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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved broken sofa

Bought a sofa from Bob's Discount Furniture. The frame broke within 2 years. called Gardsman only to be told a claim could not be filed over the phone, they had to send me forms. I filled out the forms and sent them back only to be denied because "claim was not filed within 5 days of mishap.Got no where with either Bob's or Guardsman. Try calling for service and you get put in a loop on the phone. Try to contact corporate office, you are put back into the same loop try the internet NO WAY how doyou contact Bob for service or even to have him make good his promises in his TV ad's. Bob won best retailer for 2008. Look out if this is as good as it gets.

  • Bo
    Bob's Discount Furniture May 11, 2009

    Hi –

    My name is Christina and I'm contacting you on behalf of Bob's Discount Furniture. Your feedback is truly valued and I'm so sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience with your sofa from Bob’s. Customer service is truly a top priority for us and I’d like to help out if I can. I know you’ve been in touch with customer service multiple times, but I’d encourage you to reach out to our team directly at 860-474-1200 x1, they’re anxious to work with you to resolve the situation.

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  • Sh
    Shelly33333 Aug 04, 2009

    This same thing happened to me with Guardsman...This company is a fraud.

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Resolved bed bugs

I had bought a mattress and boxspring from Bobs in CT. Soon after I started getting what I thought was a...

Resolved recieved damaged ripped sofa set

My wife and mother went into Bob's to buy furniture, sales man named Angel Concepcion was very rude to them from beginning to end then the Furniture that was received was damaged spoke with the store manager at that location Vincent Davis very rude and all was said that Bob's has been in business for 18 years and My situation wouldn't put it out of business We the customers put Bob's Furniture in business and we the customers can put him out of business he needs to go back to core values of treating customers right Bob do what you have to do to get it right or you will become a memory in an furniture conversation "Where did you get that furniture", "oh At Bob's but hes out of business now guess he didn't his customers right." "Yup that's right Customers are a core of all business!

  • Bo
    Bob's Discount Furniture Mar 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Trucker77

    My name is Kalley and I'm contacting you on behalf of Bob's Discount Furniture. I'm so sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience. Customer service is a top priority for us and, as you mention in your post, core to our business. I'd like to help out if I can - have you been in touch with one of our customer service representatives yet? Our team can be reached at 860-474-1200 x1 and is happy to help out. Thank you for your feedback - we appreciate hearing from customers and hope that you'll give us another shot.

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  • Sa
    sam bones Jun 08, 2009

    Everything bad said about Bob's stores is true and I have experienced it all.Bad delivery people, damaged furniture repaired to look new, poor quality finish that chips off at the slightest touch. Stay away from them. Better yet go to one of their stores and give them grief.

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Resolved quality of furniture/poor customerservice

I went to Bobs to purchase`a dinette set and a bedroom set. Upon the first delivery the driver arrive with...

Resolved safegaurd protection

Purchased high dark wood cherry kitchen table with the built in leaf inside back in 2005. YOu can walk by it and the screws from the chairs would just fall out.
Well I finally opened the table up wiht the help of 6 of my adult friends, we were able to use the that extra piece to make the table larger. For years I would call up and they kept givning me an accuss, oh the wood swelled up.. Its Winter. ..
Well make a long story short, No one is willing to help me, open the table and tuck the leaf back in .. My table is stuck and wont open...
he stands by nothing but your money..

I will NEVER buy anything from them again..

also purchease a living room set.. I wont even tell you about that case..


  • Am
    Amarie Feb 25, 2009

    I aslo had a tech come to my house twice, the first guy was very rude unprofessional to me.. He had the nerve to ask me why did I buy the furnture.. .. why this? and why that? Well I told him to get the #$#% of my house, and I called BOBs imeediatly.. The second guy came a week later and passed the buck over to safe garud athat I had to make a claim.. ..

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  • Am
    Amarie Feb 25, 2009

    Now my mom bought bedroom set with 3months.. and last nite the post at the end of the bed came off.. hmm.. and noticed a knick on the frame..

