Bobs Furniture / nehds delivery of bobs furniture

Hudson, NH, United States

From march of 2016 till august 2016, at bobs delivery company nehds... I witnesed at hudson nh nehds that delivers to most of mass... As a employee of nehds collecting photo evidence of delivery teams drinking on the job dealing and smoking drugs atleast when they arrived at the end of the day... And a wild use of peebottles left in the delivery trucks with the new furnature... I collected 6mo of evidence total but reported this daily as it became known to upper management, paul griffen, chris swank, kelly joyce and will collon... As these were the people in charge of hudson nh nehds... When that went nowhere corporate nehds was also alerted and for how long... But the end result was nothing... No one cared about anything but moving furnature, jst the, , $$$$, hudson received new truck and, in a couple mo most of them, are covered in undocumented damages, it must be ok if nehds doesnt care but what are they the trucks hitting, hudson nh depot dosnt even keep track of who is using what truck even if the trucks were properly serviced, dot would shut down the whole fleet if they saw them, colision marks, holes in the roofs, lights broken like the whole housing, most of the teams are thugs and carry weapons... I was threatened twice by raul vargas with a weapon and he still works there i would never let him in my house delivery or not... Nehds never cared about my safety or anyone elses on the job like the girl amanda h... Who was sexually harressed at nehds hudson nh... But she was, forced out by presure from management to leave.. Kelly joyce, paul griffen, , will collon.. She wasnt as important as tbe driver that was accused, they made there choice, i left because i simply wasnt safe at my job and nehds didnt do anything about it.. People at nehds hudson nh that points out tbe truth because there told to always seem to get terminated because there too expensive and then somone else is hired for more $$... Bobs deserves better from there contracted companies and bobs customers deserve to be safer... Jordens and ashly doesnt have these,
Problems... So now i will pay a little more if it means im safe.. I, will warn everyone i know and testify at notice..

Aug 29, 2016

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