

  • Booking.com's response · Feb 01, 2013

    Hi Netty64,

    I am sorry to hear about the issues you have had.
    I would like to investigate this further. Could you please post your booking number?
    Alternatively you can send it to [email protected] (to my attention).

    Thanks and kind regards,
    Booking.com Team

  • En
    Encabachon Jun 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I see that this complaint was lodged before the 3rd of January. Booking.com's customer service team responded at the end of June??

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  • Jm
    J. McGowan Jan 30, 2013

    We booked an apartment in Sligo, Ireland in September 2012 through booking.com and were due to go in a few weeks time (Feb 2013). Received confirmation email from the apartments and the money was taken from my credit card. Yesterday, booking.com emailed me to say the apartments had ceased trading and that we had been rebooked into a hotel. Not pleased as we booked an apartment for the freedom to come and go as we pleased with our 7 year old and not feel restricted as sometimes hotels can be. However we got over it and contacted booking.com to say we would accept the rebooking. Received another email today from booking.com to say sorry...made a mistake...you are not booked into the hotel...you can cancel for free (bloody cheek...cancel what - the apartments are no longer trading!!) Basically the email said cancel and rebook. I phoned them up and they were useless. I asked if I could transfer my booking to another hotel but they said they could not take bookings by phone but that I could use their website. When I asked about my money, they told me I had to contact my bank to get the money back on my credit card. So, long story short, I was told to go sort out my own break (out of my pocket) and get the refund sorted myself too! When I asked what booking.com could do for me, I was told nothing. The apartments were paid directly so booking.com did not want to take any responsibility. Incompetent and uncaring doesn't even cover it. I will never book another hotel through this company again and will make sure to let friends and family know about my experience.

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  • Ne
    netty64 Feb 01, 2013

    I am having exactly the same issue and being passed back and forth between the hotel I had to cancel and Booking.com. I cancelled the room and I was told I did not. Beware of Booking.com - I will NEVER use it again, nor will I use Bewleys Hotel at Manchester Airport.

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  • Sp
    Speedwayabs Sep 29, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Darren Hutton is the name of the CEO of Booking.com
    I will post his email address after this message...

    I emailed him and I got a response from a investigation team saying the exact same thing. I had been told about 100 times before...there is no record of you cancelling...so basically leave us alone

    I made a booking through BOOKING.COM then I cancelled that one because I found a better hotel.
    Then I cancelled again because I was having childcare issues that were resolved on the same day. So I rebooked the same hotel, I am not sure if when rebooking the same hotel I had already cancelled this somehow confused your booking system.
    Because of personal problems I had to cancel again. I followed the instructions via the website but got a message saying I would get a confirmation email of the cancellation but nothing came through. So the next day I did the procedure again but still no email, so I did it a THIRD TIME. and even though I got no email I was sure with my doing it THREE TIMES it must have gone through. I thought nothing more of it and then a few days later I got an email asking if I stayed at the hotel or not, I followed the link and I selected the reason for having to cancel and gave my reason. I GOT A MESSAGE ON THE WEBSITE SAYING WE APOLOGISE FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE. WE WILL REVIEW THE SITUATION AND CONTACT YOU SOON.
    I then checked my bank statement and the hotel had taken money from my card. I immediately rang Booking.com and spent nearly TWO HOURS speaking to various Managers all of them saying THERE WOULD BE A RECORD IF YOU HAD CANCELLED THIS. (I NOW AM FULLY AWARE OF HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE THIS HAS HAPPENED TOO.
    There must be a record of this glitch in the system somewhere. BOOKING.COM are obviously aware that there is a problem because one customer saying that they cancelled and it didn't go through they would not worry about but hundreds of customers...THEY NEED A REALITY CHECK!!!

    the more people that write about there experiences on here the more the company WILL HAVE TO ADMIT THERE IS A PROBLEM!!!

    So please let us join together if you have had a problem with the IT software and cancellation issues...and lets contact WATCHDOG.

    please email me on [email protected]
    As I am very interested if this has happened to you??????..