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  • Ga
    gamster65 Feb 27, 2009

    after making my first bob's discount furniture purchase, i now have bed bugs infested in my home. in my entire life, i have NEVER had a bed bug problem until the Bob's furniture entered my home. I believe the increase in bed bug infestation is directly related to Bob's furniture products being purchased from when they first went into business. The company should be mandated to fumigate properly to stop their intense cause of bed bug problems whereever their product resides.

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  • Le
    leo Mar 23, 2009

    i buy a set furniture infct whit bet bugs now my house is infect wiht bet bug its a thousand of that orrible bugs

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  • Ma
    Margiotta Law Oct 31, 2010

    I have a case in New York where an infant was bitten by bed bugs
    from a couch bought from Bob's. Any chance you would give me
    an affidavit of your experience with them?
    It would help the child and help in the suit against Bob's?

    [email protected]

    Paul Margiotta

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Resolved bad quality!

After many purchases including my 81 year old mom that sleeps on a down mattress including my 20 year old daughter bought about 5 years ago you would think Bobs cared? Well there motto is after the purchase you own it!! Furniture also!! Couldn't resist buying 2 sets in 2 years.(DUHHH) We found padding inside moving around causing bulging all over! I bet your now thinking we are 300 LBS. and that is what happens. Guess what? My 20 year old weighs 105 LBS. and my mom weighs about 135 LBS. My wife And I are both less than 200 LBS. and Bob says our furniture even with the warranty claims I need too contact the manufacturer!!? I gave up after months of his snotty people in his out of town help! GOOD LUCK too anyone with problems.

  • To
    tony Mar 03, 2009

    ww bobs what a scam place, brought a warranty 5 yrs after 3 yrs they tell me i have to pay its not there fault, hello what did i buy i am taking them to court about this .. please do not buy at this store its put together with bubble gum and glue the lowest level of stuff u can buy. contact me ill tell you more about this rip off store [email protected]

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  • Ne
    Neveragain Mar 16, 2009

    I purchased a dinette set and a bedroom set back in February. 1st problem they delivered everything but my mirror and dresser. So I go to the store and was told "your sales rep screwed up" by a manager who seemed very nice. He assured me my stuff would be delivered on Saturday, so I call on Friday and confirm my delivery, they had no idea what I was talking about. Guess what when I went to the store the last time, I had that manager sign my paper and gave me a copy of my original order. They ended up giving me my delivery charge of $169 back. They finally delivered it and everything was fine until...

    This past Friday, my bed came down. The whole weekend I scraped my hand trying to lift the box spring back up on the frame. Came down when me and my 5 year old was in the bed, my 5 year old was sick so I let her sleep with me. Then it came down with my 4 month old niece in the bed, a 4 month old. Thankfully no one was injured but still. I called them today since I have the Goof Proof Plan and the customer service rep tried to tell me the earliest she has is next Tuesday. I told her I have been sleeping on the couch and I refuse to sleep on the couch until next week. She gave me a date of Thursday, I am going to have my brother be there. I read from someone who commented that when they came, they just inspected and I confirmed with the customer service rep that they are going to see if they can fix it or they can take it and give me a new one. This is crazy. I WOULD NEVER EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM EVER AGAIN!

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Resolved terrible customer service

They are liars! You would think in this horrible economy they would be kissing your feet! I recently went to bobs to buy a new bedroom set, and mattress for our new apartment. First he told me all the parts were all in stock. Then he told me it could be at my new apartment the day I moved in (Saturday). We decided it was perfect and went forward and bought it. Once my boyfriend signed the paperwork, his whole story changed. All the parts were not in stock and it would not be shipped until later on the following week!! He was a complete liar! Make sure you get the correct story before you sign anything!!!

  • Bu
    bugger1222 Feb 21, 2009

    Keep in mind Bobs is one of the few furniture stores in ma who LEGALLY re-sells used mattresses thats why they require the mattress has no stains when you return it ...look it up... beware.

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Resolved leather love seat and sofa

So I decided to get a "leather" love seat and sofa from Bobs...When they shipped the furniture they...


