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I have just made a reservation yesterday with another website (Agoda). However, this morning I got an e-mail regarding my booking, requiring my credit card details. Here's the note: "Don’t worry – your booking is still confirmed! But to secure it, you must provide a valid credit card within 24 hours." As I was off to an early meeting, I responded with my credit card details, thinking it was the Agoda booking I made, which is supposed to be for payment at the hotel. This reservation with Agoda cannot be cancelled although my credit card will not be charged. Once you click the button "submit your credit card details", it will lead you to the booking confirmation page. A few minutes after, I got a booking confirmation from via SMS with contact name stated only as "Booking". When I returned to my office, I noticed that the booking confirmation was from and not Agoda. If will not reverse this booking SINCE I DID NOT BOOK WITH THEM. I was tricked into providing my credit card details. It will now appear as if I have intended to book for the same hotel on the same date twice. It's just that Agoda is allowing me to pay at the hotel and will not charge my credit card. NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE BOOKING.COM.

Nov 02, 2015

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