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DATE: 5/9/17
CUSTOMER : Duane Galligan

As a Bob'S customer for the last 15 years I am so disappointed in what it has become! From the quality of the furniture, to the delivery, to the customer care, nothing is what it used to be. The latest incident occurred today. I ordered bedroom furniture for my bedroom and for my Daughter's bedroom over 2 months ago. We had to wait for delivery because not all pieces were in. So, I took today off of work to get the rooms ready for my delivery between 9:15 AND 1:15. At 8:30, I received a call from the driver who claimed that the wrong furniture was loaded on to his truck . Of course, I blamed Bob's and wanted to immediately get in contact with their customer care department. They did not open until 10, however, I was ready to get some answers because this is the second time in the month that they had caused me to miss work for no reason. Last month, I was having furniture delivered and the delivery people showed up at my door ready to pick furniture up. A pickup was scheduled instead of a delivery. Needless to say, I did not get my furniture and had to wait and take another day off to accept delivery. So, I digress back to today.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Orange, CTI finally got in touch with customer care and was told that the driver called them, told them that they did not have the rails for my bed and that I cancelled the whole order. A total lie. I told them that I wanted my furniture either today or tomorrow or I would cancel. Evidently, these delivery people didn't feel like working today because, from what I was told, they cancelled all of their bigger orders for today by telling people that they didn't have all of their items. I think Bob's should really be more careful with who they hire. I had a daybed delivered two weeks ago and they broke a drawer while assembling the set and didn't say a word. They had to come back and fix it the following week. I feel that my order should have been put on a priority list instead of a pending list. As stated, if my furniture is not delivered by tomorrow, I will cancel the whole order. I know that, to Bob's $2, 800 is nothing but I will make sure everyone knows of their practices and I will definitely report this to the Better Business Bureau. Very unfair that people who work hard for their money are treated so unfairly. I can't afford to miss more work because of the incompetence of others. I know that I am not the only that this has happened to . Nobody is wasting Bob's time and money. This is unacceptable!!
Thank You.
Lori-Ann Galligan

May 09, 2017

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