I purchased furniture from "BOB'S' that was a special order. It was delivered on 06-07-08. I...

company is a joke

I wish I had found these reviews prior to going to Bob's Discount Furniture. I have never received such awful customer service-especially now when they should be appreciating any business they can get! I got my table set home, only to open it up the next day to find the wrong color was enclosed-even though correct color noted on box. I was basically told it was my fault for not checking sooner, then told they could not come exchange it. Once they finally "did me the favor" of putting in the exchange, I actually had to PAY and additional fee to have the incorrect one taken away, and correct one brought. I could not return it, because I would only get a store credit, for an item that was incorrect on their end! I paid the fee, as a credit to a store I will NEVER set foot in again would be worthless, so I might as well try and get something out of my horrible experience!!

Resolved awful experience

Bobs furniture *** they ruined my furniture and my wood floors when delivering my couches, tables and bedroom set over 3, 000 worth i think they suck fat *** and id rather go to cardi's i think when they do the commercials the lady in the commercial *** bobs *** on the bobopedic hahahaha they yelled and screamed at us upon delivery cause they delivered my furniture in the poring rain with no cover on the furniture i think that bob should suck everyones *** who he *** over the stuffs cheap in price cause the furniture.

  • Valerie Oct 07, 2008

    I contemplated purchasing, ads seem too good to be true... perhaps he should focus on quality and customer service and lose the annoying skirt "cat" and I do mean annoying; she adds nothing to the commercials except blatant dumb blond "duh" stupidity, and am sure she rakes in a bundle... focus, focus on customer and quality... the commercials are totally gag city and are designed for a child mind set; kind of makes us seasoned folks feel like we are in grade school, probably because the skirt "cat" (who they really need to lose or revamp) was a former school teacher... glad I read these reviews.

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defective furniture

I ordered an electric fireplace from Bob's, to be delivered which was mandated, would not allow me to...

Resolved awful products

We bought a sofa and loveseat set back in April. The delivery, price and appearance of the sofa were all good. However we had to order a new sofa cushion after our puppy peed on it. We ordered it at the beginning of June and it is now October 13 and still no cushion. They cashed our check though back in June. at least 15 calls later they promised it would be here by Oct. 10- guess what! no cushion. I will never shop at Bob's again. And don't buy their "goof proof" protection- it is a rip off. They sent someone out and all they did was spray stuff on it and rub it in with a wire brush, and we still had to pay for a new cushion that we never got.

Resolved bob o pedic

Purchased a bob o pedic mattress spent $1, 775.12. The firest mattress was not level. Sent that one back. Had...

Resolved fraud and scam

I bought an expensive black lacquer bedroom set with a mirror wall from Bob's discount furniture. The following year the top of the mirror wall came smashing down on my head in the middle of the night!

I called Bob's customer complaint dept. and asked if they would come out and remove the bed wall for me, (I was willing to pay for it), and I received a rude answer of "you need to hire a handyman", "what do you expect when it is a year old". I even sent Bob personally a letter about what happened to me, he was not helpful. So if you want his furniture to "COME ON DOWN" on top of you buy his garbage that he calls furniture because that is what it truly is!!

I have never been back since and I tell all of my friends to stay away from that *** and his junk furniture.

  • Sp
    spbarrett Sep 30, 2010

    Just an fyi bob doesn't own the company anymore. He is a very nice man.

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Resolved awful customer service

I bought a new mattress at Bob's Discount Furniture. The mattress was priced right and is comfortable. The bed frame however was a PIECE OF JUNK! The legs bent and broke off less than a month after I bought the thing. I called customer service and they sent a tech guy over a week later. The tech guy said that the frame was damaged by accidental customer damage and not manufacturer defect (hello the stupid thing should last 10-15 years not 3 weeks!). Then the store told me that they would not replace the frame because I did not by the Goof Proof (or whatever) plan on the frame. I was NEVER offered the plan. It was only offered to protect the mattress (which I bought).

The ads practically scream that they guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, but that is crap! Even though I am very happy with the mattress and what I paid, I will never EVER by anything from Bobs again!

  • Do
    dominick nista Jan 28, 2010

    I would advise no one to buy from BoB's discount furniture. They Sell junk and they don't stand behind their product. BoB is a phonie and should be shutdown .

