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M Sep 25, 2017 Review updated:

I served 2 family size packs of mashed potatoes to my family. They spit it out. It taste kind of like metal. I bought them last week as well and we had the same problem. I am disappointed and I paid 5.00 per pack. The bar code number on one box is [protected]. Is there a recall on this product? The fact that I need to write to you even more than I wanted for you to read it is Rediculous. I buy this product all of the time. I save the boxes. I would like the items replaced or I would like a refund. Please look into this matter. It taste like something is in the potatoes. I bought them at Acme market.


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      Aug 23, 2018

    For many years BoB Evans Mashed Potatoes was the best in USA Now the Flavor and Texture is diferent with pieces of potatoes why change you excellent production?
    This production now is same to the bad Mashed Potatoes of Kroger
    Thank you
    Franklin Garrido

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