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I will never ever ever shop at Bob's again.

My husband and I bought a new bed, box spring, and mattress on March 24th. We were told at that time that the headboard and footboard were out of stock but were coming in within 2 weeks so we would get a call to set up delivery. That was fine..

We got a phone call mid- April saying all of our items were in but were not able to be delivered to where we live until May 5. I didnt understand if everything was in..why couldnt it be delivered. Well thats when they were coming to our area. I was aggravated by that- but accepted it. My husband and I both arranged to get off work May 5th.

The weekend before the delivery we brought our old bed to my mother who was taking it. It was the only time we could bring it to her and figured we would sleep in our guest room for a week.

I get a call Wed May 2nd from Bob's saying pieces of our order are out of stock and not able to be delivered until May 12. Well- we are both working May 12 AND need our bed asap, as we are now sleeping on a full mattress in our guest room!

I called Bob's and the conclusion of this mess was that I was going to get a loaner bed frame for the mattress and box spring...for 50 dollars!! Furious that they would charge me for this loaner, I attempted to cancel my entire order. They then said that the loaner would be provided for free. I set up another day to have the rest of the bed delivered- a huge inconvience to have the bed delivered in pieces.

Saturday May 5th comes- they bring our KING bed and box spring with a QUEEN bed frame!! This is just getting ridiculous now- I called the store, and the customer service representative recommends we drive to the store (40 min away) and pick up the frame. This was not gonna happen. She insists there is nothing that can be done, until Tuesday when the new loaner can be delivered. We set up delivery for Tuesday morning (today). Shortly after that phone call I had 2 missed calls from Bob's and a voicemail saying my delivery needed to be rescheduled. I called the store back and got a woman on the phone- who told me nothing needed to be rescheduled. I got off the phone and told my husband- I had a funny feeling she was lying...why would they leave me that message then she tells me everything is fine?? I felt like she just didnt want to deal with it, probably seeing on her computer everything we had already been through- she lied to let someone else deal with it today.

Well...I was right. She was lying. It is Tuesday and I am sitting here waitining for the loaner frame. I called Bob's and they said our delivery is scheduled for tomorrow- husband and I are both working tomorrow all day. We never would have arranged that. The customer service woman lied to us so that she didnt have to be the one to tell us our loaner frame wasn't coming...and we would have to continue to sleep on our bed that is on the floor in our room.

I am absolutely appalled by the customer service at Bobs- this is the most horrible experience we have ever had shopping anywhere. We spent a lot of money too, you would think they would care more- this isnt a 50 dollar item I'm waiting on. I feel like after everything we went through, a manager should have gotten in there care and brought us the loaner bed frame when it didnt arrive like it was supposed to.

Furthermore- when I finally cancelled the order and asked for a refund (like I should have a long time ago) the girl asked "do you really want to do that? Its going to take a while for that to be picked up too" seriously? you guys suck.

then I had to call the store and get a refund separately for the items that havent been delivered yet- this is just ###.

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  • Lu
      4th of Sep, 2014

    lost everything in sandy storm ... bought several things from them including living room set ... couch has been sat on maybe twice ... i'm by myself ... and spend most of the day away...come home to sleep...there is a small bulge i've noticed since delivered...the other day i decided to take a look at it ... the seem is unattached from the rest of the pillow seat middle piece of sofa ... i've been trying for 6 months to get this fixed or replaced...

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