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BMW of Greenwich / poor professionalism

1 110 Midland AvePort Chester, NY, United States Review updated:
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So after 3 weeks of being without my car, I got a call this morning that my car was finally ready. Naturally I was very excited. First I went to return the rental. This took me an hour.

I made my way to BMW, to find that they are charging me another 534 for a part they "forgot" to bill my insurance, but they will fax them and my insurance will send me a check without a doubt. I also noticed two dents in my car that were supposed to be repaired, but were only partially fixed. They were still there, but not as bad. I would like you guys to know that I am not just another dumb female consumer. This is how the situation proceeded to go down:

Naturally, I called my adjuster with concern to both of these issues. First he told me, that he told the people in the auto body that he will not pay for anything unless they he comes and look at the car. Knowing this, they falsely told me he would pay the 534, but in reality I would find out that I am stuck paying it when my insurance refuses to reimburse me. I felt that they owed me a loner car. I returned the rental, and they told me car was done. It had dents in it, and they did not comply with what my adjuster had told them. The managers response was this:

"It's not my fault you spent an hour returning your rental, and I don't owe you a loner car because you were not going to take your car anyway because you don't want to pay the 534."

Ok, so this is what I have to say. Yes it is your fault I spent an hour returning my car today, because I wouldn't have returned it today and wasted my morning when I had other things to do. Yes you do owe me a loner car because you anticipated that I would be so excited to get my car back I would over look the dents you left in it. By not examining my car, or simply by accepting them. Yes you owe me a loner car because you knew that my insurance would not pay me the 534 without looking at my car first, and flat out lied to me.

The degree of professionalism in that place was a disgrace. Not only should he have provided me with a loner car, but he had the nerve to say he will never take Geico cars again right in front of me. He cried over the 534 stating that my adjuster has photos and should pay. Does it puzzle you that through all of this he seemed to completely look over the fact that he was going to charge me 6500 dollars for a car that still had dents in it? All he cared about was the 534 and he was not giving me a loner car because of it. Given the price I paid for my car new, I would expect better service as a BMW owner, and a as a potential buyer another new BMW somewhere down the line.

I am sorry, but I do not find it unreasonable that an insurance company wouldn't want to lay out money without seeing what they charged for first.We all know how honest auto bodies are. I think they were completely justified in their request.

Needless to say, I went back to get another rental car that I am supposed to pay tax on even though I was promised back my car in 15 work days. BMW of Greenwich is a shady establishment, with bad professionalism that does a half ### job on auto repairs. They lie to you about reimbursement promises, and want to send you home in a car that is still damaged. I will never go there again.

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      29th of Feb, 2012
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    BMW of Greenwich - Repair/ Warranty
    BMW of Greenwich
    110 Midland Ave
    Port Chester
    New York
    United States

    On 2/20/12 I went to BMW to have my car service due to a leak. When I first encountered the service representative, Frank Worrell I informed him that I had a service warranty. He states that would not be a problem. After diagnosis of the problem, Mr Worrell states he would have to contact the warranty company for approval. Mr Worrell returned a short time later to inform the warranty company is not making payment due to the leak is a seal. When I received by invoice for the repairs a water pump was changed. The indication of a water pump was not relied to the warranty company and this is why I was not able to recover the amount of money for the water pump that is covered under the warranty. After several days of going back and forth with Mr Worrell and getting no where, I completed a BMW survey and resulted with a call back from Mr Spence. Mr. Spence DID NOTHING. He states there was a request to have the water pump replaced and this was the cause of the leak. THAT IS NOT WHAT OCCURRED and this is why the warranty company continue to deny the payment of the water pump.

    So meanwhile, I am out of $1370.00 which could have been covered by the warranty company IF BMW representive would have informed the warranty company the correct diagnosis of the problem instead of attempting to shift the blame.

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