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[Resolved] to cancel hotel reservation

Les clients ont accéss à la réserve de chambre sur le site de l'hotel, que fait le link avec secure-hotel-booking.com. Pour l'annulation, le link de l'hotel ne remet pas à celui de secure-hotel-booking.com. Avec mon avis, l'hotel a pris bonne note de l´annulation avant les 48 heures de la réserve. Par contre, j'ai pas trouvé le bon link d'annulation de la réserve avec le délais nécessaire. L´Hotel disait que c'était avec le site de réservation et, pourtant, je n'avais jamais pris en autre chemain que celui du site de l'hotel à l'internet. Il devrait être obrigatoire d'avoir le link d'annulation sur le site de l'hotel, car le chemain pour la réservation est chez l'hotel.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Booking.com's response · Feb 01, 2013

    Dear D. Mahinda Ranasinghe,

    I have found your reservation and can see that my colleague has already cancelled it for you.
    Please note for future reference that the quickest way to contact us is by phone.
    We are available 24/7. For your local phone number, please check this link: http://bit.ly/QS7nEI

    Thanks and kind regards,
    Booking.com Team

  • Dm
    D. Mahinda Ranasinghe Jan 31, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have booked two Bedroom apartment at Nojoum Hotel apartment in Dubai from 24 th February 2013 to 1st March 2013 but found out that is a non smoking hotel. So I booked two room apartment at The Galleria Residence Hyatt Regency Dubai.for the same period of time. After booking was done I tried to cancel the Nojoum Hotel apartment but found it was missing in my all hotel booking summery.
    Therefore please cancel my Booking at Nojoum Hotel apartments . My booking .com booking number for Nojoum is 623001354 and Pin is 1755 and please confirm the cancellation to my e mail address [email protected]

    Mahinda Ranasinghe Sri Lanka.

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    Jaxon Smith May 12, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Looks cool, I never knew you could post about it, good to know thanks! You show very latest and important things. This is very nice post! I will bookmark this blog.Let us know about myself

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  • Ga
    Gabriela Boicu Sep 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In August 2016 I've booked a room with Booking.com for one night in Barcelona. I gave the hotel my credit card no without my CVM. Arrived there, this is not a hotel, is a room in an apartment in a block of flats. The room is small, two persons hardly fit inside, the bathroom is glued to the bed, the walls are thin and the noise from the other 5 (I think there were 5 or 7) rooms of the apartment can be heard easily. The room is far far away from what they showed on their Booking page. I said to the housekeeper I cannot sleep in such condition and that I cancel my booking due to the non adequate accommodation conditions. I cancel the booking online. Booking.com sends me a message on my Android app saying the cancellation was done free of charge. I check my account and notice the hotel took 155 E from my account for this improper room where I did not sleep. I contact Booking and they blame the hotel. But the hotel did not have my card details. Only booking had them and my data are not registered and not available automatically. So, aside the fact Booking gave my card details to this ''apartment company'' without my agreement, they promote this hotel which is totally lying about what they offer and Booking is telling me they take no responsibility for the hotels advertising on their site.
    Booking sustains the fraudulent policy of this ''hotel''.

    Booking.com is aware of all this and does nothing. They told me they are only an interface of the hotel and they do not respond for what the hotel is advertising on their site. BUT THEY CHARGE THE COMMISSIONS SO THAT THEY ARE SERVICES PROVIDERS AND THEY SHOULD ANSWER FOR THEIR DEEDS. Booking.com is an accomplice to this fraud.

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  • Mw
    Mwende-Monique Sep 02, 2017

    I am very very dissapointed after my last booking on booking.com.

    Are they really out to con people ? I don’t think/hope so.

    I have used booking.com a LOT (also with other logins for my sons and daughters travels), this is the first time I am hit in my face.

    2 days ago I came to Rikkeshoeve and he showed me his booking paper where
    1 person was stated instead of the 2 I had booked.
    He said : check your email and indeed ONLY in the email I saw you had send me a
    1 person booking ? While I NEVER asked for 1 since I was planning all along,
    clicked all along that my daughter was coming along !

    At 15:30 he promised me to ”open the booking again on booking.com, so that if he got a new booking, he’d refund me” (I’ll be honest in that, were his exact words)
    Only to tell me the next morning when I asked wheter he had succeeded ”no, sorry, I close all bookings at 14:00, since I have to know what to expect”

    Numerous messages and phonecalls to booking.com didn't bring a solution (I just need 70€uro back) for i actually CAN read and DID book for 2

    Just try to make the same booking :
    search for 2 adults
    choose the 2 man icon room
    choose 1 room
    etc etc
    you'll see everything will be showing 2.
    Than you have your booking nummer (so you do NOT read the email) and than...you're cheated BIGTIME

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confirmation and

These guys are total clowns.

Basically, I booked a hotel 4 whole months in advance through this "company" and gave them my credit card details and received a confirmation from them and told my card would be charged upon arrival at the hotel.

2 months later... I was asked to give my credit card details again as the hotel could not authorise it and they were going to cancel the booking??? I do not know why the hotel was trying to take money from my card 2 months early and even if they were... there was enough money in there for it to be authorised so I am unsure what was going on but I gave my credit card details to booking.com again and got another confirmation... 2 days later, and I got an email saying my booking was CANCELLED???

