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Bob's Discount Furniture / terrible experience

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Not even 1 year ago I bought a whole living room set. It starts when they delivered, they delivered damaged furniture, the delivery men call the store & tell them furniture is damage "no problem" they say we'll deliver another one for you, (coffee table, sofa table & end table) aside from the couches that would be ALL the furniture I bought! They also tell me it'll take another 2-3 weeks before I can get another shipment, fine I'll wait if I must! Well 2-3 weeks later the replacement comes in, guess what... DAMAGED AGAIN!!! This went on about 3-4 times when I finally had to accept damaged furniture, well the one piece, which they would only give me 40% back for after I screamed & yelled about it, (they never offered to do so I had to scream & yell!) Almost 1 year later, the one leg of my coffee table collapsed, try to put it back just to realize the ignorant ppl they send out to put the furniture together forgot to put 1 screw in that's why the leg collapsed. My finance & I manage to get the 1 leg to "work" until a few months later when all 4 legs collapsed, (it's a glass top) luckily the children didn't get hurt! Call up Bob's tell them what happened they send someone out to tell me that b/c the first leg that fell apart was never called in there's nothing they can do about it!! What about the other 3 legs? It's not my fault Bob's has crappy furniture! They refuse to do anything about it! So after spending OVER $2000.00 on furniture that is supposed to be well built & "you will never have a problem Bob's will stand by their product" so I was told! I'm stuck with a totally & completely destroyed piece of furniture & in a round about way I was told by Bob's "OH WELL! NOT OUR PROBLEM!" I will NEVER recommend Bob's to anyone & will be sure to let everyone know what horrible customer service & furniture Bob's has!

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  • Va
      15th of Sep, 2008

    Bob's DISCOUNT Furniture is called that for a reason. The couch I ordered was delivered with a hole in the fabric; when I asked for a new one they said they didn't have another one like it and would send some one to repair it. We could not schedule a time to fix it that would work for us so they're solution was to send us a package of fabric. Needless to say, it never got fixed and to add insult to injury, the couch and love seat didn't wear well and looked shabby after a few weeks. never again! I'll stick with Jordan's, so much for "I will make you happy."

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  • St
      22nd of Feb, 2009

    Guess what... dispite the commercials, Bob does not own Bob's anymore, He sold out for millions, with the agreement to do "X" number of commercials per year. That would string along enough of the public for a while before they realized what used to make Bob's a good thing -no longer exists. Bob doesn't give a crap either.

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  • Ro
      5th of Sep, 2009

    I am still in utter disbelief as to the absolute nightmare I went through last night to pick up furniture
    from Bob’s store in Worcester Friday 8/14/09. Being well aware that pick from their warehouse is up to 8:00pm, I was running tight on time to get there and I made what turns out to be a mistake by calling the Worcester store at 7:20 to ask that if I arrived there before 8:00pm would I still be able to pick up my $1400 order.

    I was transferred to the warehouse and spoke with the warehouse captain and explained that I was on my way in a rental truck and wanted to make sure that if I got there before 8:00 pm I could collect my order. I was told by the captain that at 8:00 on the “DOT” his Temporary workers punch out as they have buses to catch. My question to the captain was very simple, if I get there at 7:55 will I get my furniture loaded. It all went downhill from that point on. The Captain was not only rude and belligerent, but proceeded to tell me that I was threatening him because I stated that I would call the local store manager if the Captain could not answer my simple question rather than argue with me. After telling me I was on speaker phone and the manager was standing right there, he promptly hung up on me.

    After being hung up on I called back to the store and spoke with the manager on duty Angelo who answered my question that yes if I was there before 8:00pm I would get my order.

    I arrive at the warehouse at 7:55 and proceeded inside to the pickup area and rang the buzzer to alert the warehouse I was there. Through the glass window a worker stuck up the 1 minute finger indicating hold on. After a minute I again rang the buzzer and the worker came to the door and immediately got into my face on “why you have to ring the buzzer again”. I asked if he was the warehouse captain ( which he was not ) and explained that I called ahead and wanted to make sure I was acknowledged as being there before 8:00 to pick up my order. The worker then stated and I quote “What’s your problem man coming in here smelling like booze and getting in my face “

    Now the warehouse captain comes up to the door and immediately starts accusing me of being disrespectful to him and his co-worker and he did not have to take it. I said I can’t believe this and as a small business owner myself, I was appalled at his attitude towards customer service and I wanted to speak with the manager and I had no desire to talk with the captain any further. What I received was my paperwork literally thrown at me and the door slammed in my face.

    I went back to my truck and called the store manager who said he would meet me at the loading area. While waiting for the manager the captain was having a cigarette at the loading area and proceeded to fire off a round of verbal insults. “You people with money are all alike” “You think you’re better than us because you own your own business” “Look at you in your nice Polo shirt “…. The manager arrived and had to literally put his arm around the captain and take him into the building. As the manager was taking the captain into the building the captain turned to me and stated that “The only reason you are alive now is because the manager showed up “– I was shocked to say the least and in fact so upset by the threat that I pretented to make a call to the local police department asking for a escort out of the local area as I feared the warehouse staff would follow me when I left.

    The manager got my furniture for me and it was loaded in my truck. As I was getting my papers for the pickup I asked the manager to confirm that in fact he heard the captain threaten my life. He said he did and then he started on the whole “you have to treat people with respect and you can’t make demands….. I just walked away, got into my truck and thought to myself how can anyone stay in business (or earn customers) with this kind of treatment to people paying hard earned cash for merchandise.

    And no I was not drunk or otherwise. In fact I had the rental truck because I had made a 48 hr ( little sleep ) road trip from NC to pick up my own customers order to make sure I had it to deliver to my customer in time Friday afternoon. What scares the living crap out of me is the fact that this “Captain” has my home address. Saving a few $$ on what now looks like Cheap ( and I mean cheap ) furniture was not worth it. Avoid Bob’s at all cost.

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