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BMW / defective car new

1 North Haven, CT, United States

I had a horrific experience with my brand new 330XI in 2003 I experienced much difficulty getting the car to shift beyond first gear(automatic transmission YET!) when car was 2 months old..After many trips (7 which were 40 miles round trip )to dealership of purchase service dept...was given reports of no problem with test drive nor computer generated scan!!! Yet this vehicle continued to become more dysfunctional as weather changed & outside temp dropping. BMW of North America and dealership, continued to string me along despite many attempts to remedy the situation. By Jan'04 car was 4 months old and barely drivable..Took 5 hours to get home from 20 miles away during a snowstorm as car barely budged. I, by then was disgusted, frustrated & had lost considerable income finally I found out from another BMW dealership it was flagged in a service bulletin sent out by BMW of NA, and should not have been sold as those in that batch produced with mine had very serious stepmatic transmission problems. These problems would not have a remedy"fix kit" until late May possibly June'04! What would I drive until then?? I would not find out the true nature of the car's problem had I was not given true answers by dealership of purchase nor BMW of NA!!! I am a Realtor and my cars performance affects my job go, no show==no dough!I retained an atty as no one would help remedy the situation despite futile attemps to seek remedy from all the above for over 5 months!! With retained atty (for fee of $1500)we negotiated I would trade my dysfunctional 2003 in for same model with same amenities for a new 2004 by then my car had depreciated by $8, 900(despite low mileage 400) but a "good will" credit would be issued to the dealership of trade in by BMW Corp...I traded car goodwill was never issued to me or dealership~ I was held responsible for the $8, 900 discrepancy and was never reimbursed. In addition I had never been compensated for my atty fees, loss time, loss of income, the aggrevation etc...The BMW dealership I traded the 2003 to reported to me the fix kit did not become available until june'04 Really!!! What was I supposed to have driven had I not traded as per the lies of BMW CORP???? Attorney fees would supercede remedy amount and would prove a crap shoot!!That car sat on dealership lot undrivable from first week of Feb- mid June2004 (5 months)and it was so damaged the fix kit was not sufficient. As a result they wholesaled it at an auction as they could not certify it as a Preowned. More than likely it would prove to be a liability with problems!!! I will never do business with BMW ~THEY KNEW THEY COULD AND SO THEY DID! I would like to know how many other owners of that batch of cars have shared my experience if not how was their situation handled-Thank you

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