So even though I gave my details twice, they still failed to secure my room. I went to the hotel website direct and saw that the room price had now risen by a further 80 Euros... so thanks a lot booking.com for your complete and utter mismanagement of my hotel booking... God only knows what has happened with my credit card details and I am pretty concerned by this whole scenario...

  • Jo
    joreyn Jul 07, 2011

    I had essentially the same experience with a reservation in France. You cannot trust that your "confirmed" reservation through Booking.com is actually confirmed. In my case, the hotel cancelled two days before my reservation date, basically because they could do it without repercussion. The "excuse" given was that I had used a debit card rather than a credit card to make the reservation. Booking.com's response - "not our problem!"
    Deal directly with the hotel! Except for last minute deals, you'll get the same price, and at least there will be some accountability in the process.

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  • Zo
    ZombieFrogHorde Sep 23, 2011

    please read the website. "CREDIT CARD" is needed to keep the booking not a debit card. this is your fault im sorry to say

    0 Votes

fraudulent invicing

Will put it shortly.
We had some bookings worth more than 1000 eur where the people did not come or as we call it no shows (One of them actually cancelled with us directly but booking.com refused to take itnto consideration)
We marked the before mentioned booking as no shows in the booking.com system but for some reason it did not save it, we wrote a letter at the end of the month before the invoice but the answer was that it is not impossible to change it and booking.com is now fraudulently invoicing us for 150 eur more than we should pay.

Here I am posting all the communication between us and the managers at booking.com and the oldest letters are at the bottom


  • Ju
    Justmyopinion2006 Aug 13, 2011

    Hi. The reason you might of had trouble marking as a no-show is because the option in Extranet is only avabilable after 2 days after the guests departure. Sorry to hear you had trouble using the feature.

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  • Ra
    RachelHG Oct 08, 2014

    I am also being charged well over 200 Euros more than is right on cancelled bookings. They do not even have the right to do this under their own terms and conditions. Just bully tactics and threats of debt collectors. Written to head office twice and not even the decency of a reply.

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[Resolved] bad tactics regarding non refundable rooms

Booking.com and Vincci Vía - 66, especially Vincci Vía - 66 should be avoided. Their management...

[Resolved] scam

On June 2, 2010 I have made a hotel reservation from booking.com on behalf of a friend of mine who wa...

booking.com's inconsistency with the hotel policies

On June 2, 2010 I have made a hotel reservation from booking.com on behalf of a friend of mine who was planning to visit Prague and stay in My Hotel Apollon from June 25 to July 6, 2010.

This reservation was necessary for her visa application before coming to Prague, and the reason that I advised her to use Booking.com was its flexibility in the cancellation process in advance in case the visa in question can not be obtained on time, which can happen quite often in the Czech Embassy in Istanbul.

As you can see from the link: http://www.booking.com/hotel/cz/apollon-prague.html?aid=304142 and the screenshots that I attached, the Hotel Conditions section for My Hotel Apollon clearly states that no fee will be charged on the credit card until the 24 hours prior to the booking start date. Based on this information, I logically I assumed that Booking.com would prove a trustworthy site which could be relied upon not to abuse the sensitive credit card information provided. Unfortunately, this proved to be far from the case.

On review, the "small print" of the booking on the second page was understandably missed given the clear assurances to the contrary on the first page of booking. Without noting the small text in the
Conditions column below, I therefore continued with giving my friend's personal data and credit card information, assuming that the transaction would be kept on hold until one day prior to the booking date.

Unlike stated on the website, I was informed by my friend that the equivalent of 423 Euros in Turkish Lira currency was in fact credited from her account by this hotel. On review of the reservation details on Booking.com, I noticed in a separate page that, in blatant contradiction to the flexibility so generously offered on the first page, that cancellation was in this case not a possible option after all and the reservation would be charged anyway.

I am very frustrated by the inconsistency between the information given on this site and the hotel's policy. Now my friend is having problems with getting the visa, and probably she will not be able to come to Prague on the stated dates. This is not only the abusive use of my friend's personal details, but also a big amount of lost money which has been illegitimately drawn from her credit card just because that booking.com didn't show My Hotel Apollon's cancellation policy in a clear and consistent way on their site. I am attaching some proof images, just have a look to avoid falling into this scam. I have contacted both the company and the hotel director, asking for a refund to compensate their negligence, but booking.com refused to pay my friend back what they have already taken claiming that this is the policy of the hotel and not that of Booking.com. I am going to share this unfortunate experience with everyone I know until they correct their mistake on their site and refund what they have taken from my friend's credit card.

booking.com's inconsistency with the hotel policies
booking.com's inconsistency with the hotel policies
booking.com's inconsistency with the hotel policies

  • Ko
    kontrotmemuru Sep 11, 2010

    As I have seen from the 1st picture you attached, under the hotel policy part it says this is the general hotel policy it may vary per room type...