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  • Jo
    John kelly Oct 02, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have called for 2 months because I have a damage recliner and did take GOOF PROOF which is a nother way to suck monies from people. This company is a sham and I hope no one buys from them They dont deverve to be in business
    Barbara From Breezy Point

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  • Jo
    John kelly Oct 02, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    called and for goof proof u must press 2 only if not u get a different dept. Now after 5 calls they will process the claim and let me know the results. bk from breezy

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  • Jo
    John kelly Oct 02, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Spoke to Johnny Ray very nice but of cause because it is within the first year the retailer or manufacturer is responsible.

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Resolved awful company

Bobs was supposed to deliver two rooms of children's furniture to my home today! My 19 year old daughter was home and instructed them to put the bunk bed set in the larger room and the twin bed in the smaller room! She went outside to finish cleaning a rabbit cage and noticed through the window that they had still put the wrong items in the room. She went in and again informed them that they were in the wrong room. When she came in the house the bunk bed was completely set up in the wrong room!!! At This time I arrived home from work and the delivery man was on the phone with his supervisor trying to figure out what to do!

After 45 minutes he came in and informed me that he was behind schedule and had to go!! I asked to speak to his supervisor and after 45 minutes of him sitting in his truck he brought me my phone and said the supervisor was on the line!

I took the phone and he sped off in his Penske truck! In the mean time I was left with a dresser in the middle of my hall and bunk beds in the wrong room. There are screws and plastic on my floor and in the other room they left the captains bed upright in the middle of the floor!! I have3 children, 2 eleven year olds and a seven year old and they cannot go into the rooms safely. Now here's bobs solution! The first very uneducated customer service person told me that we wanted the beds to be moved to another location after assembly which is what she was told! That was the first clue to her major intelligence. So asked to speak to her supervisor. Now enters the only person who has an IQ at bobs discount furniture! I know that I still have a dresser in my hall and beds in the wrong room and no one can come for 2 days but I was offered an apology and a 75 dollar gift card and best of all someone at bobs does have an EDUCATION!

  • Al
    Al G. Jul 30, 2009

    I totally agree that the bob o-pedic does not meet the satisfaction level a customer deserves to have. I bought one for myself and referred others there due to the "great pricing". Well it just so happens quality doesn't exist in a discount store. My quick and fast fading of comfort came too soon and by the sixth month I was better off sleeping on my couch. Make it clear that I didn't buy my couch there otherwise I would have chose the floor. After doing some research around stores I didn't want to support a foreign mattress market anymore, which included the Simons, Serta, and Sealy brands. I came across a new company with a new vision of products based on quality and true comfort. I can't thank enough. I would say all of their mattresses are more than top of the line. The one I chose for myself was the 211-M 11" Coolmax mattress. I've never slept better and would recommend that everyone should take a look and read the information they provided before you make your next buy. It works for me and I can't see why it wouldn't for you. My two cents..

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  • Va
    Vangy tapia Oct 10, 2014

    Due to kids running and playin fell on bed and the wood cracked in half

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Resolved terrible experience

Not even 1 year ago I bought a whole living room set. It starts when they delivered, they delivered damaged furniture, the delivery men call the store & tell them furniture is damage "no problem" they say we'll deliver another one for you, (coffee table, sofa table & end table) aside from the couches that would be ALL the furniture I bought! They also tell me it'll take another 2-3 weeks before I can get another shipment, fine I'll wait if I must! Well 2-3 weeks later the replacement comes in, guess what... DAMAGED AGAIN!!! This went on about 3-4 times when I finally had to accept damaged furniture, well the one piece, which they would only give me 40% back for after I screamed & yelled about it, (they never offered to do so I had to scream & yell!) Almost 1 year later, the one leg of my coffee table collapsed, try to put it back just to realize the ignorant ppl they send out to put the furniture together forgot to put 1 screw in that's why the leg collapsed. My finance & I manage to get the 1 leg to "work" until a few months later when all 4 legs collapsed, (it's a glass top) luckily the children didn't get hurt! Call up Bob's tell them what happened they send someone out to tell me that b/c the first leg that fell apart was never called in there's nothing they can do about it!! What about the other 3 legs? It's not my fault Bob's has crappy furniture! They refuse to do anything about it! So after spending OVER $2000.00 on furniture that is supposed to be well built & "you will never have a problem Bob's will stand by their product" so I was told! I'm stuck with a totally & completely destroyed piece of furniture & in a round about way I was told by Bob's "OH WELL! NOT OUR PROBLEM!" I will NEVER recommend Bob's to anyone & will be sure to let everyone know what horrible customer service & furniture Bob's has!

