SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / wrong email address in booking resulted in double charge


The following is the content of a letter sent to at their legal address in the Netherlands on 23.09.2017 and it is self explanatory. To date, I received no answer to this letter in any form. In the interest of sparing others such an issue I am making the facts of our experience public.

Dear Sirs,
On a recent trip to France we were confronted at the hotel with the fact that they had a second booking for us. We were forced to pay an additional €140 for this second booking. This second booking does not appear in your system. (See attached screen shot.)
On September 17 (14:59 - 22 min.) we called your customer service and reported this problem. Initially, your agent agreed to send us a link where we could submit our documents for action. She never sent this link, but called us back several minutes later with the information that she had talked with your technical department. (Call 15:37 - 9 min.)
According to your technician this is a common known issue caused either by incorrect user input or a system error, especially when the email address contains valid, but non-standard characters. Since we have had the same email address for over 25 years, it is very unlikely that we incorrectly input our email address. (It is also our sign-in email address.)
A promised follow-up from never happened. Our subsequent "email" to was also not answered.
On September 21 (19:37 - 28 min.) we again called your customer service and were again told that these system errors (or input errors) sometimes happen, but that takes no responsibility.
My subsequent Internet research indicates that what happened to us, is a known common issue, but that does not accept responsibility, although technically it would not be difficult to handle the rejection of invalid email addresses.
One can only wonder why does not fix this problem in the interest of their customers and partners. Surely, duplicate bookings and "no-shows" at hotels is not desirable. Customer complaints are surely also not desirable. Cui bono?
We request you to investigate our second booking and refund the €140 to us. (Needed documentation is attached.)
We set a month from this letter as a reasonable time for your positive response. If there is no satisfactory resolution to this issue by October 23rd, 2017 we will turn this issue over to our lawyer for his action. (We have world-wide legal process insurance.)
Please respond in written form, because we reserve the right to factually document and publish our issue on appropriate social media.

Oct 24, 2017

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