    I think most of us not even reading conditions of websites that we are shopping from...

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double charges for stay

booked hotel vintimille france (ref :[protected]) in Jan 2009 through booking.com. gave credit card details as per booking format and for in case no show. Visited france Jan 2009, stayed at hotel, paid the full and final bill of 119 euros when checked out.Later after 15 days recieved CC statements, shocked that the also charged us on our credit card. Since then we have emailed and are in communication for refund of double charges which they have agreed but not sent us yet
zoeb badamia

  • Mo
    mohd aidil tupari Jul 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i also faced the same problem on my recent trip to hollnad and london...used booking.com to book for hotel...duly stayed at the hotel reserved earlier...paid the stay in cash but ot my shock i was also charged on my credit card...never reveal your credit card detail online...it is a scam...

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misleading, charged in full even though it said that I can cancel until day before arrival

I booked a hotel in Ottawa through booking.com and, even though on the page it clearly says "If cancelled up to 1 day before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged", my credit card was charged the full price, months in advance of my stay. Supposedly somewhere it said that the room is "non-refundable", what ever that is supposed to mean. For one, it is not visible, and second, it is never explained. I went back and tried to find an explanation, but to no avail. I was very careful to check the policy on cancellation, which clearly stated that I have until the day before the reservation to cancel. I saw no mention of being charged right away and not being able to make ANY changes to my reservation at any point during my reservation. Booking.com is deceitful, dishonest and misleads customers. I will NEVER book through booking.com again. Their customer service response basically says that they do not give a damn.

  • Ly
    LynnC Jul 28, 2010

    Oh my god! I totally understand how you feel because exactly the same thing just happened to me. It states clearly on the booking page that "If cancelled up to 2 days before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged", and i made my cancelation 1 month prior to the arrival date. Still, 90% of the total fee was charged. The information given on the booking page and the confirmation page is totally different. They are misleading the costumers. Even though I made a call, sent the email to complain. Nothing changes. I will never ever use this website again.

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  • Mi
    Michael3 Sep 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same here - I cancelled online and was told on-screen that there was no charge. However, no email was sent out to me and, because of this lack of evidence, Booking.com charged me as a no- show. Polite rejection of my claim but not listening! Lesson learned and now using every opportunity to tell the world to avoid them.

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[Resolved] never give your credit card details to booking.com

I had been(!) using booking.com for years and during this time I felt comfortable about giving my credit card...

charged and then booking canceled

We booked to stay at the above resort for 7 nights, at the time of making the booking our card was charged for 6 nights. We later received an email informing us that the booking had been canceled as our card details were incorrect. Two weeks after our funds were stil not refunded and we were stranded in orlando with 2 young kids and no accomodation. When we contacted them they stated that we had insufficient funds in our account, they were not aware that they had charged our card. We have recieved no apology, and they have now refunded less money then they original charged.

  • El
    eliptic Aug 15, 2009

    Did book a Hotel in sunny beach Bulgaria (Dune residence)

    The hotel description showing a Fake Drawing(hotel picture) on a 4 star hotel with pool and direct access to the beach.

    When check in it show the hotel are just a condotel and a annex to a Hugh overcrowded charter hotel(burgas beach hotel).
    The "Dune" have absolutely no amenity's and are 300 meters from the beach behind the "main" burgas beach hotel

    booking.com take no responsibility for the Dune residence cheating the costumers with fake pictures and information on the website of "booking.com"

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  • Ca
    Cath99 Feb 24, 2010

    Wow, I just received the same email. I am sure that my car was fine, I am now really worried and will have to monitor my CC. What a scam.

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  • Be
    BernieRankin Sep 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well I have booked with these idiots 4 months in advance and I have been asked for my credit card details again TWICE for confirmation despite them already sending me a confirmation!!!

    Despite me already confirming it with my details twice... the booking was then cancelled "because I did not give my credit card details"

    I am dealing with the hotel directly now but the price for the room has now gone up by 80 Euros... I am going to contact my bank now and tell them to watch out for my account being debited...

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[Resolved] bad service

My complaint is because bookings.com works with a hotel by the name of Bungalowpark Domaine de Chodes in...

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