  • Valerie Sep 15, 2008

    Bob's DISCOUNT Furniture is called that for a reason. The couch I ordered was delivered with a hole in the fabric; when I asked for a new one they said they didn't have another one like it and would send some one to repair it. We could not schedule a time to fix it that would work for us so they're solution was to send us a package of fabric. Needless to say, it never got fixed and to add insult to injury, the couch and love seat didn't wear well and looked shabby after a few weeks. never again! I'll stick with Jordan's, so much for "I will make you happy."

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  • St
    Stang67 Feb 22, 2009

    Guess what... dispite the commercials, Bob does not own Bob's anymore, He sold out for millions, with the agreement to do "X" number of commercials per year. That would string along enough of the public for a while before they realized what used to make Bob's a good thing -no longer exists. Bob doesn't give a crap either.

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  • Ro
    Roome21 Sep 05, 2009

    I am still in utter disbelief as to the absolute nightmare I went through last night to pick up furniture
    from Bob’s store in Worcester Friday 8/14/09. Being well aware that pick from their warehouse is up to 8:00pm, I was running tight on time to get there and I made what turns out to be a mistake by calling the Worcester store at 7:20 to ask that if I arrived there before 8:00pm would I still be able to pick up my $1400 order.

    I was transferred to the warehouse and spoke with the warehouse captain and explained that I was on my way in a rental truck and wanted to make sure that if I got there before 8:00 pm I could collect my order. I was told by the captain that at 8:00 on the “DOT” his Temporary workers punch out as they have buses to catch. My question to the captain was very simple, if I get there at 7:55 will I get my furniture loaded. It all went downhill from that point on. The Captain was not only rude and belligerent, but proceeded to tell me that I was threatening him because I stated that I would call the local store manager if the Captain could not answer my simple question rather than argue with me. After telling me I was on speaker phone and the manager was standing right there, he promptly hung up on me.

    After being hung up on I called back to the store and spoke with the manager on duty Angelo who answered my question that yes if I was there before 8:00pm I would get my order.

    I arrive at the warehouse at 7:55 and proceeded inside to the pickup area and rang the buzzer to alert the warehouse I was there. Through the glass window a worker stuck up the 1 minute finger indicating hold on. After a minute I again rang the buzzer and the worker came to the door and immediately got into my face on “why you have to ring the buzzer again”. I asked if he was the warehouse captain ( which he was not ) and explained that I called ahead and wanted to make sure I was acknowledged as being there before 8:00 to pick up my order. The worker then stated and I quote “What’s your problem man coming in here smelling like booze and getting in my face “

    Now the warehouse captain comes up to the door and immediately starts accusing me of being disrespectful to him and his co-worker and he did not have to take it. I said I can’t believe this and as a small business owner myself, I was appalled at his attitude towards customer service and I wanted to speak with the manager and I had no desire to talk with the captain any further. What I received was my paperwork literally thrown at me and the door slammed in my face.

    I went back to my truck and called the store manager who said he would meet me at the loading area. While waiting for the manager the captain was having a cigarette at the loading area and proceeded to fire off a round of verbal insults. “You people with money are all alike” “You think you’re better than us because you own your own business” “Look at you in your nice Polo shirt “…. The manager arrived and had to literally put his arm around the captain and take him into the building. As the manager was taking the captain into the building the captain turned to me and stated that “The only reason you are alive now is because the manager showed up “– I was shocked to say the least and in fact so upset by the threat that I pretented to make a call to the local police department asking for a escort out of the local area as I feared the warehouse staff would follow me when I left.

    The manager got my furniture for me and it was loaded in my truck. As I was getting my papers for the pickup I asked the manager to confirm that in fact he heard the captain threaten my life. He said he did and then he started on the whole “you have to treat people with respect and you can’t make demands….. I just walked away, got into my truck and thought to myself how can anyone stay in business (or earn customers) with this kind of treatment to people paying hard earned cash for merchandise.

    And no I was not drunk or otherwise. In fact I had the rental truck because I had made a 48 hr ( little sleep ) road trip from NC to pick up my own customers order to make sure I had it to deliver to my customer in time Friday afternoon. What scares the living crap out of me is the fact that this “Captain” has my home address. Saving a few $$ on what now looks like Cheap ( and I mean cheap ) furniture was not worth it. Avoid Bob’s at all cost.

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Resolved awful company

I put an order in to get replacement cushions for my couch in October. I was told it would take 4-6 weeks which made me thin Thanksgiving., By the time Thanksgiving rolled around and passed I started calling to see where they were. I recorded the amount of phone calls and they amount of time I was put on hold and even wrote to them. I called weekly and asked and kept getting the answer that they were on the way. Christmas came and went and still know replacement cushions - Then the Superbowl came and went and I kept calling and always saying that they had left the warehouse and they are on the way. Well In Feb. of 2008 I must have gotten a new employee who hadn't heard my story and she told me that they were being sent from a third world and yes they were on the way. This didn't sound right so instead of waiting a week, I called the next day and low and behold they were not able to get the delivery so they canceled my order. All I needed was the foam cushions! Not the material - no just the cushions. I am so pissed at that company! I will never go back. I will never allow any of my friends or family go there either. They never even had the courtesy of answering my letter - no apology - no nothing. He ***!

Resolved awful service

We purchased bedroom set for 14 year old girl 12/02. By April of 04 the dresser was bowing in the middle. We purchased the goof proof for an extra $100.00. Guardsman told me "you live too close to the beach, that caused the particle board to warp, and so sorry, we don't cover warping..."

Appalled, I let this go. I admit, my fault. Recently stopped by Bob's to see if maybe we could replace the dresser, as of course it has worsened. Now none of the drawers close. (this child is now 18). Salesman told me they would come out on best effort service.

Tech came out on 8/8/08 He said "staples hold this thing together" so he replaced the staples with screws but said "you have to call guardsman to have them come out and rebuild the dresser". He put me on the phone with parts dept at Bobs who assured me even though warranty expired with Guardsman, he would speak to his liaison and help me out. He dropped the call, but I was still holding with the Guardsman music.

Guardsman said, we see your claim, it's been PENDING since April 2004. WHAT???? OK, what do you need? They requested copy of invoice with case number, which I immediately mailed to them, as I had my notes on it from the call in 4/04.

On 8/19/08 Guardsman called to deny any claim, stating that I was out of warranty, and they waited 4 years for me to mail the copy of my invoice! I asked to speak to a sup, and was referred back to Bob's customer service.

Now the Bob's rep says, we'll send the tech back to your house, because "I AIN'T GOT NO IDEA WHAT HE TALKIN BOUT"... that call was set up for 8/26.

Ah, no show, no call. I called. Found out that call had been cancelled by the service department, on 8/21 as tech said he couldn't do anything else, and was caused by customer abuse!

This rep called Guardsman, who said out of warranty is out of warranty, and the claim has aged out of the system. Guardsman says "no further options".

Bob's rep says, let me send a DIFFERENT rep to your house. He showed up today 9/4/04, and guess what... this is a manufactures defect... center bar snapped, support under top of dresser off... oh well, so sad lady, can't help you.

He put me on the phone with yet another Bob's rep, who reiterated the same. You're out of warranty...

I asked how to contact someone other than her, and was told, "there isn't anyone, but you can write to Consumer Relations

428 Tolland Tpke

Manchester, CT 06040

"That's Bob's secretary, she'll get the mail"

I may just take a ride there to speak to Bob myself... Connecticut isn't all that big!

  • Ke
    Ken Buddha Dec 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    "C'mon down!"

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